Sunday, December 30, 2012


id like to take a minute to crow a little bit about my yes MY beloved washington redskins ..for the first time in a long time were{yes WERE now knock it the hell off &let me finish} in the playoffs & beat the hated cowpucks ..theres no one on the planet that hates dallas more than me i cant even root for the dallas mavericks when they play the lakers who i hate almost as much as the cowboys......well actually i dislike the lakers & hate kobe but thats a topic for another time ..heres how much i hate dallas ..a few years ago i exclaimed to a friend that i would cheer for the kkk allstars if they played the cowboys & i meant it then & i still do today but the cowboys are so sad now its funny & i almost feel sorry for them ..every year their picked to go to the superbowl & every year romo throws up on himself & they lose & tonight AH THIS GLORIOUS NIGHT he proved to be consistent & choked out once again ..winner take all & we won FINALLY!! i hope & pray george bush is a cowboy fan ..
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

quotes etc..

i love short poems & quotes & i think thats because of my adhd & ocd etc.....heres some of my favorites .. 
african proverbs:
1.if two wise men always agree then one of them is not needed 
2. dont treat loved ones like a swinging door..your fond of them but push them back & forth
3. one who marries only for love will have bad days but good nights
4. a large chair does not make a king

celebrity quotes on racism:
1.i have no color prejudices nor caste prejudices nor creed prejudices all i care to know is that they are a human being and that is enough for me because he cant do any worse
-mark twain
2. racism is not born people its taught..i have a two year old son and you know what he hates..naps end of list
-denis leary

muslim poems:
1. They promised my heart they'd return but what are the promises of a soft girl but illusions
2.  when love falls asleep I turn to it and raise it. My friends tell me to abstain from affliction
     Affliction is the heart, how can I abstain from the heart    

-ayn al-qozat

drinking quotes:
drunk_guy_at_reading01 (Photo credit: gusset)
1. always carry a flask of whiskey in case of snake bite & furthermore always carry a snake
2. always do sober what you said youd do drunk that will teach you to keep your big mouth shut 
-ernest hemingway 
3. im gonna drink you pretty
-the beat farmers
3. i feel sorry for people that dont drink because when they wake up in the morning thats as good as their going feel all day
-frank sinatra 
4. in wine there is wisdom in beer freedom and in water bacteria
-benjamin franklin

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

texas secession ..

where was all this anger & activism when george bush was in office huh.. fuck texas & take south carolina with you please!! we ll even throw in west virginia..Vete a la mierda por favor  figured you would understand it better in spanish since you slaughtered mexicans & stole their land..

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Friday, November 16, 2012

yes & YES..

its a cake with a pie in between each layer..every time i look at this picture my mouth automatically opens..i have no idea what the caloric count is on this concoction & i dont care..sadly too many people have died of starvation & i refuse to be one more..
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

really quick..

i do truly hate that overwhelmed song that sam adams has adopted for their commercials which is a shame because even though im not a real drinker i do like sam adams over beers like miller genuine draft & heineken which taste like a handful of warm dimes i dont like to go on youtube & bomb peoples channels so im going to spew my venom here ..the guy sounds like that goat from the hoodwinked movie..dont believe here take a listen ..
family guy did a spoof of a douche bag college kid with a guitar & it sounds a lot like the overwhelmed song except sung by an actual human & not an animated goat..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

now im getting bitter..

Romney KKK
Romney KKK (Photo credit: JonMartinTravelPhotography)
our crimson necked brethren have truly lost their minds..i dont know if their in shock because they thought it was an easy win as my father used to say "its all over but the shout" or is it the fact that a black guy won AGAIN & the "birther" thing just didnt stick..trump is a lot of things an asshole misogynist an obnoxious bore etc...but hes not dumb & if there was any way to prove his birther claims he would have gotten it done but alas it was not to the klan i mean tea party & their stick kicking in bred partners in crime are trying to secede from the u.s. & SHOCKER shit carolina has their name at the top of the list to bail..i say let them go give the citizens that want to remain in the u.s. a week to handle their business then id shut down the border of every backstabbing state involved..there would be no tax returns no pension payments no federal govt help of any kind & if you want to cross the border you will need a passport & there will be tariffs on all goods..its funny how this same issue came up when george w. bush won the 2nd time around but was quickly crushed & swept under the rug..but since this involves the doughy soft feelings of "right thinking" americans it has to be taken seriously..i read a great article & wished i had saved it but it basically said people like ted nugent & rush "wheres my pain pills" limbaugh are at the root of the problem because they "right thinking" americans such as walmart & others pay employees very little money no health insurance & then bitch & moan because the person has to get food stamps to make ends meet ..theres a russian saying that goes a fish rots from the head & i think that says it all..look park your pickup truck have another piece of chicken fried steak & shut the hell up..
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

love em hate em..

i love meeting & talking to new people because of their life experiences & stories but im left to wonder what kind of world will it be for my lovely granddaughter when shes my age..this election has reminded me that people fucking SUCK!! if your biracial or multiracial your black period end of story & that means your automatically a nigger the first time something doesnt go right for the master waiting to hear about some random black person getting killed behind last nights election results & once again theres no way that black people alone could have gotten him reelected but black people will be alone in enduring the retribution that is on the horizon look at the large numbers of interracial marriages & minority business owners & minorities in the entertainment industry & they are making millions & influencing people but yet membership in hate groups since last years elections have gone through the roof & will most assuredly continue to climb after last can you listen to jay-z while driving to your skinhead those that are pulling their hair out after last night all i can say is good for you now you know how american citizens with brains felt when you voted for george bush TWICE....what a country huh gotta love it ..right??
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Friday, September 7, 2012

just a thought..

Picture of Jesus with American flag
Picture of Jesus with American flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
me & a family member were talking about racism in the church & we got on the subject of the "curse of cain" ..ok for the heathens out there adam & eve originally had two sons cain & able & cain jealous of his brother killed him so god "marked" cain so that others who saw him would treat him like crap early & often ..ok now some in the church used to teach that the "mark" was to make him black & black people didnt have souls which to them justified slavery etc...but i asked her if its widely agreed upon that the garden of eden was located in the middle east i.e. the african continent wouldnt god have made him white? makes more sense to me particularly since according to the bible god had skin of bronze & hair like wool & "man was made in our image"..just a thought..
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Thursday, September 6, 2012


i ll nutshell the last four months for we go .. my s.s.d.i case got pushed back ..the $60k i was supposed to get from my workmans compensation case ended up only being about 1/3 of oldest son was remanded to a mental hospital until his court date later this month & my mom passed after a long illness  .. have a good day!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

someone forgot

its truly sad to see people in israel of all places launching racist attacks against african asylum seekers with the latest being a violent incident that even caught the police off guard because of the tenacity of the israeli protestors..whats been equally as shocking has been the reaction or non reaction from holocaust survivors and heads of state..a member of the knesset israels governing body called african immigrants "a cancer" & when all hell broke loose she apologized .."When I compared the migrant worker phenomenon to cancer I was referring to the way the phenomenon had spread, and not anything else. If anyone took it otherwise and was consequently offended, I apologize and I surely did not intend to hurt either Holocaust survivors or cancer patients," she said.  well it seems they have forgotten..if there are two peoples that should know the pain of racism it would be african americans & this country you see how by & large african americans are live & let live but their jewish brothers particularly those in israel are in a word nasty towards any other race other than "white"..years ago when there was a big push to save ethipoian jews many of them landed in israel & almost overnight racism reared its ugly head..what the u.s. govt should do but wont is have a hiccup with the "aid" thats sent to israel every month..just a "hey we didnt get your invoices in time so youll have to wait until next month..sorry" ..israels continuing bullying of palestinians christians & now asylum seekers should be checked & called out by western governments but it wont happen..these african immigrants are coming from places like the sudan & the last i checked the sudan could never be mistaken for paradise city..with millions killed in the holocaust and being blamed for everything from the world wide financial crisis to every war thats ever been fought since the 1500s you would think the israeli people would be more forgiving & understanding of others but i guess the saying goes "the rose we remember the thorns we forget" & isreal has forgotten in a major & tragic way..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

R.I.P. Chuk

Onstage, October 1, 2005
Onstage, October 1, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
to say chuck brown was a d.c. institution is an understatement..he was the "godfather of go-go" & generations of people of all races in the d.c. metro area listened to his music & it was loved by young & old what is "go-go" is difficult to describe really but youve heard the beats in a number of songs including sunshine andersons "heard it all before" & coldplays "lost" ..its a music that involves the crowd more than any other musical art form with its "call & response" reminiscent of old slave/work relies heavily on percussion instruments & is totally unique to the d.c. metro area & chuck blended it with jazz & old old school r&b to form a unique sound within a unique sound.. he performed in the hood & in sold out stadiums all over the world..i had the fortune of visiting the home of a wealthy european diplomat years ago & on a corner table in this grand ball room was a chuck brown tape & it made me smile to know that go-go an obscure to some music was being listened to by someone in this multimillion dollar home..the last time i personally saw chuck was at a gas station a year ago & i spoke & he gave me that big grin of his & said "hey young man how are you" to which i replied we love you chuck & he said i love you too gave me another big smile & got in his car & chuck was one of the rare people that said what he meant..thank you chuck brown for bringing at least for an hour at a time a group of diverse people that normally wouldnt speak two words to each other on the streets of d.c. to have them laughing & calling out together in a fleeting moment of peace & will truly be missed..
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


its been a while i know..before i get started may i just say that this new setup sucks.. now i have $40 in my bank account just in case anyone was feeling bad about their account still home & still not receiving a dime..hopefully this case will be wrapped up by the end of the summer but remember we are talking about me so that means the odd & unforeseen is sure to pay a visit..speaking of unseen i have been having pains in my chest right under my right nipple so i went to the doctor after months of dragging my feet & yes they found a lump so now im waiting for the hospital to cover me for a mammogram..HUH WHOS THE MAN!! granddaughter celebrated her 1st yr on the planet & my oldest son is still locked up........oh i wrote a book  well almost..i still have a little ways to go & i did get a job writing english product descriptions for a hong kong luxury watch that was nice because i have a serious watch fetish so that was a nice pat on the back after all the kicks in the balls ive been meds im on for my bipolar mania makes me really horny & keeps me from sleeping but keeps me pleasant most i type this i have been up for 26 hours straight hours & im as wired as a meth addict doing mountain dew shooters at a nascar youngest son is fine as is my daughter & im out of shit to tell you about unless you want to hear about the experiment i did seeing how long i could keep a pair of pristine white underwear pristine.. 4 days ..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iranian scientist

This image was selected as a picture of the we...Image via Wikipediabecause you guys hang on my every word heres what i think..when WWIII kicks off its going to start in the middle east..see unfortunately man has eventually used there most feared weapon at the time sooner or later..remember hiram maxim really thought that his maxim machine gun would be so devastating & kill so many people in a short time that countries would give up war all together..but alas all it did was make him rich from countries buying every machine gun that he could produce.. iran is whacked out & pakistan is just as whacky but they have india to keep them in check & iran has israel but everyone for what ever reason hates israel with the exception of the U.S. so israel has begun to take out irans scientist & eventually china is going to stick its nose in & then things are going to spiral out of control...israel is NOT going to let iran build a bomb & we are all going to suffer for it one way or another whether its sky high gas prices our kids marching off to another war or living in caves & nuclear winter....
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