Sunday, November 25, 2012

texas secession ..

where was all this anger & activism when george bush was in office huh.. fuck texas & take south carolina with you please!! we ll even throw in west virginia..Vete a la mierda por favor  figured you would understand it better in spanish since you slaughtered mexicans & stole their land..

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Friday, November 16, 2012

yes & YES..

its a cake with a pie in between each layer..every time i look at this picture my mouth automatically opens..i have no idea what the caloric count is on this concoction & i dont care..sadly too many people have died of starvation & i refuse to be one more..
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

really quick..

i do truly hate that overwhelmed song that sam adams has adopted for their commercials which is a shame because even though im not a real drinker i do like sam adams over beers like miller genuine draft & heineken which taste like a handful of warm dimes i dont like to go on youtube & bomb peoples channels so im going to spew my venom here ..the guy sounds like that goat from the hoodwinked movie..dont believe here take a listen ..
family guy did a spoof of a douche bag college kid with a guitar & it sounds a lot like the overwhelmed song except sung by an actual human & not an animated goat..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

now im getting bitter..

Romney KKK
Romney KKK (Photo credit: JonMartinTravelPhotography)
our crimson necked brethren have truly lost their minds..i dont know if their in shock because they thought it was an easy win as my father used to say "its all over but the shout" or is it the fact that a black guy won AGAIN & the "birther" thing just didnt stick..trump is a lot of things an asshole misogynist an obnoxious bore etc...but hes not dumb & if there was any way to prove his birther claims he would have gotten it done but alas it was not to the klan i mean tea party & their stick kicking in bred partners in crime are trying to secede from the u.s. & SHOCKER shit carolina has their name at the top of the list to bail..i say let them go give the citizens that want to remain in the u.s. a week to handle their business then id shut down the border of every backstabbing state involved..there would be no tax returns no pension payments no federal govt help of any kind & if you want to cross the border you will need a passport & there will be tariffs on all goods..its funny how this same issue came up when george w. bush won the 2nd time around but was quickly crushed & swept under the rug..but since this involves the doughy soft feelings of "right thinking" americans it has to be taken seriously..i read a great article & wished i had saved it but it basically said people like ted nugent & rush "wheres my pain pills" limbaugh are at the root of the problem because they "right thinking" americans such as walmart & others pay employees very little money no health insurance & then bitch & moan because the person has to get food stamps to make ends meet ..theres a russian saying that goes a fish rots from the head & i think that says it all..look park your pickup truck have another piece of chicken fried steak & shut the hell up..
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

love em hate em..

i love meeting & talking to new people because of their life experiences & stories but im left to wonder what kind of world will it be for my lovely granddaughter when shes my age..this election has reminded me that people fucking SUCK!! if your biracial or multiracial your black period end of story & that means your automatically a nigger the first time something doesnt go right for the master waiting to hear about some random black person getting killed behind last nights election results & once again theres no way that black people alone could have gotten him reelected but black people will be alone in enduring the retribution that is on the horizon look at the large numbers of interracial marriages & minority business owners & minorities in the entertainment industry & they are making millions & influencing people but yet membership in hate groups since last years elections have gone through the roof & will most assuredly continue to climb after last can you listen to jay-z while driving to your skinhead those that are pulling their hair out after last night all i can say is good for you now you know how american citizens with brains felt when you voted for george bush TWICE....what a country huh gotta love it ..right??
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