Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad start

Aftermath of the train crashImage via Wikipedia

Got a newlywed friend that a couple of years ago contracted herpes but has not told her new husband about it. She says "when I get pregnant I ll act surprised & say it must have lay dormant". I think if you start out fu*king up the train will stay off the tracks. You have got to tell the person asap..dont you? I would really like to know if I'm wrong about this. The longer you wait the worse it gets, when the other party finds out they are going to be bitter. I think you are just a valtrex slip up away from the truth being known & it being a deal breaker. Maybe I'm Mr. Honest but you gotta give those sorry ass odds of "we will be married forever" a shot. Herpes standing behind the door with a baseball bat could do it in. We'll she is very very hard headed & has made up her mind so I will let you know how it goes. Need advice ask away I'm good at giving it. I'm a "life coach" its what i do..don't laugh .....ok go ahead.
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