Monday, February 21, 2011

Medical update..

She just asked me for a "roll up- you kno...Image by Barbour via Flickrok my neurologist refereed me to do work hardening which is a type of physical therapy that prepares you to go back to work or be ruled out of your current profession..if you were a mechanic & the therapist see that you have lost strength in your hands & arms or cant stand for more than 15mins they inform your doctor your doctor reports it & you settle with the i had the flu & was out for over a week & then my family doctor thought i should have regular physical therapy but the for my job canceled pain mgt doctor thought that i should undergo another series of injections but this time directly into the herniated disc & the denied that i go back to see the neurologist & he yells at ME for dragging this out & orders me back to work hardening i did attend two sessions before i got sick but he didnt want to hear that..but heres the kicker when i met with the therapist to reschedule my work hardening sessions she called me back an hour later & said that the denied it because the other doctor ordered me to do regular physical therapy & i may have to get pain shots..are you shittn me i asked..i told her that the denied the procedures so why are they putting this on hold? she said thats odd but they told me they would call me when or if its approved WOW!! so here we are a year & a half out of work & i still feel like i did when i first got injured & on top of all that the demands i go see that same schist-er doctor of theres once again..remember hes the one that said along with my disc problems & pinched nerve im 100% & should go back to work asap!! that effectively turned off my workmans comp check..well the informed me that they want me to see him again GREAT!!..i overheard a lawyer discussing him once & he had a great description of which i ll share..he called the doctor a prostitute pays him & he ll say whatever they want..yep thats a mighty fine description..well i will be seeing "trixxy"tomorrow..i ll let you know how it goes {like we dont already know}.. i would love to hear from anyone else in the d.c.metro that has been screwed by dr.klein..i smell a class action..
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