Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another year down

Happy Birthday ShaftoraImage via WikipediaI was doing this jedi mind trick on myself to forget that today was my birthday & dragging ass & looking angry all day..it seems that after the age of 25 it seems that you look at your birthday the way younger people look at new years it makes me think of the talking heads song once in a lifetime when he says "well how did i get here" and that was the theme of the day because i was thinking damn it will be a calendar year that i have been home on disability..and just before i self medicated & shut the door & stayed in the bed i got a frantic call from my cousin saying her father my great uncle had passed from a heart attack after complications from the flu...& here i am sitting up all night thinking hey soon i will be at that age that you officially have more days behind you than in front of you ..wow that phone call was a wake up call in more ways than one..my uncle lived a long full life & my hope now is that my nieces look at me the same way when my time comes..so for today at least i will celebrate not my birthday but my uncles life..good bye uncle i love you & you will truly be missed.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are you fucking forreal?

Miss Peacock In The Kitchen With A KnifeImage by BrittneyBush via FlickrLook I was not then & I am not now in love with the President. I didn't vote for him in the primary I voted for Clinton because of the experience thing & she (Clinton)being the dirtiest player in the game I felt she was just what this government needed a person on the left that would stick a knife in your back they way Republicans do everyone else. But she lost the primary so I voted for Obama & I'm fine with my choice but these mouth breathing walmart trolls have lost their minds. My cousin called me from Japan telling me her crimson necked neighbor was telling her that the President hates the Marine Corps & is looking to shut it down & I told my cousin that no matter what your into someone is going to tell you the President is against it "you know Obama wants to stop possum roundups". A certain segment of society has lost their collective minds they hate Obama but wont say its about race but where was the klan I mean tea party when W was launching a war that no one wanted except for him and Chaney where was the tea party when scores of people were losing their lives in New Orleans & countries were offering us help like we were a 3rd world country huh?? Why would Captain Dumbass Glenn Beck have his cross burning ceremony downtown on the same day as the anniversary of the Dr.Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech? Well they couldn't come down with their swastikas & hoods on so they decided to say oh praise jesus & they slipped right in. It is really alarming to me that people think that the President can clean up a mess that W took 8 years to make in less than 4 years. When your pet sits at home and for 2 full hours destroys your house it takes you the entire weekend to clean it up doesn't it? This society listens to people bitch and moan & then you start to bitch and moan but think back 12 years or so when starbucks was paying people to relocate to work in their out of the way coffee shops & were paying people $12-15 an hour to POUR COFFEE!!!! now if starbucks offered a job like that they would have 1000 people lining up overnight to get an application. So ask yourself life was great for 8 years of Clinton & then something went terribly wrong terribly fast hmmmm I wonder what it was.
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