Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iranian scientist

This image was selected as a picture of the we...Image via Wikipediabecause you guys hang on my every word heres what i think..when WWIII kicks off its going to start in the middle east..see unfortunately man has eventually used there most feared weapon at the time sooner or later..remember hiram maxim really thought that his maxim machine gun would be so devastating & kill so many people in a short time that countries would give up war all together..but alas all it did was make him rich from countries buying every machine gun that he could produce.. iran is whacked out & pakistan is just as whacky but they have india to keep them in check & iran has israel but everyone for what ever reason hates israel with the exception of the U.S. so israel has begun to take out irans scientist & eventually china is going to stick its nose in & then things are going to spiral out of control...israel is NOT going to let iran build a bomb & we are all going to suffer for it one way or another whether its sky high gas prices our kids marching off to another war or living in caves & nuclear winter....
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