Friday, August 27, 2010

I guess I'm back..

It has been a long hot horrible summer & really the only good news i have to report is the fact that scientist say that not only was Hitler Jewish but quite possibly of African descent..yep other than that it has been a roller coaster ride & yes i am still at home on disability .well kinda..ok i went to see the insurance who sucker punched me & announced to the ins co. that not only was i not hurt i could return to work with no forget i spend most of my days hunched over at the waist because it takes pressure off of my back & forget that i could not touch my toes or turn at the waist when i was in his office & i had to lay across the examination table to get comfortable..well 2days after seeing him i was diagnosed Quasimodo and Esmeralda, concept art for Disne...Image via Wikipediawith a pinched nerve to go with the bulging disc & muscle damage..yep i endured 30mins of painful epidural needles on two different occasions & a painful radiograph test & fighting off my claustrophobia on 4 different trips to the musical tomb that is the mri machine all in the hopes of staying home & catching up on family guy episodes..well anyway that shady doctor got me kicked off of workmans comp & sent me back to work but luckily i had a doctors appointment for right after lunch so i only had to WORK for 6hrs all of which i was hunched over at the waist & my bosses boss had the nerve to tell me he could not talk to me because i had a lawyer now but gave my boss hell for letting me leave early to go to the was a truly fun day & oh did i mention it was the 25yr anniversary of that locations opening & all the big wigs were there..yep & me walking around like Quasimodo. Well my doctor after finding out how well i had gotten screwed immediately wrote me off from work..well there ya go..oooh family guy is on!!
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