Friday, June 26, 2009

To Hell with South Carolina

People that know me know that there is a special place in my heart for the sorry State of South Carolina & thanks to assbag Gov.Mark Sanford who by the way was another holier than thou self righteous finger waver in the President Clinton "Monica Gate" saga I can now share my hatred with the rest of you. From firing the first shot in the Civil War to

COLUMBIA, SC - JUNE 24: (EDITOR'S NOTE: ALTERN...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

refusing to take down that piece of shit "rebel" flag that mistake of a State wedged between the great State of North Carolina & Georgia never misses a chance to show the rest of the country & the world why ordinary people still cant take the south seriously. Look the lovely Mrs.Abraham Lincoln Mary Todd had it right when she wanted to make the south pay for the war & wanted to lay waste to South Carolina. Well its not too late. Just get some drills & earth boring machines & carve a path along the state lines & push that hot swampy sinkhole into the Atlantic. Then we won't have to deal with any more of the b.s. that comes out of that piss riddled sandbox called South Carolina. I had a friend recently visit their & said that they are still touting their sorry place in history of firing the first shot to begin the Civil War a war that killed close to 700,00 people WOW!! Wow South Carolina that's something to be proud of. Shit flag loving sweet tea drinking 200 degrees in the shade driveway made of sand stick kicking hillbillies!! And would you believe

COLUMBIA, SC - JANUARY 21:  Dr. John Cobin of ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

that in a poll taken back in the 90s a majority of mudvilles citizens would vote to
to succeed from the U.S. again? Once again WOW!! Push that piece of crap State in the Atlantic before it's to late.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well here we go again. In my beautiful city a security guard was gunned down by an old & I do mean old "white power" scumbag inside of the Holocaust Memorial today. A white scumbag kills a black security guard in a place built to honor Jews who were murdered by mostly white scumbags during World War II. Now I say mostly white because if you hail from a country that has ever been conquered the chances of you being pure anything is slim to none. Germany along with most of it's European neighbors have been conquered before & some of them many times. You've heard of the "spoils of war" right? Well if you don't know what that phrase means let me help you out as well as being able to rewrite history you get to loot the homes & help yourself to the unfortunate population i.e. sold into slavery or if you need to drop a load RAPE. Now rape leads to pregnancy in many cases & there you have it your pure raced muddied up. "Well we were only conquered by the Romans & their white" well wait Hans the Romans had conquered many different races & peoples & many of them were forced to serve in the Roman military which means if the Roman Legion came to your town there's a pretty good chance some female in your family got muddied up. That said there is no master race. We humans can't seem to fight the programming & continue to do the same stupid stuff year after year decade after decade millennium after millennium. It basically goes I hate you because you are different from me so I will kill you as I please & take what's yours then 100 years later the weak are now on top & they return the favor. Look at what went on in Kosovo. Fight the programming!! Jews don't rule everything related to money black people don't have tails & criminal records white men don't have the market cornered on serial killers & not every white woman is doing cocaine & posting pictures of herself nude on the web not every Muslim want's to kill you & not every Spanish speaking person is living 44 to a house. Please fight the programing. If you took that piece of shit rebel stars & bars illegal flag down & put it in the trash where it belongs the world would not end I swear to you it won't end. Well until then I guess we will continue to read about stories like the one today at the Holocaust Memorial. And for those of you out there that are saying what happened today is good it sends a message there is a special place in hell for you its called the prison rape palace & day after day for eternity you will be raped by Big Mo & his boys who all sport 12 inches of rock hard white pride bending pipe..good luck with that...... FIGHT THE PROGRAMMING!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why most do & should hate Republicans

What we know & deal with today are "Dixiecrat"s" from the 60's & 70's who after watching minorities gain power in State & local governments jumped parties. They slithered from the Democratic party to the Republicans. And that's why most Republicans don't give a damn about people living in "urban" areas i.e. minorityville. Their like minded supporters live in the burbs & out in the sticks. They listen to & take seriously people like Rush Limbaugh who is a fat drug addicted self promoting circus clown. On his front page he says that this is entertainment & tries to be outrageous but Republicans take him seriously & think that he has something to bring to the table. He doesn't. He like the rest of that wretched party are hypocrites. That fat drug addict once said "all drug users & sellers should be locked up" & then he sends his maid out to score him pain pills. Republicans say we need less government & yet vote time & time again to legislate everything we do & say. They call for free speech & then call you UNAMERICAN when you say something about that kinder gardened brained ex president Bush. They tell you gays aren't people & don't deserve rights & then you catch one of them tapping an undercover police officers shoes under an airport bathroom stall. Don't do drugs & your former first lady used to sell them in College. Have you ever wondered why Jeb Bush ended up in Florida if the Bush KLAN is from Texas? Well the former first lady did not approve of her son's Latina pick for a wife & was so merciless in her criticism she caused Jeb & crew to blast off to Florida. They say don't do this don't do that & then you hear about them doing it all! Look I know Democrats are far far from perfect but you don't too often have them wagging their fingers at you telling you you're immoral full of sin & bound for hell. They do drugs over half of their lives & now thump the bible & tell you you're wrong. They cheat on their wives with whores male & female & won't let you & you're partner get married. Gay & lesbian Republicans & you're minority brothers & sisters should be ashamed of yourselves. You are part of a party that HATES YOU. Maybe I'm just angry & making this up..well maybe not. Check this out

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

angry black women do it to themselves?

OK here is what we know, women love bad boys got it. But it seems that some black women like to go a step beyond. They like that career jail bird that has been IN jail more than he's been out. They want the dead beat that lays on the couch eating up all your kids cereal & bangs every hood rat in the neighborhood & you give him a pass because of the baby boy syndrome {our black men need saving} & because he's packing like a mule. So after he uses you up & wrecks your car & gets you kicked out because your not supposed to have him living there, you finally get fed up. Funny thing is that is all you get FED UP But you finally are prepared to let him go but only because he leaves you for some other dummy across town. That's when you get mad & call all black men sorry & niggas aint shit etc......Now the "nice" guy that lives next door & works everyday & has his own car & job you wont give the time of day to. You don't seem to be into a guy unless there's the threat that he may kill you at anytime. And you wonder why good black guys are dating outside of their race in droves. Having studied this for sometime now I am prepared to offer this advice. Don't waste your time on a man that you wouldn't want your son to grow up & become or a guy you wouldn't want to be with your daughter. If there is a threat that he could or would kick your brains in you need to walk..sorry RUN away! And if a guy cheated on his girl with you he's going to cheat on you eventually. Good luck!! White girls most of this relates to you too so stop lauging & read this again.