Thursday, May 28, 2009

pitbulls are the black people of the canine world

You know im right!! hated on sight!!!!!..supposed to be ultra violent but once you get to know one you say hmmm they aren't so bad what was i so afraid of. look racism is my hot makes no sense to me to dislike distrust or HATE someone because of skin color..there are plenty of dumb asses in white board rooms & on street corners in "urban" areas..i don't get people wanting to exclude the people they let into their lives based on skin color..its really stupid hey think about this massa excuse me master would bang the black slave women & then call them livestock but wouldn't bang his goats or pigs & then give their offspring preferential treatment..then black people turn around & give light skinned black people a hard way to go as your not black enough..are you shitn me? you have to be..its not just black on black or black on white..look tiger woods is a star so asian people want to claim him but exclude the biracial people in their own countries..yeah vietnam i know ALL ABOUT YOU!!..tighten up people you could meet your maker tomorrow & that master race bullshit isn't going to fly to well i don't think

Saturday, May 23, 2009

down low how low can you go?

In the Washington D.C. area the "down lows" are destroying families. Look if your gay then be gay but sleeping with guys unprotected & then going home & passing your poison on to your wife is criminal. And that goes for you punks that run around saying your not gay because you pitch instead of catch but let me help you figure this out real quick, if you get an erection from looking at another mans buttocks you sir are GAY!! See easy right? ..It's not right in jail & its not right out on the street either. Put on your short shorts & flip flops & be who you are. See you'll infect your wife & after she finds out your gay will dump you not knowing that shes also infected. Then she'll move onto another relationship & infect the next man so by the time it comes to light you've killed her & her new man, you & your new man or men. So since you were born with a penis be a man for once & walk or sachet away from your marriage & live your life & stop killing the rest of us..bitch ass coward!!!!!!!!

Fat is NOT sexy!!

I see these really fat girls in little clothes & its become an epidemic. BBW is bullshit..its only beautiful to someone that's into that. For everyone else we have to suffer eye burning sites out in public. What it's really saying is that 'I'm easy I'll do what that skinny girl won't' It's saying for a large value meal YOU young man can do what you want with me. These two legged tractors are walking around in little shorts & tight shirts with powder from their guts to their ears. Don't say your sexy so that you feel justified in eating another small birthday cake. It's not right! Please stop! Guys you have to stop banging these big girls so they'll understand that it's not cute or sexy, don't be an enabler unless your into that. Big girls have some respect for yourself! I'll let you momma bears in on something, when a guy sees you this is what we say "shes big but I bet the oral is great..she'll suck on me like she did that whole turkey last night just look at that mouth". That's what is being said. If your cool with being thought of as a cable car sized vacuum then more power to you. Drinking one 2 liter instead of 2 will make a difference eventually. Good luck.