Saturday, January 15, 2011

How about a "did you know" post

This is for the conspiracy people & those that should be & feel free to check my facts & correct me if I am wrong but I wont be. #1. did you know that at one time Lee Harvey Oswald James Earl Ray & Sirhan Sirhan all lived within a block of each other? #2. did you know that many world governments have & are spraying chemicals over their countries including this one & Germany has a law on the books preventing it? Hey you dont need a law for what does not exist right? #3. there is a new law that will soon be on the books that allows the military to arrest & hold ANY citizen of this country indefinitely with no trial ever?When The Man Comes Around!Image by Vermin Inc via Flickr
#4. a trutv channel show called "conspiracy theory" recently ran an episode that focused on the government setting up concentration camps for U.S. citizens & preparing for mass deaths well that show was banned after its first airing why was it banned & currently the only place to see it is youtube?
#5. AIDS was created in a lab. June 6 1969 Doctor Donald McArthur testified before Congress that {i ll dumb it down} that a disease causing agent could be produced within 5-10 years that could be resistant to our bodies immune systems defenses that we depend on to survive..ok not good enough about this in 1996 "The Scientific American" published an article that said "One frequently mentioned explanation for the severe epidemic the in the AIDS belt is that the virus originated here and continues to move outward from an epicenter of disease. But AIDS cases appeared in Uganda and Rwanda at the same time they did in the West and no stored human tissue samples taken form Africans during the 1970s are HIV-positive."
last one #6. Man can now control the weather & has for sometime now. The UAE admits to artificially generating over 50 rainstorms in the desert & locals said that many produced very heavy rains & even lightning & hail in some cases. Professor Hartmut Grassal "There are many applications one is getting water into a dry area maybe this is a most important point for mankind". Remember what I said about that movie "The Road" in my last blog?
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rambling thoughts

Yes I am quite mad I understand & I have embraced my insanity. Now knowing that you can read on if you like.OK lets start with all the birds falling out of the sky particularly the black birds. To me thats saying were testing this new poison & as soon as we figure it out guess whos getting the first dose..yep! Now people just now seem to be waking up but these things have been happening for years & it does not take a conspiracy nut to see there is something a foot here. Did you know that lyme disease was created in a lab & is on a government list of biological weapons
So dont be surprised folks after all this is the country that gave a group of indians blankets full of smallpox so the government could take their land. Look in a few years its going to look like that movie "The Road" out here & that $500 handbag wont matter you wont care if the rumor about Beyonces halitosis is true or not you wont care that the guy next door cant speak english & you certainly wont care if that hot girl is half black or not. What you will care about is is that fat guy gonna eat you or can I drink water that has a body in it or is this hangnail going to cause me to lose my arm or can I digest opossum jerky. Ah good times ahead my friend. Hey follow my lead I plan on getting that Porsche Panamera because nobody is going to care if I pay it off or not its gonna be THUNDERDOME!! We dont need another hero we dont need to know the home..yeah sing it.
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