Thursday, January 28, 2010

Were Tricky

Yes we men keep you guessing don't we..after a recent argument with my wife I was reminded of how we can love & not care all at the same time. After a time we stop caring if you had a bad day or you're feet hurt or you didn't sleep well etc.......We love you just as much as we ever did but we lose sight of what it took to get & keep you until we think you're cheating & then we become part blood hound part Casanova. No my wife isn't cheating but after the way I carry on sometimes who could blame her if she did. I/we have to tighten up gentlemen unless you really don't love or care about you're mate. My family is matriarchal women outnumber men easily 5-1 and they are a truly strong group starting with my mother who is the oldest in her large group of brothers & sisters. So let's give a little more effort at least 1/2 of what it took to bag em' in the first place HA HA!!
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better late than never right??????

Harry Reid speaking at the State Children Heal...Image via Wikipedia

Ok here we go Harry Reid. It was funny & sad all at the same time. Negro dialect are you serious? As much as it pains me to stick it to a Dem I'm going to have to. I've heard people say "well hes old & has that good ol days way of thinking" but back in the day abolitionist figured it out so you're telling me someone born in 1939 can't get it right? It's always mindboggling to me that people that aren't "rednecks" or announced racist talk like this behind closed doors & slip up in public. That was a beyond ignorant statement & comes on the heels of all his great work trying to get public health care pushed through. Well look we all know that there are some that still think like that, look I've heard the fat daughter on the Housewives of Orange County make some jokes about "black cross-dressers" which I guess is the worst thing of all in her calorie packed mind. I'm disappointed to say the least in Senator Reid & can't give him a pass but hopefully an old dog has learned a new trick like another brilliant man once said "stupid is as stupid does" please Senator think before you speak next time.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

very confussing but not really

Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest on...Image via Wikipedia

A friend text me this morning shocked about what Rush Limbaugh had said & for a hot second I was too but then I thought to myself hes a true Republican so of course he dose'nt want a dime going to help black people in this case Haitian earthquake victims. Now I believe in my heart that if there were a mudslide in Nova Scotia that killed hundreds of white people I'm quite sure he would crack open that enormous wallet and give freely. Look it was under the Republicans that the whole "wet foot dry foot" policy came into being. If you're Cuban and set one foot on U.S. soil you can stay in the country but if you're Haitian you can be cutting grass in Kansas you are going to be cuffed jailed then deported. Look is Haiti screwed up worse than a rocketship built by a blindman yes yes it is but these people are just that people HUMAN BEINGS & when that fat drug filled baby diaper of a talk show host begged for forgiveness on his show he really wanted & to a degree got sympathy but now he sits behind his gold yes real gold mic & says one stupid thing after the next. Now as I said before he's more circus clown than serious journalist but for some reason a lot of people take him seriously & his words carry power. It's really sad that millions of dollars more won't be raised because of that pale doughy Oxycontin popping media pig or just pig it's up to you.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My bad update

and herein lies the problemImage by malinky via Flickr

Ok if you will remember me saying how I hate my job & that I was ready for a break & then I got hurt on the job at the end of October. Well I'm still home & thankful believe it or not for my job because it looks like I am going to have to have surgery because some of the disc in the middle of my back have begun to deteriorate. So bulging disc in my lower back deteriorating disc in the middle part of my back. I could hold off on the operation but in this economic climate I could still get the ax then no insurance i.e. no surgery. So for now even with this lower pay rate I'm on because of the short term disability insurance I'm glad to have my pain in the ass/back job.
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