Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You will be missed..

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This past Friday night my brother in law was struck by two vehicles & killed while riding his bicycle. He leaves behind his beautiful wife Tabitha who is my wives sister. This has been the final blow in a hellish 6 month period. She had become pregnant but like the other two times was unable to carry the baby to term & after this last attempt found out that she had to have her tubes removed which meant the quest for a baby was over. And now he is gone & the only thing she has is memories & articles of his clothing. She is strong & I know she will make it because me & my wife will carry her if we have to. I myself had lost my father several years ago & had to grieve & make preparations for the funeral & deal with all kinds of arrangements & put up with at times overbearing family members & let me tell you until you have to do all of those things at the same time you have NO idea of how stressful it is. And the worst thing is you are not allowed to grieve because you don't have any time to yourself so when everyone is finally gone & you're left alone you crash & I mean head on into a wall crash. All of that anger & anguish comes gushing out all at once & you yourself feel like you're dieing. It is an empty awful feeling & just knowing that this will be her near future tears my heart out. If you are a praying person say a little prayer for her. Thank you.
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