Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Five Years of Firefox

Five Years of Firefox

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Happy Holidays? F.U.!

BEIJING - DECEMBER 12:  Chinese shoppers walk ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I do not like this time of the year at all! I used to love it as a kid and even as a young adult but things started to happen ..bad things & I really started to look forward to February because the holidays just ripped my heart out. I lost my dad on Christmas morning I was laid off of two very good jobs during the holidays & my first marriage was officially d.o.a. during another holiday span. Now for me the holidays are from Thanksgiving until the week after New Years. Now there are some more bad things in there that I'm not going to bore you with but needless to say after the pounds from Thanksgiving settle on my sides I start to feel down REALLY down. I start to relieve every other bad holiday I've ever had and my kids are just about grown & I feel I could have been a much better father & I have just wasted another year etc.....I have been to the point when I have really considered "feeding the tree". So for those of you out there that hate this time of year despite some of my recent good luck I'm still with you. I have caught myself several times crying for no reason & just feeling a sense of dread. I have tried to shop to get my mind off of it & that didn't work. About the only thing that has worked is charitable giving & I plan to do a lot more this spring & have some organizations lined up that I will be donating my weekends to. So my friends please try to cheer up & know that you have a kindred spirit here in the Nations Capitol that really knows what you're going through & if you want you can even email me anacostia@ymail.com .. feel free I'm laid up with a bad back and would be glad to converse with you. Hey unless your a child molester or murderer the world would probably be better off with you in it but if you are a child molester or murderer then excuse what I have written & please off yourself pronto!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Who knew??

I'm Not ScaredImage via Wikipedia

If you remember my previous post you know that I hate my job..well a funny thing happened.. I got a break from my job..yep I hurt my back at work & ive been home for about a month now. Well after seeing a neurosurgeon and getting diagnosed as having a herniated disc I got loaded up with pain killers & I ended up with a (maybe funny to you) side effect FEAR!! I like the rest of you always play the "whats the worst way to die" game and my number 1 fear is being buried alive. Well here's where your laugh comes in..the doctor said after looking at my c.t. scan "lets be triple sure and get you an mri" mri no big deal ive had a few in the past no big deal..well for those of you that have never had one its like being loaded into a torpedo tube and your the torpedo..the machine is all around you & your put on a table and slid into the machine completely. Half way into the machine i freaked out and begged to be let out..after I was let out I started to pace the floor and asked for water because I had total and complete cotton mouth..I was given water then told that I would be put in feet first & have my head stick out of the machine to help me well that didnt work either. At this point I had headphones on blasting jazz & all I could think about was being buried alive. I hit the bell & got out of the machine pronto! A few moments later I was out of my gown into my clothes & in my car crying like a school girl that had just gotten bullied. I lost it for about 15minutes I couldnt even drive ...it was awful. But hey they have open mri machines which I tried & nope couldnt do that either. At one point at the open mri appointment the nurse came out & held my hand and I still couldnt do it and right now this second thats where we stand. What im going to do is take a handful of pills & have someone drive me over there and pour me into the machine thats about the only way I see this getting done. Well theres your laugh for the day glad I could help..
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Friday, November 20, 2009


Im sure we've all seen on the news how a bunch of doctors and nurses go to small cities and towns & offer free medical attention..well has anyone else besides me been embarrassed to see the thousands in some cases showing up days ahead of time just to be seen..its like watching some third world country but its not these scenes come from right here in the good ol u.s. of a..but yet my favorite people in the world republicans are still trying to block every effort to get free health care in this country..they {republicans} are so afraid that some illegal and or welfare mother is going to benefit ..thats the core of their resistance if you remember a little while ago they wanted specific language in the purposed bill to say that illegals will not be covered..so why they sit in their ivory towers scores of americans are going to have to make some tough choices on whether to eat or take a sick child to the doctors & get yet another medical bill..pay car insurance or pay for a family members blood pressure & cholesterol medications ..seems to be plenty of money for war but none for a life saving surgery for some young child..how is that england canada france & even cuba have seemed to been able to figure it out but the united states cant..even for people with healthcare through the state sometimes have problems finding a doctor that will take the insurance because the doctors have trouble collecting whats owed them from the government at times..its just really really sad..
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crime in black & white

happiness is a warm gunImage by badjonni via Flickr

I was talking to a friend of mine & it dawned on me how we think of crimes according to race a lot of times..what set this in motion was my shock of seeing that the Cleveland Ohio serial killer is a black man..im not going to bullshit you i was SHOCKED!! i was looking for a humble faced 40 something year old white male to come around the corner & boom here comes this black guy..i jumped on the phone & text my best friend "hey its a black guy the serial killer is a black guy".. & that began this whole flurry of text of how we think of rapist & child molesters as white & car jackers & muggers as black..where does that come from?? ive got no answers because i apparently am as guilty as everyone else when it comes to that.. there is a guy that would break into the homes of women on campus at the u. of maryland & would just cuddle with them while they slept & to this day hes never been captured but im sure hes white..in my mind i see a guy that looks like the front man for weezer climbing into sleeping womens beds & spooning for a few hours & then leaving.. you hear of someone committing suicide you probably immediately think of a white person & someone that got shot at a party as probably being black & not only the victim but the shooter also..who knows if this is right or wrong but im pretty sure im not by myself..
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let Gay People be unhappy too

Throng of gay marriage opponentsImage by Philocrites via Flickr

Here in my great city people will be asked to vote on the gay marriage issue soon & shocker there was an opposition protest the other week full of old black women in big floppy church hats & angry white men..i think that gay people should be allowed to marry or at least have a civil union..let them be as sad as everyone else..you always get these uptight close minded individuals telling anyone that will listen that "it will destroy the sanctity of marriage" but i think its already been pretty much trashed..ever watch entertainment tonight or that show cheaters? ..look the union of marriage is only as serious as the two people that enter into it take it.."a gay couple if allowed to adopt will raise gay their children to be gay" are you shittn me..really come on.......i went to school with plenty of gay kids that had BOTH parents in the house..& my personal favorite "being gay is a choice" ..look who would choose to put something big in their backside WHO?? if your a female the thought of going down on a woman has to be vomit inducing ..you would have to WANT to do that or at the very least get paid to do it..let gay people get married what do you care..gay marriage isnt going to ruin this country poverty racism drug addiction & the overall lack of hope is doing a pretty good job so far...
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I know i should be thankful but.........

Homeless man in TokyoImage by theeruditefrog via Flickr

I have a job that i hate & with the millions out of work I know that i should be thankful but......did i mention that i hate my job? i have a steady check coming in but the stress from my job has me popping pills to relieve stress..im no rush limbaugh but ive spent many a wide awake night dreading the morning thats soon to come & bring another 8hr day of aggravation & a one hour commute both ways..& yes i do feel like a whiner because i see so many people losing their jobs & then their homes & having to sit in soup lines to get fed..i know i should be grateful to have a job but........did i mention i hate my job?
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Friday, October 16, 2009

High perv factor..

$600 Doll.  Seriously.Image by Christine ™ via Flickr

I was flipping thru the channels when i saw a show about those little girl beauty pageants & i felt really oogie just in the 5mins i logged in with it..its like watching a train wreck where you cant turn away but the super high perv factor of the show forced me to turn..what mother in her right mind would have her super young daughter prance around in tight little skirts & even swim suits & faces all made up like turn of the century french whores..it was shocking & sad watching these barrel shaped women forcing their shattered dreams of beauty queen stardom on these children that should be somewhere playing barbie instead of dressed up like her..& you know YOU KNOW that sylvester {maybe r.kelly} have their pants around their ankles & their lotion & beach towels at the ready watching these shows & all involved except for the kids have to know it too..
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

dont be silent!!

Swastica, main ghat HaridwarImage by germeister via Flickr

im starting to wonder if all the race mongers had it right are we headed for another civil war or a race war? ..look youve got crimson necks showing up to presidential events with guns you have black teens beating up a white guy for dating a black girl in buffalo n.y.etc..... it seems that their are a lot of {shocker} republicans that cant deal with a black president & they are going on blogs & espousing all these really nasty racial slurs & thoughts & instead of calling them on it you just shake your head & fume in silence..no no my friend let them know that its not right..you dont have to get into a war of words over days just speak your peace & step aside..the worst thing you can do is let these mental defectives feel for a second that they have an accepting audience..when a nail pops up you hammer it down..dont let them get away with it.
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PORN anyone??

had a real Ewwwwwww moment the other day..my wife informed me that she found a porn stash in the house & i immediately said "that boy is out of control" but i was stopped mid sentence & informed that it was in fact my daughter who was the guilty party & brought me the video & i was like "MANDIGO" really are you shit'n me"?..for those of you that are unaware he is a porn "actor" & after you see him you will realize why i put his name in all capital letters..he & others like him will cause you {me} to distort real life sex & the human anatomy..porn can mess you up..it had me going for a while..hey going online for more than 30mins meant a stop to a porn site..well im cheap too so a free gallery site was more like

Porn WarsImage via Wikipedia

it..look im not going to do the republican thing & tell you porn is evil as i kick my stash under the box spring ..no no like everything in moderation is cool..i wish my son would realize that fact because im really getting tired of going into the bathroom to find a vat of lotion on the counter..come on try to hide what you were doing..hey a female friend of mine told me that her 12yr old daughter racked up a $400 pay per view porn bill with her cable provider a few months ago..now my daughter is much older than 12 but the oogie factor is still there..
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Friday, September 11, 2009

I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!

Digging machineImage by bjornarv via Flickr

Once again sorry sad south carolina steps into the light & scurries away into the darkness like a disease filled roach. Not satisfied with producing a double child murderer like Susan Smith we get Captain Redneck joe wise who is shocker a republican screaming "liar" at the president of the united states..go back & read my post about south carolina & the post on republicans please & lets all gather on the border of north & south carolina so that we can start digging..if we all pitch in & do our parts we can have that pay toilet of a state detached & floating out into the atlantic by the spring!!
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Monday, September 7, 2009

happy pills..........

ah sweet sweet depression ..i was diagnosed with it this year & tried to do what all people that need medicines to get through life do..i stopped taking them & really went down hill this holiday morning..its dark & dreary here in the d.c. metro area today & i swear ive had a permanent tear in my eye all day that bubbled over into a full cry this afternoon...sometimes i get that boxed in feeling & even knowing that there are people who are way worse off than me i cant seem to shake it.. texting a good friend & playing taxi cab for my nieces helped to bring me out of my abyss.. ive suffered in silence for most of my life & just sought out help this year after my best friend told me that she thinks im coming unglued.. & i went to get help & if you are suffering you should go too but unlike me dont come off your meds if you get them...... life is really an amazing thing but its very hard to see it when your looking through the world with dark glasses & a blanket pulled over your head they way i have..im not a "the glass is half empty" person im a "damn someone spit in my glass" !!!! person .. things are very rarely that bad & most things work themselves out in the end but if your like me it just seems like one more boulder for you to carry..but it will be ok ..it has to be.........dosent it?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are you broke?

A variety of low value coins, including a (his...Image via Wikipedia

So am I..dont worry about it because there are plenty of us out here..Whenever you start to feel bad about it just think about all of those people that are living WAY above their means ..hey just look around they are everywhere ..ever see someone riding in their nice BMW with a big dent on the side or missing a tail light look I saw a guy in a new volvo with the drivers side mirror taped up & I mean gobs of clear scotch tape wrapped around his mirror like bubble wrap & what that means my friends is they dont have the $250 or $500 deductible to pay the insurance co. to get it fixed i.e. living WAY above their means..they have car note money & thats it! Yep you could be comfortable financially in a kia or counting pennies in a lexus & a lot of us go for the penny to penny lifestyle in order to keep up appearances..hey that person across the street from you with the nice clothes & new car lives in the same neighborhood as you so what that means is they are in the same boat as you & everything you see is window dressing..dont be fooled!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad start

Aftermath of the train crashImage via Wikipedia

Got a newlywed friend that a couple of years ago contracted herpes but has not told her new husband about it. She says "when I get pregnant I ll act surprised & say it must have lay dormant". I think if you start out fu*king up the train will stay off the tracks. You have got to tell the person asap..dont you? I would really like to know if I'm wrong about this. The longer you wait the worse it gets, when the other party finds out they are going to be bitter. I think you are just a valtrex slip up away from the truth being known & it being a deal breaker. Maybe I'm Mr. Honest but you gotta give those sorry ass odds of "we will be married forever" a shot. Herpes standing behind the door with a baseball bat could do it in. We'll she is very very hard headed & has made up her mind so I will let you know how it goes. Need advice ask away I'm good at giving it. I'm a "life coach" its what i do..don't laugh .....ok go ahead.
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Friday, July 31, 2009

To Be Fair........

A friend emailed me today & said that I bashed big Ben pretty good but I told her shes wrong & to read it again.I think she only said that because shes a Steelers fan but here we go.{Suspenseful pause} R.Kelly wow yep an easy target I know but hear me out.I thought it was really fascinating that it seemed that white people didn't care about the case other than for comedic value but black people seemed divided down the middle & the fact that he didn't go to jail seemed like such a miscarriage of justice I told a friend that "no one should be convicted of anything else ever"! You have a perv on video peeing on an underage girl & would you believe that some people were up in arms & blaming the young girl. "That was not him on that tape" or "big deal" & then I ask them supposed that was your daughter getting violated on video then what would you say. Then on top of that after everything was said & done he walked away because of some star struck golden rain loving jurors. But don't worry he will get his & I say that because I know his type. He can not & will not stop. Look when a black man has Sylvester in his name you are guaranteed some problems & most of them involve penis.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double Standard? hmmmm.....

A friend just brought something to my attention when the news broke about Ben Roethlisberger & his possible rape charge it was big for about 24hrs but when the same thing happened a few years ago with Kobe it was & still is news. So let's figure this thing out they are both well known athletes they are both rich & both women in these incidents were white so what is the difference? Wow the athlete that seems to have the benefit of the doubt & the public seems ready to believe in more is the white athlete. Big Ben seems to be about to get a pass. No one seems to believe that it is possible that he did what he is accused of but Kobe's news brought out a legion of reporters invading that small Colorado town asking tons of questions to anyone that would talk. Look I'm no fan of Kobe & actually I'm a card carrying member of the "we hate Kobe club" but in comparison to what's going on with Mr.Roethlisberger it is far from fair. Rape is a very serious crime & it was treated that way with Kobe because he was crucified in the news & in the court of public opinion but it seems that Ben's accuser is going to be the one that is going to hang by the wrist in this case. You know that racism is my hot button & it really looks like it is going to rear it's ugly head once again. Let's hope that people can be color blind long enough to get to the truth & not go off the deep end on this young lady (the accuser) until we find out the truth. And if comes out that he is in any way guilty he should be given at least half of the acid bath treatment that ol turkey necked Kobe received.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why cheat?

BANGKOK, THAILAND - MAY 19:  British groom Geo...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

My cousin was telling me about how she caught her boyfriend cheating & not only that but he also got the other woman pregnant. Now the shock of being caught was followed by crying..a lot of crying actually. She told me that this all happened about 2 months ago & he is still crying. Then she informed me that the girl was a big fat mess & that really got me to wondering why cheat in the first place? When you reach a certain age it becomes sad & the fact that men always seem to get caught with the pig of the litter instead of the cream of the crop makes it even sadder. If the woman your thinking about cheating with can't stack up to the woman you have at home you should save the future tears & go home kiss her & thank her for dealing with you at all. Hey if you want to go down to the local strip club & spend your little check on some stretch-mark covered dropout & then take her to a bedbug filled motel for an unprotected sex romp then hey don't let me stop you but know that when you get caught it will be all your fault. Remember that great song by The Cure "boys don't cry" well keep singing the lyrics to yourself while your banging "Goldie" the queen of the half dead strippers.
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

isnt it ironic?

I was watching t.v. on this 4th of July & started thinking about all of the ironic things from our daily lives that we probably miss. Case in point the Government loves symbolism I know because living in & around Washington D.C. your hit in the face by it daily well a lot of the symbolism is of American Indians & we tried to kill most of them through war & small pox laced blankets & then slapped the rest on reservations where they remain today. America ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what else is there hmmmm you refuse to let a "mexican" into your house until you need your house cleaned or some house work done..your not religious but always scream "please god" when something goes wrong..you hate your boy/girlfriend until they dump you & then you cry...

laughed at for years females of different races other than black

Mural: GirlImage by Franco Folini via Flickr

are now getting butt shots to get that "bubble look"....
"white guys look gay in those tight clothes" & now the soul brothers
are wearing too tight shirts & even tighter jeans.....
every girl seems to want a guy with a big package but then they
spend the entire night pushing him off saying "take it easy" ha ha!! ..You scream at people that piss you off on the road to
get off of the phone & drive & then you pick up yours to call your
friend & tell them how stupid people who drive while on the phone are..You see women in nice areas jogging & eating right who are as barren as the Mojave but women in awful areas are spitting out healthy children like pez dispensers..hmmmmmm

Expensive PezImage by Adam "rampage" Meltzer via Flickr

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Friday, June 26, 2009

To Hell with South Carolina

People that know me know that there is a special place in my heart for the sorry State of South Carolina & thanks to assbag Gov.Mark Sanford who by the way was another holier than thou self righteous finger waver in the President Clinton "Monica Gate" saga I can now share my hatred with the rest of you. From firing the first shot in the Civil War to

COLUMBIA, SC - JUNE 24: (EDITOR'S NOTE: ALTERN...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

refusing to take down that piece of shit "rebel" flag that mistake of a State wedged between the great State of North Carolina & Georgia never misses a chance to show the rest of the country & the world why ordinary people still cant take the south seriously. Look the lovely Mrs.Abraham Lincoln Mary Todd had it right when she wanted to make the south pay for the war & wanted to lay waste to South Carolina. Well its not too late. Just get some drills & earth boring machines & carve a path along the state lines & push that hot swampy sinkhole into the Atlantic. Then we won't have to deal with any more of the b.s. that comes out of that piss riddled sandbox called South Carolina. I had a friend recently visit their & said that they are still touting their sorry place in history of firing the first shot to begin the Civil War a war that killed close to 700,00 people WOW!! Wow South Carolina that's something to be proud of. Shit flag loving sweet tea drinking 200 degrees in the shade driveway made of sand stick kicking hillbillies!! And would you believe

COLUMBIA, SC - JANUARY 21:  Dr. John Cobin of ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

that in a poll taken back in the 90s a majority of mudvilles citizens would vote to
to succeed from the U.S. again? Once again WOW!! Push that piece of crap State in the Atlantic before it's to late.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well here we go again. In my beautiful city a security guard was gunned down by an old & I do mean old "white power" scumbag inside of the Holocaust Memorial today. A white scumbag kills a black security guard in a place built to honor Jews who were murdered by mostly white scumbags during World War II. Now I say mostly white because if you hail from a country that has ever been conquered the chances of you being pure anything is slim to none. Germany along with most of it's European neighbors have been conquered before & some of them many times. You've heard of the "spoils of war" right? Well if you don't know what that phrase means let me help you out as well as being able to rewrite history you get to loot the homes & help yourself to the unfortunate population i.e. sold into slavery or if you need to drop a load RAPE. Now rape leads to pregnancy in many cases & there you have it your pure raced muddied up. "Well we were only conquered by the Romans & their white" well wait Hans the Romans had conquered many different races & peoples & many of them were forced to serve in the Roman military which means if the Roman Legion came to your town there's a pretty good chance some female in your family got muddied up. That said there is no master race. We humans can't seem to fight the programming & continue to do the same stupid stuff year after year decade after decade millennium after millennium. It basically goes I hate you because you are different from me so I will kill you as I please & take what's yours then 100 years later the weak are now on top & they return the favor. Look at what went on in Kosovo. Fight the programming!! Jews don't rule everything related to money black people don't have tails & criminal records white men don't have the market cornered on serial killers & not every white woman is doing cocaine & posting pictures of herself nude on the web not every Muslim want's to kill you & not every Spanish speaking person is living 44 to a house. Please fight the programing. If you took that piece of shit rebel stars & bars illegal flag down & put it in the trash where it belongs the world would not end I swear to you it won't end. Well until then I guess we will continue to read about stories like the one today at the Holocaust Memorial. And for those of you out there that are saying what happened today is good it sends a message there is a special place in hell for you its called the prison rape palace & day after day for eternity you will be raped by Big Mo & his boys who all sport 12 inches of rock hard white pride bending pipe..good luck with that...... FIGHT THE PROGRAMMING!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why most do & should hate Republicans

What we know & deal with today are "Dixiecrat"s" from the 60's & 70's who after watching minorities gain power in State & local governments jumped parties. They slithered from the Democratic party to the Republicans. And that's why most Republicans don't give a damn about people living in "urban" areas i.e. minorityville. Their like minded supporters live in the burbs & out in the sticks. They listen to & take seriously people like Rush Limbaugh who is a fat drug addicted self promoting circus clown. On his front page he says that this is entertainment & tries to be outrageous but Republicans take him seriously & think that he has something to bring to the table. He doesn't. He like the rest of that wretched party are hypocrites. That fat drug addict once said "all drug users & sellers should be locked up" & then he sends his maid out to score him pain pills. Republicans say we need less government & yet vote time & time again to legislate everything we do & say. They call for free speech & then call you UNAMERICAN when you say something about that kinder gardened brained ex president Bush. They tell you gays aren't people & don't deserve rights & then you catch one of them tapping an undercover police officers shoes under an airport bathroom stall. Don't do drugs & your former first lady used to sell them in College. Have you ever wondered why Jeb Bush ended up in Florida if the Bush KLAN is from Texas? Well the former first lady did not approve of her son's Latina pick for a wife & was so merciless in her criticism she caused Jeb & crew to blast off to Florida. They say don't do this don't do that & then you hear about them doing it all! Look I know Democrats are far far from perfect but you don't too often have them wagging their fingers at you telling you you're immoral full of sin & bound for hell. They do drugs over half of their lives & now thump the bible & tell you you're wrong. They cheat on their wives with whores male & female & won't let you & you're partner get married. Gay & lesbian Republicans & you're minority brothers & sisters should be ashamed of yourselves. You are part of a party that HATES YOU. Maybe I'm just angry & making this up..well maybe not. Check this out http://kokesh.blogspot.com/2007/10/45-republican-pedophiles.html

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

angry black women do it to themselves?

OK here is what we know, women love bad boys got it. But it seems that some black women like to go a step beyond. They like that career jail bird that has been IN jail more than he's been out. They want the dead beat that lays on the couch eating up all your kids cereal & bangs every hood rat in the neighborhood & you give him a pass because of the baby boy syndrome {our black men need saving} & because he's packing like a mule. So after he uses you up & wrecks your car & gets you kicked out because your not supposed to have him living there, you finally get fed up. Funny thing is that is all you get FED UP But you finally are prepared to let him go but only because he leaves you for some other dummy across town. That's when you get mad & call all black men sorry & niggas aint shit etc......Now the "nice" guy that lives next door & works everyday & has his own car & job you wont give the time of day to. You don't seem to be into a guy unless there's the threat that he may kill you at anytime. And you wonder why good black guys are dating outside of their race in droves. Having studied this for sometime now I am prepared to offer this advice. Don't waste your time on a man that you wouldn't want your son to grow up & become or a guy you wouldn't want to be with your daughter. If there is a threat that he could or would kick your brains in you need to walk..sorry RUN away! And if a guy cheated on his girl with you he's going to cheat on you eventually. Good luck!! White girls most of this relates to you too so stop lauging & read this again.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

pitbulls are the black people of the canine world

You know im right!! hated on sight!!!!!..supposed to be ultra violent but once you get to know one you say hmmm they aren't so bad what was i so afraid of. look racism is my hot button..it makes no sense to me to dislike distrust or HATE someone because of skin color..there are plenty of dumb asses in white board rooms & on street corners in "urban" areas..i don't get people wanting to exclude the people they let into their lives based on skin color..its really stupid hey think about this massa excuse me master would bang the black slave women & then call them livestock but wouldn't bang his goats or pigs & then give their offspring preferential treatment..then black people turn around & give light skinned black people a hard way to go as your not black enough..are you shitn me? you have to be..its not just black on black or black on white..look tiger woods is a star so asian people want to claim him but exclude the biracial people in their own countries..yeah vietnam i know ALL ABOUT YOU!!..tighten up people you could meet your maker tomorrow & that master race bullshit isn't going to fly to well i don't think

Saturday, May 23, 2009

down low how low can you go?

In the Washington D.C. area the "down lows" are destroying families. Look if your gay then be gay but sleeping with guys unprotected & then going home & passing your poison on to your wife is criminal. And that goes for you punks that run around saying your not gay because you pitch instead of catch but let me help you figure this out real quick, if you get an erection from looking at another mans buttocks you sir are GAY!! See easy right? ..It's not right in jail & its not right out on the street either. Put on your short shorts & flip flops & be who you are. See you'll infect your wife & after she finds out your gay will dump you not knowing that shes also infected. Then she'll move onto another relationship & infect the next man so by the time it comes to light you've killed her & her new man, you & your new man or men. So since you were born with a penis be a man for once & walk or sachet away from your marriage & live your life & stop killing the rest of us..bitch ass coward!!!!!!!!

Fat is NOT sexy!!

I see these really fat girls in little clothes & its become an epidemic. BBW is bullshit..its only beautiful to someone that's into that. For everyone else we have to suffer eye burning sites out in public. What it's really saying is that 'I'm easy I'll do what that skinny girl won't' It's saying for a large value meal YOU young man can do what you want with me. These two legged tractors are walking around in little shorts & tight shirts with powder from their guts to their ears. Don't say your sexy so that you feel justified in eating another small birthday cake. It's not right! Please stop! Guys you have to stop banging these big girls so they'll understand that it's not cute or sexy, don't be an enabler unless your into that. Big girls have some respect for yourself! I'll let you momma bears in on something, when a guy sees you this is what we say "shes big but I bet the oral is great..she'll suck on me like she did that whole turkey last night just look at that mouth". That's what is being said. If your cool with being thought of as a cable car sized vacuum then more power to you. Drinking one 2 liter instead of 2 will make a difference eventually. Good luck.