Wednesday, September 16, 2009

dont be silent!!

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im starting to wonder if all the race mongers had it right are we headed for another civil war or a race war? ..look youve got crimson necks showing up to presidential events with guns you have black teens beating up a white guy for dating a black girl in buffalo n.y.etc..... it seems that their are a lot of {shocker} republicans that cant deal with a black president & they are going on blogs & espousing all these really nasty racial slurs & thoughts & instead of calling them on it you just shake your head & fume in no my friend let them know that its not dont have to get into a war of words over days just speak your peace & step aside..the worst thing you can do is let these mental defectives feel for a second that they have an accepting audience..when a nail pops up you hammer it down..dont let them get away with it.
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PORN anyone??

had a real Ewwwwwww moment the other wife informed me that she found a porn stash in the house & i immediately said "that boy is out of control" but i was stopped mid sentence & informed that it was in fact my daughter who was the guilty party & brought me the video & i was like "MANDIGO" really are you shit'n me"?..for those of you that are unaware he is a porn "actor" & after you see him you will realize why i put his name in all capital letters..he & others like him will cause you {me} to distort real life sex & the human can mess you had me going for a while..hey going online for more than 30mins meant a stop to a porn site..well im cheap too so a free gallery site was more like

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it..look im not going to do the republican thing & tell you porn is evil as i kick my stash under the box spring no like everything in moderation is cool..i wish my son would realize that fact because im really getting tired of going into the bathroom to find a vat of lotion on the counter..come on try to hide what you were doing..hey a female friend of mine told me that her 12yr old daughter racked up a $400 pay per view porn bill with her cable provider a few months my daughter is much older than 12 but the oogie factor is still there..
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Friday, September 11, 2009

I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!

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Once again sorry sad south carolina steps into the light & scurries away into the darkness like a disease filled roach. Not satisfied with producing a double child murderer like Susan Smith we get Captain Redneck joe wise who is shocker a republican screaming "liar" at the president of the united states..go back & read my post about south carolina & the post on republicans please & lets all gather on the border of north & south carolina so that we can start digging..if we all pitch in & do our parts we can have that pay toilet of a state detached & floating out into the atlantic by the spring!!
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Monday, September 7, 2009

happy pills..........

ah sweet sweet depression ..i was diagnosed with it this year & tried to do what all people that need medicines to get through life do..i stopped taking them & really went down hill this holiday morning..its dark & dreary here in the d.c. metro area today & i swear ive had a permanent tear in my eye all day that bubbled over into a full cry this afternoon...sometimes i get that boxed in feeling & even knowing that there are people who are way worse off than me i cant seem to shake it.. texting a good friend & playing taxi cab for my nieces helped to bring me out of my abyss.. ive suffered in silence for most of my life & just sought out help this year after my best friend told me that she thinks im coming unglued.. & i went to get help & if you are suffering you should go too but unlike me dont come off your meds if you get them...... life is really an amazing thing but its very hard to see it when your looking through the world with dark glasses & a blanket pulled over your head they way i not a "the glass is half empty" person im a "damn someone spit in my glass" !!!! person .. things are very rarely that bad & most things work themselves out in the end but if your like me it just seems like one more boulder for you to carry..but it will be ok has to be.........dosent it?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are you broke?

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So am I..dont worry about it because there are plenty of us out here..Whenever you start to feel bad about it just think about all of those people that are living WAY above their means ..hey just look around they are everywhere ..ever see someone riding in their nice BMW with a big dent on the side or missing a tail light look I saw a guy in a new volvo with the drivers side mirror taped up & I mean gobs of clear scotch tape wrapped around his mirror like bubble wrap & what that means my friends is they dont have the $250 or $500 deductible to pay the insurance co. to get it fixed i.e. living WAY above their means..they have car note money & thats it! Yep you could be comfortable financially in a kia or counting pennies in a lexus & a lot of us go for the penny to penny lifestyle in order to keep up appearances..hey that person across the street from you with the nice clothes & new car lives in the same neighborhood as you so what that means is they are in the same boat as you & everything you see is window dressing..dont be fooled!!!!!!!!!!
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