Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hungarian television set from 1959. ORION AT 6...Image via Wikipedialets stay in the shallow end of my brain pool this time around shall we..lets talk t.v. & some shows you may not be watching but should some of these are doing the summer vacation thing right now but the reruns will give you time to catch up..lets start with my favorite thing right away anime & some of the best are on the funimation network so if you have fios in the d.c.area its the best of these are "basilisk" & "corpse princess" both are tremendously gory & have great story lines great characters & as with most really good animes the main characters are flawed & subject to get whacked because unlike their american counsins & even with flesh & bone shows like law & order they realize in trying to be authentic good people can die as well as the thats the A+ list the A list is as follows "birdie the mighty decode" & "mushi-shi" which is slow moving but complex with beautifully done im not going to explain any of these shows just take 30mins reward yourself & check them out..on the A- minus list is just one show & thats on cartoon networks adult swim saturday line up "full metal alchemist brotherhood" this is one that you definitely have to start at episode 1. or youll never ever get whats going on..B list contains one show as well "bleach" also on that same saturday night line up & with this show if you start somewhere between episodes 1-10 you should be ok..honorable mention "futurama" which isnt anime but its really funny & on comedy central & "squidbillies" which is on sunday cartoon networks adult swim is a RIOT!! i love "american dad" etc but these other shows have probably gone under your radar but are awesome really quick the funny noncartoon shows are "its always sunny in philidelphia" which is the funniest show on t.v. period & is on comedy central followed by "childrens hospital" which is on cartoon networks adult swim thursday night..abcs "the middle" & "modern family" im sure you alreday know until "boardwalk empire" & or "spartacus" fires up again this is the must watch list & the majority if not all should be on which is free so you have no excuse not to watch other than you have a life..
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

culture swap..

have you noticed that the asses on white girls are getting rounder & fuller & the hair on black girls are getting a lot more colorful & spiked? it seems that there is a swap going on there are more white guys dating black girls & black guys pants are getting a lot tighter..for years if you saw a sexually ambiguous man more often than not they were white but not anymore..there was a black guy the other day in tight jeans long braids & a pair of adidas that were light blue & pink & from the side i thought they were a female but he turned slightly & there was the goatee & he was talking loud on the phone apparently to a girl (keisha) & making a date to go to a hotel..funny how all of those things that were fodder for the opposite race i.e. big lips big asses dude looks like a lady purple hair with a spiked wrist band have become targets to glom..from fashion to music the blend is on & i could not be happier..hey black guys keep listening to cold play & white girls keep getting lip injections & just maybe this will finally be the year that some frat house does not dress up in black face & afro wigs & stand with mouths agape in shock that people got mad..ah to dream..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

they wuz framed i tell ya franed!!

An old photograph of a Pit Bull with a baby.Image via Wikipediai own a pitbull its actually my second & like you i was scared & had preconceived notions of the breed but a friend introduced me to a friend who is cop & his dog recently had a litter of puppies & let me tell you this guy had to do a big time sales job on me before i seriously considered getting the dog but he ended his sales pitch with "if you have any problems out of the dog even if its 4 years from now bring the dog back"..SOLD!! so i watched these little puppies run around for a little while & noticed there was one that stayed out of the fray & sat alone & watched her brothers & sisters roll around in a wild pile of teeth & big floppy ears well every now & then the free for all pile would roll up on the dog & the dog would kindly snap at the unruly pack & they would take off leaving the wallflower alone once again..the cop told me "they are scared of her ..shes calm until they cross her"..i said thats the one for me..he said the females are a lot more easy going also ..well i picked her up & looked into those big brown eyes & said well madame "sade" (like my favorite singer) lets go decision i ever made..she was so smart & so protective of the family she was the best dog ive ever had..she thought she was the wife & would frequently run off anyone who tried to remove her from my side of the bed when i wasnt home..heres the truth its jackass pitbull owners that should be vilified for taking these dogs & trying to make them fight & for inbreeding because inbreeding isnt good for any species..if the father was a game fighter & he has a similarly game daughter they will breed the daughter to the father & thats why some of these dogs are a little wacky & one more thing my sons would walk the dog & on more than one occasion little kids would yell PITBULL & throw sticks & rocks at the dog & my sons would have to chase the kids off so think about that the next time you hear about some pitbull chasing a kid because its not always the dog who drew first blood..heres a good article i found..
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