Thursday, December 23, 2010

Please forgive me my friends..

I am quite sure this site is probably years old but I just found it & it is oh so addictive. So I would like to apologize to you ahead of time for the wasted hours your about to spend on this game.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh outhouse on the coast..please go away!!

General William Tecumseh Sherman, 1865.Image via WikipediaMy best friend hit me yesterday to inform me that my nemesis south carolina was at it once again. The bedpan state will once again beat its kkk t-shirt covered chest & pat its zit covered back because of its {great in their minds} involvement in the Civil War. A war that killed over 600,00 & the majority of that number were killed from disease. Both sides of the conflict had prisoners of war living in conditions that were eerily similar to & a precursor conditions seen in WWII in Nazi death camps. south cancer is overjoyed in having fired the first shots of the Civil War & has no problem with the fact they thumbed their noses at the Constitution & had no problems with slaves remaining as such & killing runaways & castrating any "black buck" that dared look a white woman in the eyes. This festering wound of a state refuses to join the rest of the country & heal over 100 years after the final shot of the war.And get this they are taking money from the state to pay for this jamboree. This money that they really do not have because like everyone else the coffers are pretty much empty. So they will pay for this but not daycare for underprivileged kids. They have a plan of having a ball & gala & the president of the state senate plans on being there. It seems that people fly into a rage to hear that handfuls of people in other countries are throwing a little juice & cake get together to celebrate 9/11 but a bunch of people that masturbate to Hitler speeches getting together to celebrate their succession from the U.S. & the beginning of a war that will kill hundreds of thousands of Americans & give the thumbs up to keeping black people subservient & listing them as "livestock" barely causes a blip on the radar. Well as for me I plan on celebrating my "Uncle Billy" William Tecumseh Shermans epic March to the sea which started in November of 1864 in Atlanta & ended in savannah in December. See General Sherman decided to get some payback & leave a trail of destruction on his way to south cancer where he took particular delight in burning south shitburgh to the ground. Despite the rule of not using land mines southern troops planted them on roads Uncle Billys troops were using so what does my Uncle do well he took southern prisoners & marched them in front of his column saying "If you want to fight like cowards you will be only killing your own" man I love my Uncle I am smiling as I type this. I plan on getting a General Sherman t-shirt & walk around savannah in it this summer hell I may even get one of those blue union caps..haha its gonna be great. And yes despite my injuries I still have enough strength to collapse a redneck with my bare hands.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ah the double life....

Elizabeth Edwards passing made me think about how she married this handsome smart type A personality that is John Edwards & while he seems so brilliant in the part of his life that the public can see he was truly a filthy slime ball to his wife. I mean come on. Look this lady has been sick for awhile now & hes making babies with this other woman & even though his wifes health was steadily going down hill he stayed with the girlfriend & lied to the bitter end. Its shocking to me but dont get me wrong I know we all have our secrets like fat japanese girl porn or smelling your hot coworkers seat when she leaves her cubicle but Mr. Edwards stunt was pretty damn ridiculous. Dont get me wrong he is not the gold medal winner for double life living but hes on the medal stand. Now the gold medal winner was the "iceman" Richard Kuklinski. Never heard of him? Well he was a hitman for the mob & a serial killer & heres how he would mix the two on his way to whack somebody he would often stop off in warehouse districts & underpasses to kill homeless guys because he thought of his father who beat the crap out of him growing up as a bum. Yep shot gutted rolled up & disposed of over 200 people but by all accounts was a great father & husband who remembered anniversaries & birthdays & was always there for his family. Go figure.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In case you forgot

I really hate this time of year & have since my dad passed a few years ago on Christmas morning. I slowly spiral down until New Years when I crash & barricade myself in the bedroom. I used to do like a lot of us & drink it away but the older I get the more of a lightweight I am when it comes to drinking. I mean after one beer I am really buzzed four or more drinks & I start to get sick. And watching the way the world is today it really does not help my mood at all. I saw an economic analyst who has been out of work for almost two years but his old company made five billion dollars this year so between that & the klu klux teaparty there seems to be no escaping aggravation. Heres how I see it Obama gets the blame for everything & I dont get it. Now has he done everything he said he would do NO but how many Presidents do & I will give him this he has tried at least. Look Clinton gave Bush a brand new Porsche & had it fine tuned & track proven & in less than 5 years Bush ran it into the ground but Obama gets the blame for not fixing Bushs 8 year nuclear meltdown of a presidency in 3 years. In 8 years Bush Titaniced the economy invaded Iraq so his daddy would love him & did it with no exit plan at all he also gave the puppet master Cheneys old company billions in contracts in Iraq & managed to turn Americas friends into enemies & in those parts of the world that we were not popular in to begin with they now want us dead. Hey remember there were people buying fake Canadian papers so if you went abroad you could avoid the shame of being American. Look when your dog trashes your living room for the 8-10 hours that your away at work it takes you a couple of days to clean up the mess totally so just think about it before you go "lighting" crosses with the teabaggers. And that fake ass real estate agent looking Sarah Palin really gets me heated up. Have you noticed that broad is great with zingers but never offers any solutions I mean NEVER "I can see Russia from my house" dumb-ass. OK I am done now & wheres my vodka & pressure pill.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Just an observation..

Why does it seem that women that exercise eat well & live in nice neighborhoods seem to struggle with getting pregnant & delivering a healthy baby while their sisters across town who eat fried foods morning noon & night fist fight in clubs & smoke {legal & other wise substances} seem to shoot indestructible super soldiers out of their baby cannons? I have asked this question of a number of my friends & family members & I usually get a laugh but all say "you know your right & I never thought about it". What made me think about it is my sister runs a daycare & there was a woman that lived with her mom & the mom paid for her daughters 3 kids to go there. Well this young lady to my knowledge had been a drug user through the entire process of carrying & giving birth to all 3 & not just any drug she was/is a pipehead yes crack my friends & all of her kids were perfect well adjusted little kids & my sister n law cant carry a baby much past the 4th or 5th month. Every person that I asked had a story of some girl they knew that had multiple abortions & later on in life gave birth to multiple healthy children. Also this phenomena seems to cross all race lines & it seems to be an economic & mental thing by that I mean they all are lower income & have a menace to society life style that means never drinking water unless they swallow some in the shower & doing some manner of controlled substance while not working & having multiple sex partners. Also I have noticed that not only are there kids that they give birth to healthy they seem to be made of some kind of space aged polymer because they fall down steps & out of windows are shaken like shake & bake shot burned & live through car accidents without being in car seats & there better maintained comrades on the other side of the tracks cant eat a peanut without suffering an allergic reaction that requires a two night stay in the hospital. Now if anyone of you out there are looking for a topic for a college thesis or social science project or just need a good laugh this could be your pot of gold just give me a little nod.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another year down

Happy Birthday ShaftoraImage via WikipediaI was doing this jedi mind trick on myself to forget that today was my birthday & dragging ass & looking angry all seems that after the age of 25 it seems that you look at your birthday the way younger people look at new years it makes me think of the talking heads song once in a lifetime when he says "well how did i get here" and that was the theme of the day because i was thinking damn it will be a calendar year that i have been home on disability..and just before i self medicated & shut the door & stayed in the bed i got a frantic call from my cousin saying her father my great uncle had passed from a heart attack after complications from the flu...& here i am sitting up all night thinking hey soon i will be at that age that you officially have more days behind you than in front of you that phone call was a wake up call in more ways than uncle lived a long full life & my hope now is that my nieces look at me the same way when my time for today at least i will celebrate not my birthday but my uncles life..good bye uncle i love you & you will truly be missed.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are you fucking forreal?

Miss Peacock In The Kitchen With A KnifeImage by BrittneyBush via FlickrLook I was not then & I am not now in love with the President. I didn't vote for him in the primary I voted for Clinton because of the experience thing & she (Clinton)being the dirtiest player in the game I felt she was just what this government needed a person on the left that would stick a knife in your back they way Republicans do everyone else. But she lost the primary so I voted for Obama & I'm fine with my choice but these mouth breathing walmart trolls have lost their minds. My cousin called me from Japan telling me her crimson necked neighbor was telling her that the President hates the Marine Corps & is looking to shut it down & I told my cousin that no matter what your into someone is going to tell you the President is against it "you know Obama wants to stop possum roundups". A certain segment of society has lost their collective minds they hate Obama but wont say its about race but where was the klan I mean tea party when W was launching a war that no one wanted except for him and Chaney where was the tea party when scores of people were losing their lives in New Orleans & countries were offering us help like we were a 3rd world country huh?? Why would Captain Dumbass Glenn Beck have his cross burning ceremony downtown on the same day as the anniversary of the Dr.Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech? Well they couldn't come down with their swastikas & hoods on so they decided to say oh praise jesus & they slipped right in. It is really alarming to me that people think that the President can clean up a mess that W took 8 years to make in less than 4 years. When your pet sits at home and for 2 full hours destroys your house it takes you the entire weekend to clean it up doesn't it? This society listens to people bitch and moan & then you start to bitch and moan but think back 12 years or so when starbucks was paying people to relocate to work in their out of the way coffee shops & were paying people $12-15 an hour to POUR COFFEE!!!! now if starbucks offered a job like that they would have 1000 people lining up overnight to get an application. So ask yourself life was great for 8 years of Clinton & then something went terribly wrong terribly fast hmmmm I wonder what it was.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

I guess I'm back..

It has been a long hot horrible summer & really the only good news i have to report is the fact that scientist say that not only was Hitler Jewish but quite possibly of African descent..yep other than that it has been a roller coaster ride & yes i am still at home on disability .well kinda..ok i went to see the insurance who sucker punched me & announced to the ins co. that not only was i not hurt i could return to work with no forget i spend most of my days hunched over at the waist because it takes pressure off of my back & forget that i could not touch my toes or turn at the waist when i was in his office & i had to lay across the examination table to get comfortable..well 2days after seeing him i was diagnosed Quasimodo and Esmeralda, concept art for Disne...Image via Wikipediawith a pinched nerve to go with the bulging disc & muscle damage..yep i endured 30mins of painful epidural needles on two different occasions & a painful radiograph test & fighting off my claustrophobia on 4 different trips to the musical tomb that is the mri machine all in the hopes of staying home & catching up on family guy episodes..well anyway that shady doctor got me kicked off of workmans comp & sent me back to work but luckily i had a doctors appointment for right after lunch so i only had to WORK for 6hrs all of which i was hunched over at the waist & my bosses boss had the nerve to tell me he could not talk to me because i had a lawyer now but gave my boss hell for letting me leave early to go to the was a truly fun day & oh did i mention it was the 25yr anniversary of that locations opening & all the big wigs were there..yep & me walking around like Quasimodo. Well my doctor after finding out how well i had gotten screwed immediately wrote me off from work..well there ya go..oooh family guy is on!!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You will be missed..

Hey Teachers leave the Kids aloneImage by FotoRita [Allstar maniac] via Flickr

This past Friday night my brother in law was struck by two vehicles & killed while riding his bicycle. He leaves behind his beautiful wife Tabitha who is my wives sister. This has been the final blow in a hellish 6 month period. She had become pregnant but like the other two times was unable to carry the baby to term & after this last attempt found out that she had to have her tubes removed which meant the quest for a baby was over. And now he is gone & the only thing she has is memories & articles of his clothing. She is strong & I know she will make it because me & my wife will carry her if we have to. I myself had lost my father several years ago & had to grieve & make preparations for the funeral & deal with all kinds of arrangements & put up with at times overbearing family members & let me tell you until you have to do all of those things at the same time you have NO idea of how stressful it is. And the worst thing is you are not allowed to grieve because you don't have any time to yourself so when everyone is finally gone & you're left alone you crash & I mean head on into a wall crash. All of that anger & anguish comes gushing out all at once & you yourself feel like you're dieing. It is an empty awful feeling & just knowing that this will be her near future tears my heart out. If you are a praying person say a little prayer for her. Thank you.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A momentary lapse of madnessImage by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold Very busy . Sorry via Flickr

OK I am scheduled to have a procedure done Thursday. It's called an RF procedure & its an incision made into my back & a probe inserted that emits a radio frequency that is put on the problem nerve & burns it out. Now two problems with this one being it does not really fix the problem it just takes away the transmission of a pain signal to the brain & two after about a year or so IF it works it will need to be repeated in about two to three years max. I talked to my lawyer & let him know that if this does not work & it doesn't for over half of the people that undergo it that that will be the end of the road for me. If have been poked by epidural needles repeatedly & twisted & stretched & they only provide relief for about a day or two. Folks I have not worked since October 19th so after all this time I would prefer to just go to court & take a settlement from my job & go to school for another career because the only thing I am accomplishing right now is putting on more weight & getting more depressed. I have memorized the t.v. schedule of the local stations & every commercial that is aired on them. I have gone through my crime documentary phase & an internet porn phase & just about every other phase you can think of. Now I sit around wondering & trying to figure out what is it that I want to do as a new career against what will pay the bills. This is not a happy time in my thunderdome of a brain right now I mean I go from real optimism to thinking hey if I go feed the tree my family will be pretty well off because I've got a lot of life insurance & the company I'm with pays even if you feed the tree.But since I found out I'm going to be a grandfather thanks to my youngest son {19} I have to be there to enjoy that. Babies rock!! Just watching them discovering new sights & new taste is truly a great joy..hey have you ever seen a baby eat something like blueberry pie its a riot they seemed overwhelmed by their own taste buds. Well if you want to know what a typical day is like for me just go back & read the emotional swings & topics that take place in this one post. Ah to be young & insane yep that is how I feel these days like I am coming unglued.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Don't be silent

Dark HoleImage by Korphee via Flickr

A few years ago my wife had a stalker & that stalker later raped my wife & it took my wife every ounce of strength to pull herself out of total darkness & despair. There were times when I thought my wife would take her own life ..for awhile she didn't even want to bathe herself because it meant touching herself. And as bad as that was the trial was almost worse & I almost don't blame any person for wanting to keep silent but you can't you have to speak out you have to make sure they do not do it to someone else. I'm writing this to say that this even now is an ongoing process because he is now out of jail & attempting to contact my wife once again & will soon be picked up again & sent back to jail. This entire thing has been a long difficult process & my wife being so strong has actually come out of this with a new sense of purpose. She's more active in church & the community and volunteers for a rape crisis center & is about to change careers & become a social worker. Look if it was up to me & if I could have I would have killed the guy I would have stabbed him in the gut & tied him up in the back yard to let him bleed out slowly but I wasn't allowed that opportunity so I've had to sit back & let the law handle it. Please if this has happened to you & or if it ever does please speak up do not fall silently into the background. And if someone is reading this that has inflicted this crime upon someone smash you're balls between two jagged rocks & don't I repeat DO NOT seek medical attention.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lena Horne

Lena HorneLena Horne via

Born June 30th 1917 in Brooklyn,NY she would grow up to be considered one of the most beautiful & talented women in show business history & sadly she had to deal with what people of color in this country are still having to deal with all these years later. You would think that a woman that beautiful that could really sing & really dance & really act would not have to go through what she went through but she did. She stood up for what was right even though civil rights in those days was a NO NO! Did you know that they wanted to present her as an "exotic Latina" but she refused even though it meant super stardom for her right out of the box.. how about she marched with Dr.Martin Luther King the day of his "I have a dream speech" well did you know that in the 50's she was blacklisted during the red hunting McCarthy sympathizers in Hollywood? That being said she was also one of the first black performers to ever front a "white band" & in 1943 she led an all black cast in the movie "Stormy Weather" which was a hit & the title song sang by her became a monster hit & an instant classic but even with that she found herself the target of racial slurs coming from a jackass in an L.A. restaurant so what did she do..she threw a lamp at him. She was once asked about one her ex husbands who was white & she replied "I married him to get back at him". Hey have you ever seen an old movie & all of a sudden theirs a musical scene with some black performers that seemingly had nothing to do with the movie well it was to show some black faces to get "black dollars" & so that it could be easily cut out of the movie without affecting the plot when the movie showed in the backwards south. Well I could not let the passing of this truly great woman go by without dropping a few lines about her & I will leave you with this quote from her "I don't have to be an imitation of a white woman that Hollywood sort of hoped I'd become I'm me & I'm like nobody else."
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting Old Sucks!!!!!!!!!

Old man with MonkeyImage by Charming Potion via Flickr

I was looking at my hair in the mirror & it looked like a green lawn that has spots of dandelions on it I mean the gray hairs are here & there & it looks nasty its not uniform at all. Now here's a list of my health problems.. high blood pressure achillies tendon is a knot in both legs radial tunnel in both arms really bad back bad right shoulder bad knees from sports trick left ankle that I can make pop & I need a contact lens in my left eye yes just my left....You know what else is funny when you get old everything looks higher than it is. I went to step off a little ledge that was maybe 2feet of of the ground but it looked it was twenty feet. I kinda hung my leg over & leaned hoping my foot would touch the ground below then I made that loud "hup" noise as I landed on both feet. I used to love driving at night but now I don't see the road as well as I did & going downtown at anytime of day is nerve wracking now I can hardly sleep the night before thinking about my impending downtown trek. About the only thing that has maintained is my desire for sex or anything that ends in an orgasm & I can go two or three times in an hour but I have definitely noticed my erections are only about 80% as rigid as they were a few years ago hey I can orgasm out of a completely limp penis ..seriously & the older I get the more jaded I get. When I was a teenager all a girl had to say was yes & I would get an instant erection but now she has to use her mouth both hands & a foot on me at the same time for me to get it up. Oh about the gray hair I know you're wondering no I don't have any gray hair down there but my wife does & hates it I myself like it I told her that it makes her cooch look seasoned or distinguished. Also now is the first time in my life when I have thought hey if my son gets a stick up his ass & decides to try the old man that I may not be able to weather the storm. I still swell up at him & look him dead in the eye like a snake that's sure of its poison but on the inside I'm saying I hope this bluff works because my back is killing me & my nerve damaged arms are burning. I still in my mind feel 20 but it's all in my mind..I still love anime & damn near any other cartoon & will sit with my niece for hours watching sponge bob & laughing as much as she does. And even my well dressed title is in great jeopardy because I will walk around in hole filled jeans with a tee shirt & because I have on a swiss made timepiece I still feel that I look good but its all a sham I know even my favorite Invicta can't raise up an old shirt with the letters peeling off of the front & even more shocking is I don't care. Damn damn damn you know I used to be able to flirt with girls in their early 20s because I looked in my late twenties but not anymore I look & walk like an old perv now all hunched over watching her ass as she walks by. Getting old sucks!!!!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Im all over the place..

Greasy JuxtapositionImage by CarbonNYC via Flickr

I'm all over the board with this post so bear with me. OK first thing is I am now getting epidural shots in my back for the pain & immediately after the shots it feels like I've been hit in the back with a bat & it doesn't get much better over the next couple of days afterward but the Doctors swear it will help. My friend said I need to lawyer up because it looks like I wont be going back to work at that company again so I am taking her advice and going this week. Now off the road we same friend has bloomed late in life. She is almost 30 & was very thin growing up & always wanted to fill out especially her butt & boom here she is pushing 30 & now shes pushing a world class ass around. I mean it popped up over night! Shes excited & I'm excited for her she says she owes it all to fast food grease haha.. Now me & the wife got in an argument no no not over the friend but well kinda..ok ok me & the friend were having a discussion about that show "What Chili Wants" on VH1 & her list for the perfect man & the friends husband seem to meet every condition on the list. Handsome, does not eat pork, grew up in the church, but the only thing we got hung up on was his thing. See Chili wants a guy with a "monster" thing as she put it & the friends husband is standing tall at 10inches does that count as a monster because the friend said "its big but monster I don't know" so I asked the wife & here's where the argument ensued because I worded as "hey is 10inches a monster"? she replies "I don't know why are you asking me"? Here's where it went off of the tracks I replied "you've been around you'd know big from a monster".....Yep I said it & I didn't think it was bad until she roared "what am I a fucking whore fuck you"! Ah WOW..I said "hey I consider anyone who's been with more than a dozen people male or female as having been around". Well after an hour of explaining & apologizing it was safe for me to turn my back on her. And after much debate my eldest son has left me no other choice but to take him to the Army recruiters office this week & enlist. I don't want to send him but he is quickly becoming that guy that you hear about that sleeps on a friends sofa eating cereal all day & watching porn & walking around the neighborhood like he's the mayor..yeah he's gotta go. Last thing I wasted $54 on that sorry excuse for a ppv fight Saturday & I feel like I don't deserve to make another thin dime if I'm going to waste it like that. I've seen more action between old people elbowing for a spot in front of the fresh tray of fish at the all you can eat place..oh well
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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Klan..I mean Tea Party..

Tea Party protester says Obama doesn't care ab...Image by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

It's so funny how they {The Tea Party} swears that their not against President Obama that the reason that they have risen up now is because the U.S. Government is out of control & they are outraged at that not the thought of a black president. Well why now is my question..where was the outrage when people were dieing in hurricane Katrina..where was the outrage when George Bush & Dick Cheney forced this country into a war that we have no business fighting & one in which thousands of U.S. military & contractors have lost their lives along with tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Where was the outrage when all of these houses of worship were/are being vandalized & destroyed mainly synagogues & "black" churches which I guess answers my question on why the Tea Party doesn't care. So while they scream that their not racist why are all the posters they carry decorated with some derogatory drawing of President Obama or asking some stupid question that they should have asked the last president. And if you haven't heard some of them want militia status now & want to be allowed to arm themselves. According to them they do not represent any party but notice all the negative comments are made toward Democrats. They should really focus some of that negative energy & direct it toward those idiots that stand outside of fallen warriors funerals & protest..saying things like "their going to hell & "thank god their dead" etc...Well as wrong as these people are the Tea Party would never go after them since the majority of them are white & Republican. I'd respect them a lot more if they would just put on the white dunce cap & rock the swastika the way they do when they are behind closed doors.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maybe she was right..

Revista DONJUAN -01Image by TintaiMpresa via Flickr

What do Halle Berry Sandra Bullock Jessica Simpson & Sofia Vergara from the ABC hit Modern Family all have in common? Well for one their gorgeous & two they have all been dumped on by men. It seems that no matter how beautiful the woman you are gonna get dumped on A LOT. But if you are an ordinary looking guy that's extraordinary in another way well hey life is a breeze no worries mon.So what brings this on ..well stick with me as we go around the world. My friend hit me today with a website called where there are a variety of guys that women can ask questions of & one of the questions came from a woman that said "my best friend said that she has learned that the nicer the guy the smaller the penis is this true". Well the guy said he did not think so because of the whole Napoleon complex with short guys being angry so he thought it would be the same with small penis guys. But I told my friend I think the female friend is right because I'm nice & I'm not packing by a long shot & she said it's been her experience that guys with big schlongs are assholes because they can be. That made me think back to a big dick or BD friend of mine that has gotten bills paid including car note etc.. & basically lived for free off of his BD & girls that he's taken a dump on all nearly cut their wrist when he decides to leave. And another thing I've noticed is the guys that don't do oral are usually BDs also and why because they don't have to do it because the BD does all the work guys like me have to perfect oral techniques. It's not fair NOT FAIR I TELL YA!!!!!!!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

C'mon be honest!!

Black & White photograph of Lil Wayne taken by...Image via Wikipedia

Lil Wayne is hideous & if he wasn't rich there is no way in heaven or hell that he could ever romance the women that he does. Laura London are you serious have you seen this woman WOW!! It makes me wonder if any of the women that he's been linked to would be honest enough to say it's about the money & fame. Look we all know that if he worked at Target he would be lucky to get a 300lb trailer park pig. He's the only guy that I can think of that is uglier than Jermaine Dupri who himself looks like a small woodland creature. Jermaine Dupri looks like something that would scare you in the dark when you went outside & moved that big plastic trashcan that's on the side of the house it would be sitting there curled up in a furry ball shaking. It's funny because women never seem to be honest with the people around them about things like this the only people that seem to get the real story is their closest friends everyone else gets "oh I like his eyes" or "oh I like his attitude" haha..Now we men are honest we'll tell you "yeah shes ugly but look at her body" or "shes going to cosign for me a new car so I'm going to keep sleeping with her until I get my car".
So let's try it again Lil or Little Wayne is extremely unattractive right c'mon be honest.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Health Update..

bloody needleImage by Dirty Bunny via Flickr

As you know I hurt my back in October & haven't been back to work since..I met with the surgeon last week & he wants me to start pain management which is a series of shots such as an epidural. Now I have no idea of how painful if at all these shots are going to be but I meet for a consultation with the pain management doctor tomorrow..Now some years ago I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder blade to relieve pain & it felt as if they were pumping my shoulder full of lava. It was some of the worst pains I have ever endured taking that cortisone shot but it only lasted a few minutes so we'll see how this goes..
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dumpster sex

NEW YORK - APRIL 14:  Singer Solange Knowles a...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

A former coworker used to tell me stories every Monday of his weekend conquest & the stories all had the same disturbing pattern.."Me and the girl went back to my place I slipped her clothes off & she gave me oral then I returned the favor then I put a condom on & banged her brains out". Yeah that's right he would ingest the toxins & then he would put on a condom because it seems we guys care more about our penis' than any other part of our bodies. And he wasn't the only one I had heard that from several other guys..they would give a girl oral & then put on a condom to have sex. Now let me tell you I think that's one of the most idiotic things ever & honestly I think condoms & what they represent are a joke. Now for preventing pregnancies I get it but for safe sex come the hell on!! I've always had a problem with's the way I see it in the world could you get aroused & at the same time in the back of you're mind have the thought that this person could be full of disease. And I have heard guys say "well this girl get's around & there's no telling what she has so I wore a condom". Really really are you shit'n me're saying if you had to put money on it you'd bet that she has some type of venereal disease but you're willing to trust quite possibly you're life to a super thin layer of latex..WOW!! Why don't you save you're money from wining & dinning put a condom on & go bang a dumpster..same thing right?
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Send Him Packing Please!!

Pills (white rabbit)Image by erix! via Flickr

That pasty pill popper Rush Limbaugh said that if the current health care bill that is up for ratification passes he will move to Costa Rica. So here is a link to a virtual farewell card that you can sign & send to help send him off

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Friday, March 12, 2010

I'll help you out..

We will get through this..if you can stand up straight & grab a roll of fat you shouldn't be in skinny jeans..if you're a guy & have to lay down to zip up you're pants you shouldn't have them on..Cadillac pickup trucks are ridiculous & a huge waste of money you are the kind of person that would spend an extra $1,00 on a mountain bike if it had a Mercedes emblem on it..if you leave a room & can come back into it & still smell you're perfume or cologne you have too much on..if you pick you're nose in you're car be aware we CAN see you you are not in the fortress of solitude..spending a lot of money on a nice car & then adding a bunch of fake chrome to it is not only tacky you're killing you're resale..driving the speed limit & slower is fine but not in the left {passing} lane!! smoking anything is not cute & women with cigars be aware guys only see it as a big penis in you're mouth you don't look like the chairwoman of the board or like a mover or shaker..eating a supersized anything with a diet soda is like throwing a wet washcloth into a burning building you are accomplishing nada..having sex with someone of the same sex makes YOU GAY ok downlow's in denial..mispronouncing words on purpose does not make you "cool" & neither is poverty which is where you & you're "coolness" is headed..wearing a size 7 shoe when you need a 10 & having you're toes hanging out of you're peep toe pumps looking like a raptors foot is not sexy at all..waiting until you get to work to blow up the bathroom is really not appreciated ..telling you're friends how good you're partner is in bed will result in one or more of you're so called friends having sex with you're partner so try not to act surprised when it happens..not all african american women ring there necks when they argue..white people don't smell like dogs when it rains..every latino isn't here illegally..& not every african has arm pits that smell like an onion sandwich.. If any of these things apply to you I am glad that I could help & I will continue to help you until you get it right..It's not easy but we will get through this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Envy not the oppressor & choose none of his ways.

that is from the bible proverbs 3 verse 31. And after reading & watching videos of whats going on in Russia someone needs to read this to just about everyone in the country & explain it to them. The Linkamount of racism & the rise of neo nazis in Russia is shocking ..someone compared Moscow to Berlin in the late 1930's. I can only put this one way these people are borderline would be like black people in this country dressing up like Colonel Sanders complete with rebel flag belt buckles & saying how cool it is. In WWII over 27million Russians died as a result of German aggression & why why did Hitler invade? Well one of the reasons is because he thought Russians to be subhuman (the 'untermenschen' ) as he put it. Now 60 some odd years later they envy the man & his ideology that would have had them swept from the earth. Can someone anyone explain this to me please..the message I'm getting is we Russians hate ourselves but were too stupid to realize it. Cities destroyed children shot down in the street supplies so limited people resorted to cannibalism & all because Hitler thought you Russians were animals & didn't deserve the fertile land & natural resources that you sat upon a dog with a Rolex. Well it seems one thing is right if you're going to worship a man that thought of you as basically talking monkeys then you deserve all of the bad things that are going to happen to you. It's said that "those that do not learn from history are destined to repeat it" but this is ridiculous what's next sheep wearing lion sweatshirts?

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Monday, March 8, 2010

What's wrong with these guys?

Money!Image by Tracy O via Flickr

Ben Roethlisberger is either way to freaky for his female sex partners or he's a predator. This latest accusation of sexual assault is the second for "Big Ben" in as many years. So where there's smoke there must be fire so let's just see how this plays out because you will remember when Captain Bitch Kobe Bryant was accused of rape he has tried & convicted in the press & the court of public opinion before any of the facts came out. Now when "Big Ben"s issue last year hit the press no one batted an eye & it barely made the news now here's a new year & a new "victim" let's see how this plays out. Will the press do the "if it's white it's all right" thing again or not.Now onto more asshole athletes ..Antoine Walker formerly of the Boston Celtics among others has made well over 100million dollars in his career & is busted in Vegas for writing bad checks of over 1million dollars please may I ask WTF is that about? Now he's playing for a bush league team in Puerto Rico. He was signed to a one month contract & paid 7k a week. This after stints with a few other teams where he barely showed up to play when called upon until they grew tired of him & dismissed him. Now entering the league the same year was Stephon Marbury who would rather eat vaseline on youtube than take his career seriously so he's been exiled to China & I won't even get into his sham of a marriage where "his wife is married but not me" deal. Also coming out of College that same year was Allen Iverson who while married has banged just about every woman in D.C. & elsewhere & although being one of the best players ever teams avoid him like the plague because he is a cancer to any teams locker room. He want's to rake in the cash but doesn't want to practice or come off of the bench at all period & is a coach killer. These guy's have been given talent to play a GAME & are paid millions to do it but won't or can't control there jackass gene long enough to do it. They say a fool & his money are soon parted so we'll see how long it takes Mr.Iverson before he's broke. Hey I once saw a picture of Mr.Iverson at a strip club with 10k wrapped up on a table to "make it rain" for the strippers so you tell me how long do you think his cash will last?
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

size matters ..... to you

Ruler - Wooden; No "Inches"Image by Biking Nikon PDX via Flickr

That size matters blog struck a nerve because it made me think back to the day I realized I wasn't "packn". It was something I had never thought or even cared about & then it became an obsession. I even took a poll of ex's friends & even female family members & what I was told was that there can be too much of a good thing & for most of them as long as a guy met a minimum size requirement that they were not too concerned with how big he was. "Give me 6-8inches" seemed to be the average of what they wanted as a minimum. It made sense because I had read an article once that said the average woman only needs about 3inches of penetration to orgasm. Now if that were not true there wouldn't be nearly as many lesbians out here as there are right..its mostly fingers & tongues with them anyway. It seems to me that most women like a "big" for bragging rites unless they have a toybox for a vagina & then in that case they need the extra pipe but I think back to what a "big" friend of mine told me.."these girls beg for a big dick & when I give it to them they spend the entire time telling me to take it easy & squirming & pushing on my stomach so I can't get too deep..its frustrating". My cousin told me for her anything over 5inches is big & it's all she needs "to get me where I need to be". Now armed with all that info I still want more than the banana I've been issued which is good for hitting a G-spot but only if the woman is on top. Plus my wife informed me after some interrogation that I was the smallest guy she's ever been with..I was CRUSHED!! I suggested to her that we should just hold hands & hug passionately from then on.Yeah yeah I know she still married me but like you I read that blog too which said women that insert 4 fingers have a cave & coupled with my lack of size my wife is the queen of the 4 finger club. DOOMED I TELL YA!! My only saving graces are stamina & an oral technique that I've perfected that I call "the Russian" & it like the sun in the sky has never failed ever & I advise all of my small sticked brethren to get & perfect a technique quickly or hit the lottery. I'd hook you up with my cousin that I mentioned but she just got married. You'll hear more about my bizarre sexual journey to this point in the future & I'll bare more of my shame which is about 7inches but it's difficult to measure with that banana curve of mine.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Citi Field during the dayImage via Wikipedia

I had signed a petition recently & used my sisters home address. It was a petition to try to get the U.S. government to act on the horrors going on in Congo. The people are being killed left & right because the land is so mineral rich & there is really no central government to reign in criminals who are raping the land & everything on it. Well I got a response from Senator Barbara Mikulski & it really shook me & I quote " Thank you for getting in touch with me to express your support for the Congo Conflict Minerals Act of 2009 (S.891)

I share your deep concern for the Congolese people. Almost 6 million people have died since the beginning of the conflict in 1998. Conflict and the related humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C) continue to cause as many as 45,000 deaths each month. Because of its location, size, and abundant resources, the level of stability in the D.R.C. impacts the prospect for peace in neighboring countries and throughout Africa".

There was more but here's what stopped me 45,000..45,000 people every month are being slaughtered & it seems no one cares. That is a baseball stadium full of people that disappear off of the planet every month in one small country that unfortunately is in Africa which means very few will care & even less will help.Hey I got my new high def t.v. & my new stainless steel kitchen my kids are all nice & obese & I have a closet full of Bulgari I'm fine the world is fine. O.K. I'm getting pissed again. Hey when you go BMW shopping this weekend & the price is $45k say "Wow that's how many people get killed in the Congo every month it's a sign I'll take it"!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

get the sensation..

This is a nasty post I'm just going to let you know now. There has been a virus laying waste to my's some kind of stomach flu & me & my oldest niece recently came down with it at the same time & one of the symptoms is what my niece has called "peeing out of you're butt" & that is exactly the sensation. Drink anything other than water & BOOM right out of the tail pipe. It's as disgusting to perform this now week old ritual as it is for you to read about it but you were warned. So when you get this virus & you will I want you give my niece the credit she deserves when you describe to you're family & friends the sensation of "peeing out of you're butt".
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How was you're Valentines Day?

Valentine heartsImage by tanakawho via Flickr

Well if you are single especially if you're newly single it probably really really sucked. But hey look at this way there are tons of people that "celebrated" or more likely undercelebrated their loveless relationships. And on top of that there were scores of people that got caught know they sent the wrong flowers to the wrong person or they lie to get out of the house so they can be with their lover & got caught. Tons of relationships torn asunder! There you go now don't you feel better? Yeah it used to help me too. You're welcome.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pop Culture TIme..

For the Love of Ray J (season 2)Image via Wikipedia

Like many of you I got pulled into the whole "For the love of Ray J" show. Every week I was there in front of the t.v. thinking wow what a good guy he is ..hes just looking for love & my sister kept saying "he is a world class asshole he's not looking for love". Well I would hear none of it I kept watching and pulling for my favorite Mz.Berry & BOOM she won! I kept saying now now he's got a real woman Mz.Berry is just what he needs she is mature & gorgeous. But little did I know my sister was right. If you saw the reunion show you would know that the winner of the first show was there & told all I mean she blew his boat right out of the water ..the vale came off & so did the gloves. It turns out that the season 2 winner Mz.Berry has not seen him in 5 months but at least 4 of the other girls from the show have seen him & even the winner from season 1 who told all said he contacted her & they got together. Well needless to say he was pissed & ended up walking off of the show. He really pissed me off because I like a lot of others was totally turns out that hes not looking for love hes looking to pull off what few men have ever been able to..he wants to be a poonhound but be well thought of by everyone around him including the women. There has only been a few men that have been able to pull that like George Clooney & John Mayer come to mind first but they didn't go on national t.v. to profess what gentlemen they are and that there multiple vagina addiction was behind them. What a jackass & that poor woman who won now looks like a damn fool getting played by a younger guy in front of the entire country. Ok I've taken a breath..wait one more thing Ray J you are an asshole of world class proportions taking a dump on women that some guys would die for..WOW what an ASSHOLE
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Friday, February 12, 2010

What I love

hairy womanImage by samuenzinger via Flickr

Since were right here at Valentines Day let me tell you what I love..body hair on women. I think it's so sexy & my wife not being a really hairy person loves the fact that she can toss the razor. I don't know what I love about it exactly I think it's one of those things you're just hard wired to like. I have weir ed out many an ex with my no shaving request but they got over it & actually enjoyed the chance to be lazy & not shave. The women I have talked to about this seem to only really shave because of what other people think "eww it's nasty to have body hair" so they shave to please everyone else. I have always thought that guys that want a completely hairless woman border on pedophiles. I've changed my daughters diapers when she was a baby & don't want to relive that experience with an adult woman.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gays in the military

Combat Outpost Copper Range TimeImage by DVIDSHUB via Flickr

Who gives a shit. Look I was in the military & let me tell you everything that's going on out in the "real world" is going on in the military. You have drunks deadbeat dads gangs & drug addicts in the military & you mean to tell me that a gay person is going to "affect the cohesiveness of units in the field" wow you have got to be shittn me! Gay people have been fighting in wars since there was a such a thing as war and doing it in a distinguished manor. Remember when african americans were not allowed to serve or women could only serve only as nurses or in admin positions? That sounds about right exclude a large part of the population for some stupid selfish reason. Look after fighting for you're life in a fire fight I don't think a bunch of guys are going to strip down and form a daisy chain back at base. Exclude exclude exclude it's the American way after all right well it's time to include those that have been giving their lives in war while holding on to their little secret behind closed doors a secret that could get them kicked out of the service or killed. Well hopefully the President & Congress will do the right thing & repeal this joke of a law ..the rest of the western world has been able to figure it out but as usual the Pilgrim mentality that Americans seem to be steeped in is holding us back. But maybe just maybe we'll do something right for a change. Like my mom said "they should be happy someone wants to serve their county hey I'm not going to war for this country so let someone in that will".
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