Friday, September 7, 2012

just a thought..

Picture of Jesus with American flag
Picture of Jesus with American flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
me & a family member were talking about racism in the church & we got on the subject of the "curse of cain" ..ok for the heathens out there adam & eve originally had two sons cain & able & cain jealous of his brother killed him so god "marked" cain so that others who saw him would treat him like crap early & often ..ok now some in the church used to teach that the "mark" was to make him black & black people didnt have souls which to them justified slavery etc...but i asked her if its widely agreed upon that the garden of eden was located in the middle east i.e. the african continent wouldnt god have made him white? makes more sense to me particularly since according to the bible god had skin of bronze & hair like wool & "man was made in our image"..just a thought..
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Thursday, September 6, 2012


i ll nutshell the last four months for we go .. my s.s.d.i case got pushed back ..the $60k i was supposed to get from my workmans compensation case ended up only being about 1/3 of oldest son was remanded to a mental hospital until his court date later this month & my mom passed after a long illness  .. have a good day!!