Monday, September 26, 2011

pot luck..

Image via Wikipediaok the republican party candidates are a joke ..mitt romney is maybe the best of the lot but hes stiffer than john kerry..crimson necked rick perry thinks hes yosemite sam & i think michele bachmann is a gay bashing idiot & is remote controlled by aliens from deep inside their base in dulce new ron paul has some very good ideas but judging by some of his comments he maybe a closet racist & you know the klan i mean tea party is O. U . T out of the question..its so funny to see some black faces in those tea party rallies because just like "log cabin" republican they DO NOT WANT YOU THERE but because of the constitution they cant toss you.. now dont get me wrong im no obama fan either even when i voted for him i only did so because he had beat out my first choice hillary clinton & i seriously thought about john mccain until he brought up that drug addicted preschooler george bush & shook his hand after bush & his handler karl rove had bashed him & basically called him a traitor for being stuck in a p.o.w. camp getting his arms broken & this coming from rove who has never served in the military & bush who somehow jumped in front of scores of other people to get his name on a list that kept in the states..after he shook their hands that was it for me..rove is a nasty backstabbing scumbag..give me a second .. god can you please find it in your heart to give mr.rove ass mites & black syphilis AMEN.......ok now RIP vesta williams you had a beautiful & powerful that brings me to my next question why is it that people always seem to o.d. in a hotel room even if they live in that city? what is it with hotels? yes yes more death 20th anniversary of the landmark nirvana album & the death of a person that i really believe was a musical genius kurt cWith the Lights Outobain..when i first heard "smells like teen spirit" my jaw dropped the video was magnificent & i couldnt believe how much energy was in the music it was & still is an amazing work of musical art & congrats to dave grohl {d.c. area native} for still after all this time being a mover & shaker ..this guy was the drummer for in my humble opinion the greatest band of the last 30yrs & now hes the front man for a hit machine the foo fighters.. now heres a health report because i know you care .. my back still hurts im eating everything that is creme filled or covered & im looking & feeling like rush limbaugh minus the arrogance & illegal prescription pills which i wish i had because im out of oxi..well there you go i ll sign off with a kurt cobain lyric because it fits my mood .."at the end of the rainbow & you rope"
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

no good deed goes unpunished

Gay_Parade in New YorkImage via Wikipediaok here we go..went to my shrink today in the afternoon because she was coming in late so i get there & im sitting in the waiting room & theres an old guy their talking to everyone & slowly the waiting room emptied out & it was just me & the old man lets call him "chester" ..well chester starts talking me up & he seems a little off but he asked where i lived & i gave a round about answer & boom he ask for a ride so that he wouldnt have to wait on the bus so im feeling charitable so i say sure..well therapy session over i walk out & theres chester we walk to my car jump in & head off on this 10 minute drive but little did i know this 10min drive cut through the twilight chester is kicked back talking about how much he loves free stuff a free ride a free this & that & on & on well about 3mins in "chester" says "yeah i love getting sucked off too when thats free" & im saying to myself what just happened..he follows that up with "i know a few spots around here where you can park & nobody we ll see" ..again huh?? im thinking my car is about to turn into a gay parade float..well "chester" is really feeling good at this point as the late summer air was blowing across his bald head & he goes for the combo "i got a pretty big dick how about you" & gives me the simultaneous thigh tap..before i can react here comes the 2nd combo "yeah i can see it its pretty big huh" & he goes in for the thigh i say whoa chester take it easy & again he says "its big huh" i say not as big as id like & he says "it doesnt matter i like little ones too" & heres the hat trick he rubbed my balls.........let that sink in go ahead....................................i jump & my instinct is to pull over & choke him out but hes every bit of 70 & im thinking there going to scream HATE CRIME!!!! he beat up an old guy because hes was a lose lose proposition jeez o flip what do i that point i was doing double the speed limit & he started to beg "lets go somewhere so i can suck you off i love to taste the juice" the JUICE ARE YOU SHITTN ME!! i knew it i knew it i knew that when i was in the store & i got 4 donuts & only paid for 2 in the self checkout on monday that something was going to happen to me i knew it!! i finally get "chester" to the store that he wanted to be dropped off at & he says "i get my check next week so if you let me borrow $20 i ll give you $40 next week when i see you" but im thinking never ever will i see you again because my appointment time goes back to the am but im saying i dont have it i have to go to the bank etc....& hes like "fine i ll ride with you" ah you mother fucker or father fucker hes killing me!! OH i said i forgot my sisters money is in my glove box so i take out MY $20 that i was going to use to get a haircut & i give it to him just so he ll leave & he smiles at me ( hey did i mention he has no front teeth ah yeah no front teeth) well he got out & i sped off..i called my friend & after she laughed at me for 5 mins she says "no front teeth isnt that what guys like" ??????? not me i wouldnt like a womans hard gums on me let alone a guy..ive heard guys say oh id love to bang a girl with no legs easy access ..bull who wants to rub against those stumps id vomit .. well there you go..& how was your thursday?
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a picture is worth..

for all the morons that are against multiculturalism & interracial relationships etc..
this is my granddaughter ..go on try to deny perfection ..go ahead try it..