Friday, November 20, 2009


Im sure we've all seen on the news how a bunch of doctors and nurses go to small cities and towns & offer free medical attention..well has anyone else besides me been embarrassed to see the thousands in some cases showing up days ahead of time just to be seen..its like watching some third world country but its not these scenes come from right here in the good ol u.s. of a..but yet my favorite people in the world republicans are still trying to block every effort to get free health care in this country..they {republicans} are so afraid that some illegal and or welfare mother is going to benefit ..thats the core of their resistance if you remember a little while ago they wanted specific language in the purposed bill to say that illegals will not be why they sit in their ivory towers scores of americans are going to have to make some tough choices on whether to eat or take a sick child to the doctors & get yet another medical car insurance or pay for a family members blood pressure & cholesterol medications ..seems to be plenty of money for war but none for a life saving surgery for some young is that england canada france & even cuba have seemed to been able to figure it out but the united states cant..even for people with healthcare through the state sometimes have problems finding a doctor that will take the insurance because the doctors have trouble collecting whats owed them from the government at times..its just really really sad..
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crime in black & white

happiness is a warm gunImage by badjonni via Flickr

I was talking to a friend of mine & it dawned on me how we think of crimes according to race a lot of times..what set this in motion was my shock of seeing that the Cleveland Ohio serial killer is a black not going to bullshit you i was SHOCKED!! i was looking for a humble faced 40 something year old white male to come around the corner & boom here comes this black guy..i jumped on the phone & text my best friend "hey its a black guy the serial killer is a black guy".. & that began this whole flurry of text of how we think of rapist & child molesters as white & car jackers & muggers as black..where does that come from?? ive got no answers because i apparently am as guilty as everyone else when it comes to that.. there is a guy that would break into the homes of women on campus at the u. of maryland & would just cuddle with them while they slept & to this day hes never been captured but im sure hes my mind i see a guy that looks like the front man for weezer climbing into sleeping womens beds & spooning for a few hours & then leaving.. you hear of someone committing suicide you probably immediately think of a white person & someone that got shot at a party as probably being black & not only the victim but the shooter also..who knows if this is right or wrong but im pretty sure im not by myself..
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let Gay People be unhappy too

Throng of gay marriage opponentsImage by Philocrites via Flickr

Here in my great city people will be asked to vote on the gay marriage issue soon & shocker there was an opposition protest the other week full of old black women in big floppy church hats & angry white men..i think that gay people should be allowed to marry or at least have a civil union..let them be as sad as everyone always get these uptight close minded individuals telling anyone that will listen that "it will destroy the sanctity of marriage" but i think its already been pretty much trashed..ever watch entertainment tonight or that show cheaters? ..look the union of marriage is only as serious as the two people that enter into it take it.."a gay couple if allowed to adopt will raise gay their children to be gay" are you shittn me..really come on.......i went to school with plenty of gay kids that had BOTH parents in the house..& my personal favorite "being gay is a choice" ..look who would choose to put something big in their backside WHO?? if your a female the thought of going down on a woman has to be vomit inducing would have to WANT to do that or at the very least get paid to do it..let gay people get married what do you marriage isnt going to ruin this country poverty racism drug addiction & the overall lack of hope is doing a pretty good job so far...
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