Monday, April 19, 2010

The Klan..I mean Tea Party..

Tea Party protester says Obama doesn't care ab...Image by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

It's so funny how they {The Tea Party} swears that their not against President Obama that the reason that they have risen up now is because the U.S. Government is out of control & they are outraged at that not the thought of a black president. Well why now is my question..where was the outrage when people were dieing in hurricane Katrina..where was the outrage when George Bush & Dick Cheney forced this country into a war that we have no business fighting & one in which thousands of U.S. military & contractors have lost their lives along with tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Where was the outrage when all of these houses of worship were/are being vandalized & destroyed mainly synagogues & "black" churches which I guess answers my question on why the Tea Party doesn't care. So while they scream that their not racist why are all the posters they carry decorated with some derogatory drawing of President Obama or asking some stupid question that they should have asked the last president. And if you haven't heard some of them want militia status now & want to be allowed to arm themselves. According to them they do not represent any party but notice all the negative comments are made toward Democrats. They should really focus some of that negative energy & direct it toward those idiots that stand outside of fallen warriors funerals & protest..saying things like "their going to hell & "thank god their dead" etc...Well as wrong as these people are the Tea Party would never go after them since the majority of them are white & Republican. I'd respect them a lot more if they would just put on the white dunce cap & rock the swastika the way they do when they are behind closed doors.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maybe she was right..

Revista DONJUAN -01Image by TintaiMpresa via Flickr

What do Halle Berry Sandra Bullock Jessica Simpson & Sofia Vergara from the ABC hit Modern Family all have in common? Well for one their gorgeous & two they have all been dumped on by men. It seems that no matter how beautiful the woman you are gonna get dumped on A LOT. But if you are an ordinary looking guy that's extraordinary in another way well hey life is a breeze no worries mon.So what brings this on ..well stick with me as we go around the world. My friend hit me today with a website called where there are a variety of guys that women can ask questions of & one of the questions came from a woman that said "my best friend said that she has learned that the nicer the guy the smaller the penis is this true". Well the guy said he did not think so because of the whole Napoleon complex with short guys being angry so he thought it would be the same with small penis guys. But I told my friend I think the female friend is right because I'm nice & I'm not packing by a long shot & she said it's been her experience that guys with big schlongs are assholes because they can be. That made me think back to a big dick or BD friend of mine that has gotten bills paid including car note etc.. & basically lived for free off of his BD & girls that he's taken a dump on all nearly cut their wrist when he decides to leave. And another thing I've noticed is the guys that don't do oral are usually BDs also and why because they don't have to do it because the BD does all the work guys like me have to perfect oral techniques. It's not fair NOT FAIR I TELL YA!!!!!!!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

C'mon be honest!!

Black & White photograph of Lil Wayne taken by...Image via Wikipedia

Lil Wayne is hideous & if he wasn't rich there is no way in heaven or hell that he could ever romance the women that he does. Laura London are you serious have you seen this woman WOW!! It makes me wonder if any of the women that he's been linked to would be honest enough to say it's about the money & fame. Look we all know that if he worked at Target he would be lucky to get a 300lb trailer park pig. He's the only guy that I can think of that is uglier than Jermaine Dupri who himself looks like a small woodland creature. Jermaine Dupri looks like something that would scare you in the dark when you went outside & moved that big plastic trashcan that's on the side of the house it would be sitting there curled up in a furry ball shaking. It's funny because women never seem to be honest with the people around them about things like this the only people that seem to get the real story is their closest friends everyone else gets "oh I like his eyes" or "oh I like his attitude" haha..Now we men are honest we'll tell you "yeah shes ugly but look at her body" or "shes going to cosign for me a new car so I'm going to keep sleeping with her until I get my car".
So let's try it again Lil or Little Wayne is extremely unattractive right c'mon be honest.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Health Update..

bloody needleImage by Dirty Bunny via Flickr

As you know I hurt my back in October & haven't been back to work since..I met with the surgeon last week & he wants me to start pain management which is a series of shots such as an epidural. Now I have no idea of how painful if at all these shots are going to be but I meet for a consultation with the pain management doctor tomorrow..Now some years ago I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder blade to relieve pain & it felt as if they were pumping my shoulder full of lava. It was some of the worst pains I have ever endured taking that cortisone shot but it only lasted a few minutes so we'll see how this goes..
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