Tuesday, May 24, 2011

speaking of OCD

BrainImage via Wikipediayou know about the bipolar diagnoses but im not sure if i told you about the ocd..well ive always had a touch of it because im preoccupied with even numbers..i set my alarm to even numbers & put an even number of ice cubes in my glass..now since my life was turned upside down with the injury & crooked doctors & lawyers my ocd much like hulkamania is running wild..im locking & unlocking doors over & over my variety of foods are down to about 6 things items on shelves have to be right up to the edge & not over or too far back & the dogs water bowl must be full at all times also i have dish washing rituals cleanliness rituals websearch & email rituals etc..i am now in weekly counseling & some things i was aware of like my issues with body dysmorphia but also things i wasnt aware of like how much seeing my mom go through mental & physical abuse at the hands of my father has shaped the way i see the entire world..only bad thing in this whole process is my counselor..shes very good at her job but hmmm how can i put this.......well shes smokin hot!! its like being with a female supermodel version of sigmnd freud & yes she has a german accent..when sex & other touchy topics come up i look at her & start to squirm in my seat..now despite all that the counseling is working for me slowly but surely & who knows i may one day get to drop the madman off of my title..haha no these still mental waters of mine run deep..
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grand pa..

yes..yes i am..i am now officially a grand pa thanks to my son in atlanta..after a few near misses he finally got one past the goalie you see my son michael is much like the late ol dirty bastard in he also likes it "raw"..i was shocked by the whole deal because for one i thought his older & much hornier brother would be the first to strike baby gold & two hes had some near misses so i thought maybe his penis bullets were low on gunpowder but he did it..& my wife pointed out that since i had been begging her for another child here it is ..not quite what i meant but i ll take what i can get & i must say she may be one of the prettiest babies ever with a head full of jet black hair..now to interrupt the love fest my son in typical "mi familia" fashion has immediately starting F#*>ing up!! skipping class hanging out etc..& in between trying to keep his brother on track & dealing with my "what new horror is this" workmans comp world i am left drained to say the least..well it will work itself out as all things do i guess..hey i always have my ocd rituals to fall back on right? ..anywho i have looked & felt the role for a couple of years now & finally i have the title GRAND PA..