Friday, July 31, 2009

To Be Fair........

A friend emailed me today & said that I bashed big Ben pretty good but I told her shes wrong & to read it again.I think she only said that because shes a Steelers fan but here we go.{Suspenseful pause} R.Kelly wow yep an easy target I know but hear me out.I thought it was really fascinating that it seemed that white people didn't care about the case other than for comedic value but black people seemed divided down the middle & the fact that he didn't go to jail seemed like such a miscarriage of justice I told a friend that "no one should be convicted of anything else ever"! You have a perv on video peeing on an underage girl & would you believe that some people were up in arms & blaming the young girl. "That was not him on that tape" or "big deal" & then I ask them supposed that was your daughter getting violated on video then what would you say. Then on top of that after everything was said & done he walked away because of some star struck golden rain loving jurors. But don't worry he will get his & I say that because I know his type. He can not & will not stop. Look when a black man has Sylvester in his name you are guaranteed some problems & most of them involve penis.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double Standard? hmmmm.....

A friend just brought something to my attention when the news broke about Ben Roethlisberger & his possible rape charge it was big for about 24hrs but when the same thing happened a few years ago with Kobe it was & still is news. So let's figure this thing out they are both well known athletes they are both rich & both women in these incidents were white so what is the difference? Wow the athlete that seems to have the benefit of the doubt & the public seems ready to believe in more is the white athlete. Big Ben seems to be about to get a pass. No one seems to believe that it is possible that he did what he is accused of but Kobe's news brought out a legion of reporters invading that small Colorado town asking tons of questions to anyone that would talk. Look I'm no fan of Kobe & actually I'm a card carrying member of the "we hate Kobe club" but in comparison to what's going on with Mr.Roethlisberger it is far from fair. Rape is a very serious crime & it was treated that way with Kobe because he was crucified in the news & in the court of public opinion but it seems that Ben's accuser is going to be the one that is going to hang by the wrist in this case. You know that racism is my hot button & it really looks like it is going to rear it's ugly head once again. Let's hope that people can be color blind long enough to get to the truth & not go off the deep end on this young lady (the accuser) until we find out the truth. And if comes out that he is in any way guilty he should be given at least half of the acid bath treatment that ol turkey necked Kobe received.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why cheat?

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My cousin was telling me about how she caught her boyfriend cheating & not only that but he also got the other woman pregnant. Now the shock of being caught was followed by crying..a lot of crying actually. She told me that this all happened about 2 months ago & he is still crying. Then she informed me that the girl was a big fat mess & that really got me to wondering why cheat in the first place? When you reach a certain age it becomes sad & the fact that men always seem to get caught with the pig of the litter instead of the cream of the crop makes it even sadder. If the woman your thinking about cheating with can't stack up to the woman you have at home you should save the future tears & go home kiss her & thank her for dealing with you at all. Hey if you want to go down to the local strip club & spend your little check on some stretch-mark covered dropout & then take her to a bedbug filled motel for an unprotected sex romp then hey don't let me stop you but know that when you get caught it will be all your fault. Remember that great song by The Cure "boys don't cry" well keep singing the lyrics to yourself while your banging "Goldie" the queen of the half dead strippers.
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

isnt it ironic?

I was watching t.v. on this 4th of July & started thinking about all of the ironic things from our daily lives that we probably miss. Case in point the Government loves symbolism I know because living in & around Washington D.C. your hit in the face by it daily well a lot of the symbolism is of American Indians & we tried to kill most of them through war & small pox laced blankets & then slapped the rest on reservations where they remain today. America ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what else is there hmmmm you refuse to let a "mexican" into your house until you need your house cleaned or some house work done..your not religious but always scream "please god" when something goes hate your boy/girlfriend until they dump you & then you cry...

laughed at for years females of different races other than black

Mural: GirlImage by Franco Folini via Flickr

are now getting butt shots to get that "bubble look"....
"white guys look gay in those tight clothes" & now the soul brothers
are wearing too tight shirts & even tighter jeans.....
every girl seems to want a guy with a big package but then they
spend the entire night pushing him off saying "take it easy" ha ha!! ..You scream at people that piss you off on the road to
get off of the phone & drive & then you pick up yours to call your
friend & tell them how stupid people who drive while on the phone are..You see women in nice areas jogging & eating right who are as barren as the Mojave but women in awful areas are spitting out healthy children like pez dispensers..hmmmmmm

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