Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i can type now..

its taken me all this time just to calm down from that casey anthony case but today i started to heat back up with every interview i see of the jurors trying to explain their stupid decision to set this lying murderer free..the thing that has probably pissed me off the most is when the jurors left the court to deliberate they initially said is was 3-9 to convict WAIT a fucking minute 3 THREE tres thats all ..really?! ..come on just 3 people thought she should be convicted? this country is doomed..from that point forward no one should be found guilty of anything else..how can you convict someone with less damning evidence than she had against her in that trial?..its a damn shame that little girl left this world thrown in a bag & tossed on the side of the road like so much garbage & now the broad is talking about having another baby or adopting saying "there are so many kids in the world that need love" are you shittn me?! yeah there was one kid that needed a lot of love but shes not breathing anymore..only thing we can look forward to now is her porn debut & her meth induced meltdown that will lead her to the doctor drew show..there is no justice in the world! oh wait r.kelly is losing his multimillion dollar house yeah that thats a good thing..i guess there is a little justice left in the world..