Thursday, December 23, 2010

Please forgive me my friends..

I am quite sure this site is probably years old but I just found it & it is oh so addictive. So I would like to apologize to you ahead of time for the wasted hours your about to spend on this game.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh outhouse on the coast..please go away!!

General William Tecumseh Sherman, 1865.Image via WikipediaMy best friend hit me yesterday to inform me that my nemesis south carolina was at it once again. The bedpan state will once again beat its kkk t-shirt covered chest & pat its zit covered back because of its {great in their minds} involvement in the Civil War. A war that killed over 600,00 & the majority of that number were killed from disease. Both sides of the conflict had prisoners of war living in conditions that were eerily similar to & a precursor conditions seen in WWII in Nazi death camps. south cancer is overjoyed in having fired the first shots of the Civil War & has no problem with the fact they thumbed their noses at the Constitution & had no problems with slaves remaining as such & killing runaways & castrating any "black buck" that dared look a white woman in the eyes. This festering wound of a state refuses to join the rest of the country & heal over 100 years after the final shot of the war.And get this they are taking money from the state to pay for this jamboree. This money that they really do not have because like everyone else the coffers are pretty much empty. So they will pay for this but not daycare for underprivileged kids. They have a plan of having a ball & gala & the president of the state senate plans on being there. It seems that people fly into a rage to hear that handfuls of people in other countries are throwing a little juice & cake get together to celebrate 9/11 but a bunch of people that masturbate to Hitler speeches getting together to celebrate their succession from the U.S. & the beginning of a war that will kill hundreds of thousands of Americans & give the thumbs up to keeping black people subservient & listing them as "livestock" barely causes a blip on the radar. Well as for me I plan on celebrating my "Uncle Billy" William Tecumseh Shermans epic March to the sea which started in November of 1864 in Atlanta & ended in savannah in December. See General Sherman decided to get some payback & leave a trail of destruction on his way to south cancer where he took particular delight in burning south shitburgh to the ground. Despite the rule of not using land mines southern troops planted them on roads Uncle Billys troops were using so what does my Uncle do well he took southern prisoners & marched them in front of his column saying "If you want to fight like cowards you will be only killing your own" man I love my Uncle I am smiling as I type this. I plan on getting a General Sherman t-shirt & walk around savannah in it this summer hell I may even get one of those blue union caps..haha its gonna be great. And yes despite my injuries I still have enough strength to collapse a redneck with my bare hands.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ah the double life....

Elizabeth Edwards passing made me think about how she married this handsome smart type A personality that is John Edwards & while he seems so brilliant in the part of his life that the public can see he was truly a filthy slime ball to his wife. I mean come on. Look this lady has been sick for awhile now & hes making babies with this other woman & even though his wifes health was steadily going down hill he stayed with the girlfriend & lied to the bitter end. Its shocking to me but dont get me wrong I know we all have our secrets like fat japanese girl porn or smelling your hot coworkers seat when she leaves her cubicle but Mr. Edwards stunt was pretty damn ridiculous. Dont get me wrong he is not the gold medal winner for double life living but hes on the medal stand. Now the gold medal winner was the "iceman" Richard Kuklinski. Never heard of him? Well he was a hitman for the mob & a serial killer & heres how he would mix the two on his way to whack somebody he would often stop off in warehouse districts & underpasses to kill homeless guys because he thought of his father who beat the crap out of him growing up as a bum. Yep shot gutted rolled up & disposed of over 200 people but by all accounts was a great father & husband who remembered anniversaries & birthdays & was always there for his family. Go figure.