Sunday, November 28, 2010

In case you forgot

I really hate this time of year & have since my dad passed a few years ago on Christmas morning. I slowly spiral down until New Years when I crash & barricade myself in the bedroom. I used to do like a lot of us & drink it away but the older I get the more of a lightweight I am when it comes to drinking. I mean after one beer I am really buzzed four or more drinks & I start to get sick. And watching the way the world is today it really does not help my mood at all. I saw an economic analyst who has been out of work for almost two years but his old company made five billion dollars this year so between that & the klu klux teaparty there seems to be no escaping aggravation. Heres how I see it Obama gets the blame for everything & I dont get it. Now has he done everything he said he would do NO but how many Presidents do & I will give him this he has tried at least. Look Clinton gave Bush a brand new Porsche & had it fine tuned & track proven & in less than 5 years Bush ran it into the ground but Obama gets the blame for not fixing Bushs 8 year nuclear meltdown of a presidency in 3 years. In 8 years Bush Titaniced the economy invaded Iraq so his daddy would love him & did it with no exit plan at all he also gave the puppet master Cheneys old company billions in contracts in Iraq & managed to turn Americas friends into enemies & in those parts of the world that we were not popular in to begin with they now want us dead. Hey remember there were people buying fake Canadian papers so if you went abroad you could avoid the shame of being American. Look when your dog trashes your living room for the 8-10 hours that your away at work it takes you a couple of days to clean up the mess totally so just think about it before you go "lighting" crosses with the teabaggers. And that fake ass real estate agent looking Sarah Palin really gets me heated up. Have you noticed that broad is great with zingers but never offers any solutions I mean NEVER "I can see Russia from my house" dumb-ass. OK I am done now & wheres my vodka & pressure pill.
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