Sunday, December 30, 2012


id like to take a minute to crow a little bit about my yes MY beloved washington redskins ..for the first time in a long time were{yes WERE now knock it the hell off &let me finish} in the playoffs & beat the hated cowpucks ..theres no one on the planet that hates dallas more than me i cant even root for the dallas mavericks when they play the lakers who i hate almost as much as the cowboys......well actually i dislike the lakers & hate kobe but thats a topic for another time ..heres how much i hate dallas ..a few years ago i exclaimed to a friend that i would cheer for the kkk allstars if they played the cowboys & i meant it then & i still do today but the cowboys are so sad now its funny & i almost feel sorry for them ..every year their picked to go to the superbowl & every year romo throws up on himself & they lose & tonight AH THIS GLORIOUS NIGHT he proved to be consistent & choked out once again ..winner take all & we won FINALLY!! i hope & pray george bush is a cowboy fan ..
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

quotes etc..

i love short poems & quotes & i think thats because of my adhd & ocd etc.....heres some of my favorites .. 
african proverbs:
1.if two wise men always agree then one of them is not needed 
2. dont treat loved ones like a swinging door..your fond of them but push them back & forth
3. one who marries only for love will have bad days but good nights
4. a large chair does not make a king

celebrity quotes on racism:
1.i have no color prejudices nor caste prejudices nor creed prejudices all i care to know is that they are a human being and that is enough for me because he cant do any worse
-mark twain
2. racism is not born people its taught..i have a two year old son and you know what he hates..naps end of list
-denis leary

muslim poems:
1. They promised my heart they'd return but what are the promises of a soft girl but illusions
2.  when love falls asleep I turn to it and raise it. My friends tell me to abstain from affliction
     Affliction is the heart, how can I abstain from the heart    

-ayn al-qozat

drinking quotes:
drunk_guy_at_reading01 (Photo credit: gusset)
1. always carry a flask of whiskey in case of snake bite & furthermore always carry a snake
2. always do sober what you said youd do drunk that will teach you to keep your big mouth shut 
-ernest hemingway 
3. im gonna drink you pretty
-the beat farmers
3. i feel sorry for people that dont drink because when they wake up in the morning thats as good as their going feel all day
-frank sinatra 
4. in wine there is wisdom in beer freedom and in water bacteria
-benjamin franklin

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