Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New proposal..

It's been a long bleak year for me but what else would you expect for me to have. I thought things had bottomed out with the breakup of my marriage etc....long story BUT I was able to embark on a journey of sorts by moving a few hours from my beloved D.C. and moving in with family. My family has always gotten along, my mother was the hammer dropper as she was the oldest but since her passing it's been the dance of the loons. To let you know how the move out of state has gone let me propose an interesting legal idea. If you register and are approved, you will be able to  kill one family member every 10 years on your birthday starting at your 20th birthday. You see where this is going now right? I moved in with my aunt who lives in a McMansion with her 2 daughters and two granddaughters both of whom are grown. now for the sake of names and confusion well go with code names. Right let me see  Aunt- Chief    her oldest daughter- adele   youngest- butter, their kids aren't really players in this saga, well butters daughter is but we will skip her this time around. Chief laid down ground rules upon my arrival and Butter drove me around to get paperwork done etc..Butter was home with an injury so it was me and her the majority of the time. Butter almost immediately started in with the drill sergeant routine which got old fast, everything from my hygiene to how i made a bed came into question. I wasn't allowed (oh yes) to talk with my daughter because she had an issue with my now ex over something from almost 20 years ago. This was my new reality a gilded cage. One incident that really got under her skin is whenever she had an audience she would try to imply i didn't bathe. Early one morning in the kitchen I'm fully dressed and she went in and before i knew it i had dropped my pants bent over and said "smell it I'm clean." She grabbed a wooden spoon and tried to hit me with it, the Chief got a good laugh and Adele just chuckled under her breath and left the kitchen. Now this went on for months, by that time my sister had also moved into the area because "they" were going to help everyone get back in school and network, didn't turn out that way. Over time i became the man slave for Butter and her daughter to the point they stopped cleaning the bathroom unless i left to stay with my sister a few days. Now these are big women, when Bubble in particular squeezed her triple dipped big ass through those shower doors she left enough soil on the stall floor to plant bay grass. After i had enough and refused to play My Man Friday anymore she literally pulled the "dog trick." Asked me to go with her to the store then informed me on the way back that I "may as well stay with my sister since I'm alway there" which was bullshit, and promptly dropped me off there, "Oh we ll bring your things." It wasn't until that time did the pieces come together for me, other family members wouldn't call or come over to the house, she literally had 1 cousin she talked to and he was like a half member because it was a kid from one of my uncles side chick i guess. Butter is insane at the least psychopathic at the most. She lied on my two nieces ages 8 and 14, told her mother that a mutual friend of hers and my sisters said that my sisters house was filthy but the person has never come into the house and swore he didn't say that. Her ex stopped calling her outright so she began sending him nudes. The mutual friend set Bubble up with a friend of his, the guy ran for his life reporting "she told me I had to wait 3 months for sex, I expect my man to have dinner on the table" I guess the hell with his wants, oh and nightly sweaty foot rubs. After not hearing from him for a week nude pictures of Rasputia I mean Bubble started to flood his inbox, this is after one 2hr date. She doesn't know that we know, its our nuclear option to be released in the presence of the Chief. Theres so much more but the 1st cousins have come to a consensus that she is truly mentally ill and needs serious help or my "Ten Year Proposal."

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Not gonna rub in your face but......

fifty more shot by a "muslim" in a gay florida not going to be long...i told you your government hates you & literally sacrifices you & foreign citizens through one war after the next..think about it for a second, since GB1 we've been trapped in an almost perpetual state of war..word from a government insider is its about blood letting which is why you see death & destruction through history on 9/11. The Pentagon is a pentagram the star of david is a pentagram. Thats what were up against..villains always have & always will be well armed but the citizenry not so much..sheep led to slaughter..Wisconsin has over 200,000 people under "legal" arms..hunters, enthusiast before you make you make your get the guns gif Id like you to seek out a speech made by that "fast & furious" criminal eric holder when he said years & years ago to a huge crowd that basically guns are bad & we have to make the public see guns are bad..well scare them if we have a few days you'll see how the gunman had $5k worth of guns & ammo even though he's unemployed or something & was overheard by a coworker/crisis actor that he "hated gays & killing them was his right by god."& kill 2 birds with 1 stone gun owners 2.religion  ..i said legal because eric holder authorized tons of guns to be sold to mexican cartels ..

Friday, June 3, 2016


i caught a commercial advertising an upcoming biggie right..wrong!  I've lost count of the number of O.J. movies  interviews  studies of the case  where are they etc......maybe 4 or so in this 6 month old year...i was trying to figure out why WHY can't people let this go ..the worst is the promotion of barbra walters show on I.D. i do believe..every time old marble mouth ask the surfer kata cato something or other .."do you feel that ...oj..was guilty?" & sounds like she's talking with a sock in her skin crawls & i found myself going LA LA LA BULLSHIT SHUT THE FUCK UP!! to drown out her wasn't until is was listening to a show about WW2 lies that the west told their people when it hit me White Americans HATE TO LOSE!!  its just that simple..ok i ll take you on a trip through my bizarre mind & when you come out of the other side this will all make sense ..americans celebrate the war for black soldiers who amounted to being the 10th soldier out 10 who fought in the war..they were knowingly sold into slavery by george washington who threw their letters begging for help into the fireplace..& whites celebrate ..most blacks don't even know it happened & those that do just say oh outrage..the alamo? yeah murderous check this the civil war the north won & to this day southern & some western whites are still bitter about it & is the main reason they fly those shit flags under the cover or heritage ..its as much an F U to the north as it is to minorities ..why? because they lost & can't deal with it..blacks since have been strung up in saddening numbers..thats what the song "Strange Fruit" sung by the legendary Billie Holiday was blacks are more bewildered & disgusted than angry let alone bitter..JFK & then Johnson (for different reasons) defeated the south again with various lawful freedoms allowed to minorities...once again the shit flag flew ..angry white men not only in the south but MLK said Chicago was worst than any place in the south...Korea was a anger just sadness  .vietnam..LOSS ..whites can't let it go..they get pissed when reminded they the government prevented them from winning BUT its still a loss..white neighbors will vandalize a neighbors house because they're an LSU fan & the perp loves roll Tide roll..they aren't outraged by the destruction of a black child Emmitt Till but almost 20years later if you'd go to a phish concert with a Free O.J. t shirt you're going to end up with serious weed & doc martens burns & save your angry emails..key word once again "angry" newbies I'm a mutt & can bash any group i please..well i could do that anyway BUT I'm more than likely one of you at least partially        

Friday, November 20, 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

whole lotta nothin

this post isn't about anything in particular i just needed something to do i guess..ive been pushed to my limits lately with stress & its taking a toll on me..ive never had a normal sleep pattern & during stressful times it can go haywire & the last few weeks have been super stressful becoming paranoid & it feels like as soon as i close my eyes something is right in my face & it causes me to open my eyes & check..this will go on anywhere from an hour to first light ..literally i ll watch the sun come up & that shortens my already short temper even more..on the rare occasions i go out i look at people & it seems like everyone is either tired or sad seems like thats how someone/thing wants it ..just day after day of misery ..a friend pointed out how my life has been on a very slow decline for 5 years now..things just gradually get worse..nothing over the top like losing 4 members of your family in an accident but things like my injury & the daily pain ..then tickets my sister racked up in my car & house repairs & court cases that are open & close defying logic & going against me etc.......i love my family but to be honest if i had an off switch id hit it today ..

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ah the things you don't know..

There was a poll taken in a handful of foreign countries..some our friends & some not but the overwhelming consensus was the biggest threat to world peace is the U.S. this is a diabolical country that was established by Christians but sometime between WWI & WWII decided to go over to the dark side & barely hides it from you..lets go over some things that you probably didn't know but should....* The man who wrote the Military Chaplains handbook is a Satanist..out in the open Satanist Colonel Michael Aquino so when someone is attending a military church service or being read their last rites it comes from a Satanist  ..*lets stick with him for a entire base was shut down because he & other officers were named as having ritualistic sex with daycare kids & infecting them with various STDs up to & including HIV read about some of it here
The U.S. rebranded Al Qaeda ISIS & started arming them despite YOU & I saying NO! ..think back a couple of years when they tried to force a vote on arming "Free Syrians" & the military & public said we refuse to help terrorist..things were quiet for a while & then boom here comes ISIS a more violent offshoot of Al Qaeda & sadly a lot of you fell for the switch a roo ..sad very very sad ......Lincoln didn't want to free the slaves & only did so to weaken the south going as far as shipping some back to Africa which is where the country of Liberia came from..they even copied the Stars & Stripes as their country flag ....Republicans (Lincoln's party) fought for an end to slavery & equal this continued up until the 60s & that's where you get the term Dixiecrat ..Democrats who hated & many still do quietly hate black people..which is why Malcolm X said "if you negroes vote Democrat you're chumps."  .....The U.S. signed another real treaty after World War 2 at the Presidio in San Francisco September 8, 1951..this is the treaty preventing the U.S. from ever declaring war again & forces the U.S. to defend Japan against it's enemies..that explains a lot right...seems like maybe the U.S. lost ..ok now go study what I've given you & just know your Government hates you..the 1% hates you & wishes in the case of Prince Phillip could "come back as a virus" & thin the herd so to speak ..

Thursday, October 22, 2015

clowning black women..anyone?

i saw a post going around bashing black men for "clowning" black women..saying that "no other ethnic group clowns their women the way black men do" before i get started i do fully understand that this does not apply to all black can't make any blanket statements about sex, ethnic group etc. because everyone is different BUT this will cover a large & growing group of people .black women ........& off we go..the biggest problem to black women & i mean just barely IS themselves..heres how i see the problems of black women braking down as 42% THEMSELVES ..#2. at 40% BLACK MEN ..#3. at 18% THIS IS A MANS WORLD (sadly)  ....with the help of black men the world has succeeded in marginalizing black women & turning them into an iill tempered, loud, walking fashion faux pas, caricature that can barely speak english. For a foreigner coming here & watching t.v. they would be struck by a few glaring issues with african americans ..1. most black men are gay  ..2. of the few straight black men available they can have their pick of black women 3. black women let black men do whatever they want .. 4. the men & the women are all ultra violent  5. the only blacks doing well are actors or athletes  6. black women are really tacky & belligerent. ...women of all races openly call each other bitches as a term of endearment seems that women now answer to what male society has been calling strong women for years.. i have heard being a black female is like receiving a double whammy at birth & i agree but you have to help yourselves.. heres some STOP IT advice for you.. *wearing clothes that don't fit  *violence is not the answer to every question  * calling yourself & other females bitches constantly  *putting jailbirds first..before you kids, job or family   *thinking that you're sad or not complete if you're single  *if a guy cheats on you he doesn't respect you period. *if you're the side chick he doesn't respect you either..*hes not going to leave his wife ..*being loud does not equal being strong ..*being 100lbs overweight is not "thick" it's fat..if you have a group of chubby chasers then rock on BUT don't fool yourself into thinking you have curves..a mountain has curves too..remember that....*stop hiding behind all the makeup & caked up fake hair, the object is to fool people into thinking its real..if you rip it out of the bag & just glue it up there..well you've strayed into clown territory once again .... if you could element 42% of your issues why wouldn't you? pile out of the clown car & exit the big tent stage right..& don't look back!!