Friday, December 30, 2011


Uncle Sam, Fortune TellerImage by DonkeyHotey via Flickrok heres whats going to happen in 2012 & in no certain order.. obama unfortunately will be reelected.. israel will bomb iran & the u.s. will get dragged into it somehow ..will smiths irritating kids will have even more success than they did in 2011..jerry sandusky will get killed in will change their name because its ridiculous ..365 days in a row their will be a fat woman in a motorized wheelchair in your local walmart..rush limbaugh will die from a massive stroke {fingers crossed} of your friends is going to cheat on their spouse..the commercial real estate market will tank..a major earthquake will hit the west coast.. jlo will ruin another mans life..number of kids going to college will plummet bay will win the superbowl .. your going to go to for no other reason than i typed it & you will get sick & blame me for you stupidity ..theyll be at least 4 new lifetime channel movies where the plot is a wife is killed by her husband & he gets off free but the wifes sister is the only one who believes he did it & will prove it in the last 5mins of the movie & the guy will die while trying to kill the sister n law..some white person will commit a horrible crime & blame it on one or more black guys..the weather will be a nightmare & will cause millions around the globe including in this country to be displaced particularly next december .. after i get my settlement from my injury case i will buy that toyota landcruiser ive always wanted & god will bury it under 6 feet of water..& there you are your guaranteed 2012 events..good luck ..
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i guess curing cancer didnt interest them..

None - This image is in the public domain and ...Image via WikipediaResearchers in the Netherlands have created a mutated, highly contagious form of the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain that some fear could kill millions if it were unleashed on the general public. The U.S. government wants to keep the methodology behind the strain's creation under wraps for now, fearing its releaswe could heighten the strain's potential for use as a weapon of biological warfare. The study results were to be published in the U.S. journal Science, but the National Science Advisory Board, an independent committee that advises the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other federal agencies, reviewed it Tuesday and warned that bioterrorists could potentially misuse the published research "for harmful purposes."
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Friday, December 16, 2011

its all your fault!!

Prison-A-Go-Go!Image via Wikipediai was reminded of how many girls that fall under the title of "freak" or "whore" are made that way by the parents for the most part & in particular the "man of the house"..look we all had that girl in our neighborhood that was never let out of the house & had to have a chaperone just to go to a pg-13 movie..& what happens when she gets a little freedom in her senior year of high school or her first year of college yep shes the girl giving hummers to all the football players or the girl that slept with all her friends boyfriends & now their kicking her ass daily.. we all laughed & swore we would never set our daughters up like that but sadly some do..every generation some dad that knew better when he was 16 but screws it all up at 40..look horny guys all over thank you for the disservice & faulty parenting your doing because it gives "johnny" a chance as a horny teenager to reenact his favorite scene from "hot wet asses" on your daughter..yep guys you keep building a better slut & all the little pervs in the neighborhood will continue to make good use of them..
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well crusted

SocksImage by scalkins via Flickrah the well crusted sock & not encrusted with jewels either but with....cum or nut as we call it here..a female friend asked me if this was true "whats up with guys cumming in socks" & i burst out laughing because i thought everyone knew about it but i guess not..ok here you go ..we use socks because if we used tissues you would know right..15yr old boy doesnt want his mom to know hes making his own man gravy & i dont think moms want to know either..the sock is perfect because there always on the floor anyway & your not going to smell them & its the perfect amount of material to wipe up a tough spill..its foolproff because the only way we would get caught is if you smell that salty seawater that where semen came from like seamen?? anyway there you go the mystery of the crusted sock..say crusted like vincent price would crrrrusted!
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