Thursday, April 14, 2011

catching up

what? Do i look funny or something?Image via Wikipediaits been a while so let me catch you up..i saw "trixy" the "independent medical evaluator" that actually works for the insurance co..what was funny is he was the reason i got sent back to work still injured but when he was reading my file he acted surprised that i went back to work while still injured & im sitting there thinking your the cocksucker that sent me back!! well anyway i got thru that & a week later had to see the workmans comp. commissioner & things were going well until i found out that my doctor {key word MY} said that he believed i was faking & trying to drag this out ..are you shittn me im not getting paid a dime so why would i drag this out was my question..yes friends MY doctor screwed me good with his report & needless to say i didnt get a penny of back pay & everything was cut off including doctors now comes the long drawn out settlement phase when you do that t.v. negotiating thing where your lawyer & theres write down figures on a piece of paper & push it back & forth on the table..oh i almost forgot i got so frustrated i was going to attempt to drive my car off of a bridge & ended up spending a week in a psych ward yep believe it hey i got the $7k hospital bill to prove did it help you ask ..yes yes it did & check this out not only am i bipolar like catherine zeta jones but i also have know dec 21st 2012 is starting to look pretty good..{hold on...just called MY doctor to let him know im going to stop by & have a few words with him} is that the bipolar talking you think ..i guess that psych ward didnt help after all..
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