Friday, December 30, 2011


Uncle Sam, Fortune TellerImage by DonkeyHotey via Flickrok heres whats going to happen in 2012 & in no certain order.. obama unfortunately will be reelected.. israel will bomb iran & the u.s. will get dragged into it somehow ..will smiths irritating kids will have even more success than they did in 2011..jerry sandusky will get killed in will change their name because its ridiculous ..365 days in a row their will be a fat woman in a motorized wheelchair in your local walmart..rush limbaugh will die from a massive stroke {fingers crossed} of your friends is going to cheat on their spouse..the commercial real estate market will tank..a major earthquake will hit the west coast.. jlo will ruin another mans life..number of kids going to college will plummet bay will win the superbowl .. your going to go to for no other reason than i typed it & you will get sick & blame me for you stupidity ..theyll be at least 4 new lifetime channel movies where the plot is a wife is killed by her husband & he gets off free but the wifes sister is the only one who believes he did it & will prove it in the last 5mins of the movie & the guy will die while trying to kill the sister n law..some white person will commit a horrible crime & blame it on one or more black guys..the weather will be a nightmare & will cause millions around the globe including in this country to be displaced particularly next december .. after i get my settlement from my injury case i will buy that toyota landcruiser ive always wanted & god will bury it under 6 feet of water..& there you are your guaranteed 2012 events..good luck ..
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i guess curing cancer didnt interest them..

None - This image is in the public domain and ...Image via WikipediaResearchers in the Netherlands have created a mutated, highly contagious form of the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain that some fear could kill millions if it were unleashed on the general public. The U.S. government wants to keep the methodology behind the strain's creation under wraps for now, fearing its releaswe could heighten the strain's potential for use as a weapon of biological warfare. The study results were to be published in the U.S. journal Science, but the National Science Advisory Board, an independent committee that advises the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other federal agencies, reviewed it Tuesday and warned that bioterrorists could potentially misuse the published research "for harmful purposes."
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Friday, December 16, 2011

its all your fault!!

Prison-A-Go-Go!Image via Wikipediai was reminded of how many girls that fall under the title of "freak" or "whore" are made that way by the parents for the most part & in particular the "man of the house"..look we all had that girl in our neighborhood that was never let out of the house & had to have a chaperone just to go to a pg-13 movie..& what happens when she gets a little freedom in her senior year of high school or her first year of college yep shes the girl giving hummers to all the football players or the girl that slept with all her friends boyfriends & now their kicking her ass daily.. we all laughed & swore we would never set our daughters up like that but sadly some do..every generation some dad that knew better when he was 16 but screws it all up at 40..look horny guys all over thank you for the disservice & faulty parenting your doing because it gives "johnny" a chance as a horny teenager to reenact his favorite scene from "hot wet asses" on your daughter..yep guys you keep building a better slut & all the little pervs in the neighborhood will continue to make good use of them..
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well crusted

SocksImage by scalkins via Flickrah the well crusted sock & not encrusted with jewels either but with....cum or nut as we call it here..a female friend asked me if this was true "whats up with guys cumming in socks" & i burst out laughing because i thought everyone knew about it but i guess not..ok here you go ..we use socks because if we used tissues you would know right..15yr old boy doesnt want his mom to know hes making his own man gravy & i dont think moms want to know either..the sock is perfect because there always on the floor anyway & your not going to smell them & its the perfect amount of material to wipe up a tough spill..its foolproff because the only way we would get caught is if you smell that salty seawater that where semen came from like seamen?? anyway there you go the mystery of the crusted sock..say crusted like vincent price would crrrrusted!
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

thumbs down

Used condomImage via Wikipediai have nothing new to report which is sad i know.. got into this thing with a friend of mine of my likes & dislikes & the reasoning behind some of them..we ll stick to dislikes this time around ..the dallas cowboys yep hate is really the word that would sum up my feelings towards the cowgirls & their fans in the washington d.c. area because they were all 49 fans when steve young was there..if the cowgirls played the klu klux klan allstar team id root for the klan & im so lets see ..oh guys that tuck their shirt in but only in the front so you can see their ridiculous belt buckle i mean come on do they think some guy is going to stop them the way women stop each other to compliment their shoes huh get real.. thumbs down on anything with coconuts on it or containing bananas why would you eat something that spoils n 20mins..also when fat people stand up & pull their shirt out of their rolls we all know your round & hiding that one roll isnt going to change the way people see you or what they may or may not think about you..heres the one that sparks arguments i hate condoms !!..its such a waste i could stay home & bang a plastic bag & save my money on movies & dinner..i know guys that go down on women & then put on a condom & i dont say anything but on the inside im screaming "you ingest the toxins & then put on a condom" WOW but i guess thats how most guys think..myself i couldnt get turned on thinking that the only thing between me & painful blisters is a thin piece of latex..if someone told you because of a damaged satellite the rain tomorrow will have a slightly more acidic level than usual people would barricade themselves in the house but the thought that this vagina is not USDA choice but im going to put my penis in it anyway borders on mild to severe retardation to me.. men that want a woman clean shaven is a bit suspect to me also because it borders on either germ phobia or leaning towards making myself angry..i ll end here..
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

they said it best..
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Monday, September 26, 2011

pot luck..

Image via Wikipediaok the republican party candidates are a joke ..mitt romney is maybe the best of the lot but hes stiffer than john kerry..crimson necked rick perry thinks hes yosemite sam & i think michele bachmann is a gay bashing idiot & is remote controlled by aliens from deep inside their base in dulce new ron paul has some very good ideas but judging by some of his comments he maybe a closet racist & you know the klan i mean tea party is O. U . T out of the question..its so funny to see some black faces in those tea party rallies because just like "log cabin" republican they DO NOT WANT YOU THERE but because of the constitution they cant toss you.. now dont get me wrong im no obama fan either even when i voted for him i only did so because he had beat out my first choice hillary clinton & i seriously thought about john mccain until he brought up that drug addicted preschooler george bush & shook his hand after bush & his handler karl rove had bashed him & basically called him a traitor for being stuck in a p.o.w. camp getting his arms broken & this coming from rove who has never served in the military & bush who somehow jumped in front of scores of other people to get his name on a list that kept in the states..after he shook their hands that was it for me..rove is a nasty backstabbing scumbag..give me a second .. god can you please find it in your heart to give mr.rove ass mites & black syphilis AMEN.......ok now RIP vesta williams you had a beautiful & powerful that brings me to my next question why is it that people always seem to o.d. in a hotel room even if they live in that city? what is it with hotels? yes yes more death 20th anniversary of the landmark nirvana album & the death of a person that i really believe was a musical genius kurt cWith the Lights Outobain..when i first heard "smells like teen spirit" my jaw dropped the video was magnificent & i couldnt believe how much energy was in the music it was & still is an amazing work of musical art & congrats to dave grohl {d.c. area native} for still after all this time being a mover & shaker ..this guy was the drummer for in my humble opinion the greatest band of the last 30yrs & now hes the front man for a hit machine the foo fighters.. now heres a health report because i know you care .. my back still hurts im eating everything that is creme filled or covered & im looking & feeling like rush limbaugh minus the arrogance & illegal prescription pills which i wish i had because im out of oxi..well there you go i ll sign off with a kurt cobain lyric because it fits my mood .."at the end of the rainbow & you rope"
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

no good deed goes unpunished

Gay_Parade in New YorkImage via Wikipediaok here we go..went to my shrink today in the afternoon because she was coming in late so i get there & im sitting in the waiting room & theres an old guy their talking to everyone & slowly the waiting room emptied out & it was just me & the old man lets call him "chester" ..well chester starts talking me up & he seems a little off but he asked where i lived & i gave a round about answer & boom he ask for a ride so that he wouldnt have to wait on the bus so im feeling charitable so i say sure..well therapy session over i walk out & theres chester we walk to my car jump in & head off on this 10 minute drive but little did i know this 10min drive cut through the twilight chester is kicked back talking about how much he loves free stuff a free ride a free this & that & on & on well about 3mins in "chester" says "yeah i love getting sucked off too when thats free" & im saying to myself what just happened..he follows that up with "i know a few spots around here where you can park & nobody we ll see" ..again huh?? im thinking my car is about to turn into a gay parade float..well "chester" is really feeling good at this point as the late summer air was blowing across his bald head & he goes for the combo "i got a pretty big dick how about you" & gives me the simultaneous thigh tap..before i can react here comes the 2nd combo "yeah i can see it its pretty big huh" & he goes in for the thigh i say whoa chester take it easy & again he says "its big huh" i say not as big as id like & he says "it doesnt matter i like little ones too" & heres the hat trick he rubbed my balls.........let that sink in go ahead....................................i jump & my instinct is to pull over & choke him out but hes every bit of 70 & im thinking there going to scream HATE CRIME!!!! he beat up an old guy because hes was a lose lose proposition jeez o flip what do i that point i was doing double the speed limit & he started to beg "lets go somewhere so i can suck you off i love to taste the juice" the JUICE ARE YOU SHITTN ME!! i knew it i knew it i knew that when i was in the store & i got 4 donuts & only paid for 2 in the self checkout on monday that something was going to happen to me i knew it!! i finally get "chester" to the store that he wanted to be dropped off at & he says "i get my check next week so if you let me borrow $20 i ll give you $40 next week when i see you" but im thinking never ever will i see you again because my appointment time goes back to the am but im saying i dont have it i have to go to the bank etc....& hes like "fine i ll ride with you" ah you mother fucker or father fucker hes killing me!! OH i said i forgot my sisters money is in my glove box so i take out MY $20 that i was going to use to get a haircut & i give it to him just so he ll leave & he smiles at me ( hey did i mention he has no front teeth ah yeah no front teeth) well he got out & i sped off..i called my friend & after she laughed at me for 5 mins she says "no front teeth isnt that what guys like" ??????? not me i wouldnt like a womans hard gums on me let alone a guy..ive heard guys say oh id love to bang a girl with no legs easy access ..bull who wants to rub against those stumps id vomit .. well there you go..& how was your thursday?
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a picture is worth..

for all the morons that are against multiculturalism & interracial relationships etc..
this is my granddaughter ..go on try to deny perfection ..go ahead try it..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i can type now..

its taken me all this time just to calm down from that casey anthony case but today i started to heat back up with every interview i see of the jurors trying to explain their stupid decision to set this lying murderer free..the thing that has probably pissed me off the most is when the jurors left the court to deliberate they initially said is was 3-9 to convict WAIT a fucking minute 3 THREE tres thats all ..really?! ..come on just 3 people thought she should be convicted? this country is doomed..from that point forward no one should be found guilty of anything can you convict someone with less damning evidence than she had against her in that trial?..its a damn shame that little girl left this world thrown in a bag & tossed on the side of the road like so much garbage & now the broad is talking about having another baby or adopting saying "there are so many kids in the world that need love" are you shittn me?! yeah there was one kid that needed a lot of love but shes not breathing anymore..only thing we can look forward to now is her porn debut & her meth induced meltdown that will lead her to the doctor drew show..there is no justice in the world! oh wait r.kelly is losing his multimillion dollar house yeah that thats a good thing..i guess there is a little justice left in the world..

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hungarian television set from 1959. ORION AT 6...Image via Wikipedialets stay in the shallow end of my brain pool this time around shall we..lets talk t.v. & some shows you may not be watching but should some of these are doing the summer vacation thing right now but the reruns will give you time to catch up..lets start with my favorite thing right away anime & some of the best are on the funimation network so if you have fios in the d.c.area its the best of these are "basilisk" & "corpse princess" both are tremendously gory & have great story lines great characters & as with most really good animes the main characters are flawed & subject to get whacked because unlike their american counsins & even with flesh & bone shows like law & order they realize in trying to be authentic good people can die as well as the thats the A+ list the A list is as follows "birdie the mighty decode" & "mushi-shi" which is slow moving but complex with beautifully done im not going to explain any of these shows just take 30mins reward yourself & check them out..on the A- minus list is just one show & thats on cartoon networks adult swim saturday line up "full metal alchemist brotherhood" this is one that you definitely have to start at episode 1. or youll never ever get whats going on..B list contains one show as well "bleach" also on that same saturday night line up & with this show if you start somewhere between episodes 1-10 you should be ok..honorable mention "futurama" which isnt anime but its really funny & on comedy central & "squidbillies" which is on sunday cartoon networks adult swim is a RIOT!! i love "american dad" etc but these other shows have probably gone under your radar but are awesome really quick the funny noncartoon shows are "its always sunny in philidelphia" which is the funniest show on t.v. period & is on comedy central followed by "childrens hospital" which is on cartoon networks adult swim thursday night..abcs "the middle" & "modern family" im sure you alreday know until "boardwalk empire" & or "spartacus" fires up again this is the must watch list & the majority if not all should be on which is free so you have no excuse not to watch other than you have a life..
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

culture swap..

have you noticed that the asses on white girls are getting rounder & fuller & the hair on black girls are getting a lot more colorful & spiked? it seems that there is a swap going on there are more white guys dating black girls & black guys pants are getting a lot tighter..for years if you saw a sexually ambiguous man more often than not they were white but not anymore..there was a black guy the other day in tight jeans long braids & a pair of adidas that were light blue & pink & from the side i thought they were a female but he turned slightly & there was the goatee & he was talking loud on the phone apparently to a girl (keisha) & making a date to go to a hotel..funny how all of those things that were fodder for the opposite race i.e. big lips big asses dude looks like a lady purple hair with a spiked wrist band have become targets to glom..from fashion to music the blend is on & i could not be happier..hey black guys keep listening to cold play & white girls keep getting lip injections & just maybe this will finally be the year that some frat house does not dress up in black face & afro wigs & stand with mouths agape in shock that people got mad..ah to dream..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

they wuz framed i tell ya franed!!

An old photograph of a Pit Bull with a baby.Image via Wikipediai own a pitbull its actually my second & like you i was scared & had preconceived notions of the breed but a friend introduced me to a friend who is cop & his dog recently had a litter of puppies & let me tell you this guy had to do a big time sales job on me before i seriously considered getting the dog but he ended his sales pitch with "if you have any problems out of the dog even if its 4 years from now bring the dog back"..SOLD!! so i watched these little puppies run around for a little while & noticed there was one that stayed out of the fray & sat alone & watched her brothers & sisters roll around in a wild pile of teeth & big floppy ears well every now & then the free for all pile would roll up on the dog & the dog would kindly snap at the unruly pack & they would take off leaving the wallflower alone once again..the cop told me "they are scared of her ..shes calm until they cross her"..i said thats the one for me..he said the females are a lot more easy going also ..well i picked her up & looked into those big brown eyes & said well madame "sade" (like my favorite singer) lets go decision i ever made..she was so smart & so protective of the family she was the best dog ive ever had..she thought she was the wife & would frequently run off anyone who tried to remove her from my side of the bed when i wasnt home..heres the truth its jackass pitbull owners that should be vilified for taking these dogs & trying to make them fight & for inbreeding because inbreeding isnt good for any species..if the father was a game fighter & he has a similarly game daughter they will breed the daughter to the father & thats why some of these dogs are a little wacky & one more thing my sons would walk the dog & on more than one occasion little kids would yell PITBULL & throw sticks & rocks at the dog & my sons would have to chase the kids off so think about that the next time you hear about some pitbull chasing a kid because its not always the dog who drew first blood..heres a good article i found..
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

speaking of OCD

BrainImage via Wikipediayou know about the bipolar diagnoses but im not sure if i told you about the ocd..well ive always had a touch of it because im preoccupied with even numbers..i set my alarm to even numbers & put an even number of ice cubes in my since my life was turned upside down with the injury & crooked doctors & lawyers my ocd much like hulkamania is running locking & unlocking doors over & over my variety of foods are down to about 6 things items on shelves have to be right up to the edge & not over or too far back & the dogs water bowl must be full at all times also i have dish washing rituals cleanliness rituals websearch & email rituals etc..i am now in weekly counseling & some things i was aware of like my issues with body dysmorphia but also things i wasnt aware of like how much seeing my mom go through mental & physical abuse at the hands of my father has shaped the way i see the entire world..only bad thing in this whole process is my counselor..shes very good at her job but hmmm how can i put this.......well shes smokin hot!! its like being with a female supermodel version of sigmnd freud & yes she has a german accent..when sex & other touchy topics come up i look at her & start to squirm in my despite all that the counseling is working for me slowly but surely & who knows i may one day get to drop the madman off of my title..haha no these still mental waters of mine run deep..
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grand pa..

yes..yes i am..i am now officially a grand pa thanks to my son in atlanta..after a few near misses he finally got one past the goalie you see my son michael is much like the late ol dirty bastard in he also likes it "raw"..i was shocked by the whole deal because for one i thought his older & much hornier brother would be the first to strike baby gold & two hes had some near misses so i thought maybe his penis bullets were low on gunpowder but he did it..& my wife pointed out that since i had been begging her for another child here it is ..not quite what i meant but i ll take what i can get & i must say she may be one of the prettiest babies ever with a head full of jet black to interrupt the love fest my son in typical "mi familia" fashion has immediately starting F#*>ing up!! skipping class hanging out etc..& in between trying to keep his brother on track & dealing with my "what new horror is this" workmans comp world i am left drained to say the least..well it will work itself out as all things do i guess..hey i always have my ocd rituals to fall back on right? ..anywho i have looked & felt the role for a couple of years now & finally i have the title GRAND PA..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

catching up

what? Do i look funny or something?Image via Wikipediaits been a while so let me catch you up..i saw "trixy" the "independent medical evaluator" that actually works for the insurance co..what was funny is he was the reason i got sent back to work still injured but when he was reading my file he acted surprised that i went back to work while still injured & im sitting there thinking your the cocksucker that sent me back!! well anyway i got thru that & a week later had to see the workmans comp. commissioner & things were going well until i found out that my doctor {key word MY} said that he believed i was faking & trying to drag this out ..are you shittn me im not getting paid a dime so why would i drag this out was my question..yes friends MY doctor screwed me good with his report & needless to say i didnt get a penny of back pay & everything was cut off including doctors now comes the long drawn out settlement phase when you do that t.v. negotiating thing where your lawyer & theres write down figures on a piece of paper & push it back & forth on the table..oh i almost forgot i got so frustrated i was going to attempt to drive my car off of a bridge & ended up spending a week in a psych ward yep believe it hey i got the $7k hospital bill to prove did it help you ask ..yes yes it did & check this out not only am i bipolar like catherine zeta jones but i also have know dec 21st 2012 is starting to look pretty good..{hold on...just called MY doctor to let him know im going to stop by & have a few words with him} is that the bipolar talking you think ..i guess that psych ward didnt help after all..
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Medical update..

She just asked me for a "roll up- you kno...Image by Barbour via Flickrok my neurologist refereed me to do work hardening which is a type of physical therapy that prepares you to go back to work or be ruled out of your current profession..if you were a mechanic & the therapist see that you have lost strength in your hands & arms or cant stand for more than 15mins they inform your doctor your doctor reports it & you settle with the i had the flu & was out for over a week & then my family doctor thought i should have regular physical therapy but the for my job canceled pain mgt doctor thought that i should undergo another series of injections but this time directly into the herniated disc & the denied that i go back to see the neurologist & he yells at ME for dragging this out & orders me back to work hardening i did attend two sessions before i got sick but he didnt want to hear that..but heres the kicker when i met with the therapist to reschedule my work hardening sessions she called me back an hour later & said that the denied it because the other doctor ordered me to do regular physical therapy & i may have to get pain shots..are you shittn me i asked..i told her that the denied the procedures so why are they putting this on hold? she said thats odd but they told me they would call me when or if its approved WOW!! so here we are a year & a half out of work & i still feel like i did when i first got injured & on top of all that the demands i go see that same schist-er doctor of theres once again..remember hes the one that said along with my disc problems & pinched nerve im 100% & should go back to work asap!! that effectively turned off my workmans comp check..well the informed me that they want me to see him again GREAT!!..i overheard a lawyer discussing him once & he had a great description of which i ll share..he called the doctor a prostitute pays him & he ll say whatever they want..yep thats a mighty fine description..well i will be seeing "trixxy"tomorrow..i ll let you know how it goes {like we dont already know}.. i would love to hear from anyone else in the d.c.metro that has been screwed by dr.klein..i smell a class action..
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How about a "did you know" post

This is for the conspiracy people & those that should be & feel free to check my facts & correct me if I am wrong but I wont be. #1. did you know that at one time Lee Harvey Oswald James Earl Ray & Sirhan Sirhan all lived within a block of each other? #2. did you know that many world governments have & are spraying chemicals over their countries including this one & Germany has a law on the books preventing it? Hey you dont need a law for what does not exist right? #3. there is a new law that will soon be on the books that allows the military to arrest & hold ANY citizen of this country indefinitely with no trial ever?When The Man Comes Around!Image by Vermin Inc via Flickr
#4. a trutv channel show called "conspiracy theory" recently ran an episode that focused on the government setting up concentration camps for U.S. citizens & preparing for mass deaths well that show was banned after its first airing why was it banned & currently the only place to see it is youtube?
#5. AIDS was created in a lab. June 6 1969 Doctor Donald McArthur testified before Congress that {i ll dumb it down} that a disease causing agent could be produced within 5-10 years that could be resistant to our bodies immune systems defenses that we depend on to survive..ok not good enough about this in 1996 "The Scientific American" published an article that said "One frequently mentioned explanation for the severe epidemic the in the AIDS belt is that the virus originated here and continues to move outward from an epicenter of disease. But AIDS cases appeared in Uganda and Rwanda at the same time they did in the West and no stored human tissue samples taken form Africans during the 1970s are HIV-positive."
last one #6. Man can now control the weather & has for sometime now. The UAE admits to artificially generating over 50 rainstorms in the desert & locals said that many produced very heavy rains & even lightning & hail in some cases. Professor Hartmut Grassal "There are many applications one is getting water into a dry area maybe this is a most important point for mankind". Remember what I said about that movie "The Road" in my last blog?
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rambling thoughts

Yes I am quite mad I understand & I have embraced my insanity. Now knowing that you can read on if you like.OK lets start with all the birds falling out of the sky particularly the black birds. To me thats saying were testing this new poison & as soon as we figure it out guess whos getting the first dose..yep! Now people just now seem to be waking up but these things have been happening for years & it does not take a conspiracy nut to see there is something a foot here. Did you know that lyme disease was created in a lab & is on a government list of biological weapons
So dont be surprised folks after all this is the country that gave a group of indians blankets full of smallpox so the government could take their land. Look in a few years its going to look like that movie "The Road" out here & that $500 handbag wont matter you wont care if the rumor about Beyonces halitosis is true or not you wont care that the guy next door cant speak english & you certainly wont care if that hot girl is half black or not. What you will care about is is that fat guy gonna eat you or can I drink water that has a body in it or is this hangnail going to cause me to lose my arm or can I digest opossum jerky. Ah good times ahead my friend. Hey follow my lead I plan on getting that Porsche Panamera because nobody is going to care if I pay it off or not its gonna be THUNDERDOME!! We dont need another hero we dont need to know the home..yeah sing it.
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