Saturday, October 24, 2009

I know i should be thankful but.........

Homeless man in TokyoImage by theeruditefrog via Flickr

I have a job that i hate & with the millions out of work I know that i should be thankful but......did i mention that i hate my job? i have a steady check coming in but the stress from my job has me popping pills to relieve no rush limbaugh but ive spent many a wide awake night dreading the morning thats soon to come & bring another 8hr day of aggravation & a one hour commute both ways..& yes i do feel like a whiner because i see so many people losing their jobs & then their homes & having to sit in soup lines to get fed..i know i should be grateful to have a job but........did i mention i hate my job?
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Friday, October 16, 2009

High perv factor..

$600 Doll.  Seriously.Image by Christine ™ via Flickr

I was flipping thru the channels when i saw a show about those little girl beauty pageants & i felt really oogie just in the 5mins i logged in with it..its like watching a train wreck where you cant turn away but the super high perv factor of the show forced me to turn..what mother in her right mind would have her super young daughter prance around in tight little skirts & even swim suits & faces all made up like turn of the century french was shocking & sad watching these barrel shaped women forcing their shattered dreams of beauty queen stardom on these children that should be somewhere playing barbie instead of dressed up like her..& you know YOU KNOW that sylvester {maybe r.kelly} have their pants around their ankles & their lotion & beach towels at the ready watching these shows & all involved except for the kids have to know it too..
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