Wednesday, May 30, 2012

someone forgot

its truly sad to see people in israel of all places launching racist attacks against african asylum seekers with the latest being a violent incident that even caught the police off guard because of the tenacity of the israeli protestors..whats been equally as shocking has been the reaction or non reaction from holocaust survivors and heads of state..a member of the knesset israels governing body called african immigrants "a cancer" & when all hell broke loose she apologized .."When I compared the migrant worker phenomenon to cancer I was referring to the way the phenomenon had spread, and not anything else. If anyone took it otherwise and was consequently offended, I apologize and I surely did not intend to hurt either Holocaust survivors or cancer patients," she said.  well it seems they have forgotten..if there are two peoples that should know the pain of racism it would be african americans & this country you see how by & large african americans are live & let live but their jewish brothers particularly those in israel are in a word nasty towards any other race other than "white"..years ago when there was a big push to save ethipoian jews many of them landed in israel & almost overnight racism reared its ugly head..what the u.s. govt should do but wont is have a hiccup with the "aid" thats sent to israel every month..just a "hey we didnt get your invoices in time so youll have to wait until next month..sorry" ..israels continuing bullying of palestinians christians & now asylum seekers should be checked & called out by western governments but it wont happen..these african immigrants are coming from places like the sudan & the last i checked the sudan could never be mistaken for paradise city..with millions killed in the holocaust and being blamed for everything from the world wide financial crisis to every war thats ever been fought since the 1500s you would think the israeli people would be more forgiving & understanding of others but i guess the saying goes "the rose we remember the thorns we forget" & isreal has forgotten in a major & tragic way..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

R.I.P. Chuk

Onstage, October 1, 2005
Onstage, October 1, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
to say chuck brown was a d.c. institution is an understatement..he was the "godfather of go-go" & generations of people of all races in the d.c. metro area listened to his music & it was loved by young & old what is "go-go" is difficult to describe really but youve heard the beats in a number of songs including sunshine andersons "heard it all before" & coldplays "lost" ..its a music that involves the crowd more than any other musical art form with its "call & response" reminiscent of old slave/work relies heavily on percussion instruments & is totally unique to the d.c. metro area & chuck blended it with jazz & old old school r&b to form a unique sound within a unique sound.. he performed in the hood & in sold out stadiums all over the world..i had the fortune of visiting the home of a wealthy european diplomat years ago & on a corner table in this grand ball room was a chuck brown tape & it made me smile to know that go-go an obscure to some music was being listened to by someone in this multimillion dollar home..the last time i personally saw chuck was at a gas station a year ago & i spoke & he gave me that big grin of his & said "hey young man how are you" to which i replied we love you chuck & he said i love you too gave me another big smile & got in his car & chuck was one of the rare people that said what he meant..thank you chuck brown for bringing at least for an hour at a time a group of diverse people that normally wouldnt speak two words to each other on the streets of d.c. to have them laughing & calling out together in a fleeting moment of peace & will truly be missed..
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


its been a while i know..before i get started may i just say that this new setup sucks.. now i have $40 in my bank account just in case anyone was feeling bad about their account still home & still not receiving a dime..hopefully this case will be wrapped up by the end of the summer but remember we are talking about me so that means the odd & unforeseen is sure to pay a visit..speaking of unseen i have been having pains in my chest right under my right nipple so i went to the doctor after months of dragging my feet & yes they found a lump so now im waiting for the hospital to cover me for a mammogram..HUH WHOS THE MAN!! granddaughter celebrated her 1st yr on the planet & my oldest son is still locked up........oh i wrote a book  well almost..i still have a little ways to go & i did get a job writing english product descriptions for a hong kong luxury watch that was nice because i have a serious watch fetish so that was a nice pat on the back after all the kicks in the balls ive been meds im on for my bipolar mania makes me really horny & keeps me from sleeping but keeps me pleasant most i type this i have been up for 26 hours straight hours & im as wired as a meth addict doing mountain dew shooters at a nascar youngest son is fine as is my daughter & im out of shit to tell you about unless you want to hear about the experiment i did seeing how long i could keep a pair of pristine white underwear pristine.. 4 days ..