Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dumpster sex

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A former coworker used to tell me stories every Monday of his weekend conquest & the stories all had the same disturbing pattern.."Me and the girl went back to my place I slipped her clothes off & she gave me oral then I returned the favor then I put a condom on & banged her brains out". Yeah that's right he would ingest the toxins & then he would put on a condom because it seems we guys care more about our penis' than any other part of our bodies. And he wasn't the only one I had heard that from several other guys..they would give a girl oral & then put on a condom to have sex. Now let me tell you I think that's one of the most idiotic things ever & honestly I think condoms & what they represent are a joke. Now for preventing pregnancies I get it but for safe sex come the hell on!! I've always had a problem with that..here's the way I see it ..how in the world could you get aroused & at the same time in the back of you're mind have the thought that this person could be full of disease. And I have heard guys say "well this girl get's around & there's no telling what she has so I wore a condom". Really really are you shit'n me ..you're saying if you had to put money on it you'd bet that she has some type of venereal disease but you're willing to trust quite possibly you're life to a super thin layer of latex..WOW!! Why don't you save you're money from wining & dinning put a condom on & go bang a dumpster..same thing right?
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Send Him Packing Please!!

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That pasty pill popper Rush Limbaugh said that if the current health care bill that is up for ratification passes he will move to Costa Rica. So here is a link to a virtual farewell card that you can sign & send to help send him off

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Friday, March 12, 2010

I'll help you out..

We will get through this..if you can stand up straight & grab a roll of fat you shouldn't be in skinny jeans..if you're a guy & have to lay down to zip up you're pants you shouldn't have them on..Cadillac pickup trucks are ridiculous & a huge waste of money you are the kind of person that would spend an extra $1,00 on a mountain bike if it had a Mercedes emblem on it..if you leave a room & can come back into it & still smell you're perfume or cologne you have too much on..if you pick you're nose in you're car be aware we CAN see you you are not in the fortress of solitude..spending a lot of money on a nice car & then adding a bunch of fake chrome to it is not only tacky you're killing you're resale..driving the speed limit & slower is fine but not in the left {passing} lane!! smoking anything is not cute & women with cigars be aware guys only see it as a big penis in you're mouth you don't look like the chairwoman of the board or like a mover or shaker..eating a supersized anything with a diet soda is like throwing a wet washcloth into a burning building you are accomplishing nada..having sex with someone of the same sex makes YOU GAY ok downlow's in denial..mispronouncing words on purpose does not make you "cool" & neither is poverty which is where you & you're "coolness" is headed..wearing a size 7 shoe when you need a 10 & having you're toes hanging out of you're peep toe pumps looking like a raptors foot is not sexy at all..waiting until you get to work to blow up the bathroom is really not appreciated ..telling you're friends how good you're partner is in bed will result in one or more of you're so called friends having sex with you're partner so try not to act surprised when it happens..not all african american women ring there necks when they argue..white people don't smell like dogs when it rains..every latino isn't here illegally..& not every african has arm pits that smell like an onion sandwich.. If any of these things apply to you I am glad that I could help & I will continue to help you until you get it right..It's not easy but we will get through this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Envy not the oppressor & choose none of his ways.

that is from the bible proverbs 3 verse 31. And after reading & watching videos of whats going on in Russia someone needs to read this to just about everyone in the country & explain it to them. The Linkamount of racism & the rise of neo nazis in Russia is shocking ..someone compared Moscow to Berlin in the late 1930's. I can only put this one way these people are borderline retarded..it would be like black people in this country dressing up like Colonel Sanders complete with rebel flag belt buckles & saying how cool it is. In WWII over 27million Russians died as a result of German aggression & why why did Hitler invade? Well one of the reasons is because he thought Russians to be subhuman (the 'untermenschen' ) as he put it. Now 60 some odd years later they envy the man & his ideology that would have had them swept from the earth. Can someone anyone explain this to me please..the message I'm getting is we Russians hate ourselves but were too stupid to realize it. Cities destroyed children shot down in the street supplies so limited people resorted to cannibalism & all because Hitler thought you Russians were animals & didn't deserve the fertile land & natural resources that you sat upon ..like a dog with a Rolex. Well it seems one thing is right if you're going to worship a man that thought of you as basically talking monkeys then you deserve all of the bad things that are going to happen to you. It's said that "those that do not learn from history are destined to repeat it" but this is ridiculous what's next sheep wearing lion sweatshirts?

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Monday, March 8, 2010

What's wrong with these guys?

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Ben Roethlisberger is either way to freaky for his female sex partners or he's a predator. This latest accusation of sexual assault is the second for "Big Ben" in as many years. So where there's smoke there must be fire so let's just see how this plays out because you will remember when Captain Bitch Kobe Bryant was accused of rape he has tried & convicted in the press & the court of public opinion before any of the facts came out. Now when "Big Ben"s issue last year hit the press no one batted an eye & it barely made the news now here's a new year & a new "victim" let's see how this plays out. Will the press do the "if it's white it's all right" thing again or not.Now onto more asshole athletes ..Antoine Walker formerly of the Boston Celtics among others has made well over 100million dollars in his career & is busted in Vegas for writing bad checks of over 1million dollars please may I ask WTF is that about? Now he's playing for a bush league team in Puerto Rico. He was signed to a one month contract & paid 7k a week. This after stints with a few other teams where he barely showed up to play when called upon until they grew tired of him & dismissed him. Now entering the league the same year was Stephon Marbury who would rather eat vaseline on youtube than take his career seriously so he's been exiled to China & I won't even get into his sham of a marriage where "his wife is married but not me" deal. Also coming out of College that same year was Allen Iverson who while married has banged just about every woman in D.C. & elsewhere & although being one of the best players ever teams avoid him like the plague because he is a cancer to any teams locker room. He want's to rake in the cash but doesn't want to practice or come off of the bench at all period & is a coach killer. These guy's have been given talent to play a GAME & are paid millions to do it but won't or can't control there jackass gene long enough to do it. They say a fool & his money are soon parted so we'll see how long it takes Mr.Iverson before he's broke. Hey I once saw a picture of Mr.Iverson at a strip club with 10k wrapped up on a table to "make it rain" for the strippers so you tell me how long do you think his cash will last?
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