Monday, October 25, 2010

Just an observation..

Why does it seem that women that exercise eat well & live in nice neighborhoods seem to struggle with getting pregnant & delivering a healthy baby while their sisters across town who eat fried foods morning noon & night fist fight in clubs & smoke {legal & other wise substances} seem to shoot indestructible super soldiers out of their baby cannons? I have asked this question of a number of my friends & family members & I usually get a laugh but all say "you know your right & I never thought about it". What made me think about it is my sister runs a daycare & there was a woman that lived with her mom & the mom paid for her daughters 3 kids to go there. Well this young lady to my knowledge had been a drug user through the entire process of carrying & giving birth to all 3 & not just any drug she was/is a pipehead yes crack my friends & all of her kids were perfect well adjusted little kids & my sister n law cant carry a baby much past the 4th or 5th month. Every person that I asked had a story of some girl they knew that had multiple abortions & later on in life gave birth to multiple healthy children. Also this phenomena seems to cross all race lines & it seems to be an economic & mental thing by that I mean they all are lower income & have a menace to society life style that means never drinking water unless they swallow some in the shower & doing some manner of controlled substance while not working & having multiple sex partners. Also I have noticed that not only are there kids that they give birth to healthy they seem to be made of some kind of space aged polymer because they fall down steps & out of windows are shaken like shake & bake shot burned & live through car accidents without being in car seats & there better maintained comrades on the other side of the tracks cant eat a peanut without suffering an allergic reaction that requires a two night stay in the hospital. Now if anyone of you out there are looking for a topic for a college thesis or social science project or just need a good laugh this could be your pot of gold just give me a little nod.
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