Thursday, November 24, 2011

thumbs down

Used condomImage via Wikipediai have nothing new to report which is sad i know.. got into this thing with a friend of mine of my likes & dislikes & the reasoning behind some of them..we ll stick to dislikes this time around ..the dallas cowboys yep hate is really the word that would sum up my feelings towards the cowgirls & their fans in the washington d.c. area because they were all 49 fans when steve young was there..if the cowgirls played the klu klux klan allstar team id root for the klan & im so lets see ..oh guys that tuck their shirt in but only in the front so you can see their ridiculous belt buckle i mean come on do they think some guy is going to stop them the way women stop each other to compliment their shoes huh get real.. thumbs down on anything with coconuts on it or containing bananas why would you eat something that spoils n 20mins..also when fat people stand up & pull their shirt out of their rolls we all know your round & hiding that one roll isnt going to change the way people see you or what they may or may not think about you..heres the one that sparks arguments i hate condoms !!..its such a waste i could stay home & bang a plastic bag & save my money on movies & dinner..i know guys that go down on women & then put on a condom & i dont say anything but on the inside im screaming "you ingest the toxins & then put on a condom" WOW but i guess thats how most guys think..myself i couldnt get turned on thinking that the only thing between me & painful blisters is a thin piece of latex..if someone told you because of a damaged satellite the rain tomorrow will have a slightly more acidic level than usual people would barricade themselves in the house but the thought that this vagina is not USDA choice but im going to put my penis in it anyway borders on mild to severe retardation to me.. men that want a woman clean shaven is a bit suspect to me also because it borders on either germ phobia or leaning towards making myself angry..i ll end here..
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