Thursday, December 19, 2013

oh india

in india there were a series of gang rapes of women with one resulting in death & 99% of the people that took to the streets in outrage were women you have this woman devyani khobragade the deputy consul general (& gorgeous i might add) was arrested & strip searched in new york city by a female police who has taken to the streets in mass  throwing things at the american embassy in india..hmmm? yeah men & lots of em ..making threats & waxing philosophical about how things should have been handled & how "this outrage wont stand". WELL .. you know what else is an outrage..the fact that after these poor girls got gang raped you were probably blaming the victims for wearing revealing clothes or some such nonsense..another outrage is the fact you dont want dark complexioned indians at your universities because they "take away slots from your friends & should not be there anyway" have scores of starving people EVERYWHERE but yet because of religion you have cows with gold chains & hats walking city streets & in many cases stepping over the the strip searching of a diplomat in a police precinct & not out in the middle of the street should be a tiny issue in comparison with everything else you have going on in that 150 degree mad max beyond thunderdome of a country you live in..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

hes not funny...period!

i dont know about the rest of the world but in this continually deteriorating country yet another hack has saddled up to the tit of america & is draining it dry & the people applaud & reward him ..kevin hart is one of the most unfunny people ever to make a million dollars in this country since dane cook ..i mean hes just...........awful ..& ive tried to like him i truly family was yucking it up over & over again one weekend watching one of his stand up acts so i said ive got to see what all the noise is about..sat down & swear to you i laughed once in the first 10minutes & didnt laugh again for another hour..after thinking long & hard about the garbage i was watching & the person putting it out it dawned on me..kevin hart is that really annoying kid that rode on your school bus & sat under the cool kids trying to get accepted by doing things such as licking the floor or making fun of a fat girl..hes the type that after saying a little too much & having someone getting down on their knees in order to get nose to nose with him he would cower make a joke & flee ..& now america is showering this asschild with millions ..hes in the new stallone de niro movie now & has another coming out with ice cube really disappointed in this country & that is happening more & more often lately ..i could see a few people liking him because hey some people like eating pig brains & watching red necks driving around in a circle for 10hrs but it still doesnt make it entertainment ..well at least GOOD entertainment ..kevin hart sucks

Monday, November 18, 2013

greetings from the 1800s

a story that didnt get a lot of national news & NO international news was the murder of another black young person by the hands of another scared white person..this time around the black person was a 5'4 inch 19 yr old young lady named reneisha mcbride..on nov 2nd ms.mcbride was in an accident & went to the home of 54 yr old theodore paul wafer who shot the young lady in the face on his porch in the early hours of that mcbride was unarmed & there were no signs of forced entry on mr.wafers home..according to him he feared she was "breaking in" & basically stepped outside shot her in the face & went back into his home to call the police..i know right!!  yeah so anyway he wasnt charged until the 15th ..yes over 2 weeks later & in the mean time the only part of this story the media seemed to be interested in was that of her blood alcohol level which was in all honesty double the legal limit to take all of this in ok ..a 5'4 inch unarmed drunk woman was a threat to a sober man with a gun..yeah ha ha wheew....back in september of this year a young black man was shot & killed by police while seeking help after he was in an accident ..& no nothing happened to the officers that murdered that young what have we learned here hmm? well if you are a black person & you get into an accident in a "white" area you may want to take your chances at not bleeding out & hoping an ambulance stumbles upon you strictly by chance rather than facing an almost assured death sentence by knocking on doors..the gun has replaced the noose but the sentiment is the same
.life for a person of color here in 1800s america is always rough & often times deadly ..

Friday, November 15, 2013

oprah ..please just.....just shut up

i read oprahs comments today about obama being a victim of racism & the office of the presidency being disrespected & citing things that happened during his first term..well for one DUH america is a extremely racist country but where was all of this outrage during his first term or for that fact where was all of this concern months ago?..see the real issue is this new pig thats been rolled out called the affordable care act or "obama care"'s been nothing more than a data mining vehicle gets all of your info & then kicks you out of the system..the owner & creator of mcafee software mr.john mcafee says that he was contacted by the administration about fixing the issue with the system but says "every time i would try to set up a date to meet with them they would put me off..they would say we ll pay for your travel & then they said they wouldnt & i still wanted to meet with them so i said dont worry about it..then they kept changing dates so finally i said forget it because youre not serious about fixing this you just want to be able to use my name as if im advising you & i wont be a part of this..junk it & start over" another fly in the ointment has been participating compaines have seen their rates go up 100-400% but oprah & the rest of their chicago mob would like to deflect criticism by throwing the race card on the table..people are finally starting to wake up ever so slowly to the fact that this president with all of his coolness & hip hop flair & fist bumping has little to no substance & is more george w. bush than savior..between the false flag attacks spying & the purging of almost 200 top military officers in 5yrs something is going on here something a lot more serious than skin color..oprah stick to what you do best shopping eating & making bad movies & if you have to open that big trap let some real info come out of that burger pit of yours..PLEASE!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

the short & sweet story of steve harvey..

& why hes a scumbag..i wrote something similar to that line in the comment section of a youtube video of his & was shocked by the backlash..people really are ill informed & dont care to find any of the information on their own..lazy..yes thats it flat out LAZY! ..for my foreign readers steve harvey is a comedian & actor who parlayed that into becoming an author & talk show host specializing in relationship your asking "well whats wrong with that" & for most people youd be right for asking but in his case everything is wrong with it..heres the short & sweet .. he met & married a woman when he had nothing & she supported him & help him build up a mini empire & when he was about at his zenith he dumped her but wait.....not only did he dump her his mistress decided to call the wife & brag about theyre sexual tryst in detail..he left & took their son with him leaving her with nothing..he got her evicted out of the home they shared had her removed from all of the business' they shared & then THEN set out to sue her because she went public & oprah winfrey changed her mind on having his show on her ..ha ha get this.. hes giving relationship advice in books & on tv & even had a cameo in a movie about how to "think like a man" ..what a pair of balls on this jackass whats next cannibals with cookbooks & chef shows..peeping toms selling camera equipment? ..this is why the u.s. is doomed..half of the dummies watching this thick mustached idiot & supporting him dont know what he did to his wife & the other half dont care..these are the same morons that supported & still support r.(hide your teenage daughter) kelly... idiots the lot em'!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

veterans day..what a sham!

in this country veterans are only thanked for as long as their useful to the war mongers ..when vets come back that are broken mentally broken physically their pushed aside & ignored.. after so many volunteered for war in the wake of 9/11 they find themselves homeless or a pay check away from being homeless ..hungry & having to beg for the benefits that were promised them.."thanks to our brave men & women who are protecting us" ..blow it outta your ass..what you have them protecting are your oil pipelines your poppy fields your gold & precious minerals operations that you are pulling out of the earth in afghanistan..what most people dont realize even though it was right there in the news is that before the war started in afghanistan the taliban were guest of the u.s. in texas of all places to discuss a proposed pipeline thru the country..the taliban refused & were told "we can lay you down a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs"..well we see what happened right..unfortunately people either dont or wont study this countries history enough to know that pretty much every war the u.s. has been involved in had some ulterior motive & an extremely murky flash point..nothing is ever what it seems when the government starts to beat the drums of war..all of these brave people in the prime of their lives volunteered after 9/11 thinking they were doing the right thing at the right time they come back in coffins or with missing limbs waking terrors mental illness & on top of that they are given substandard care in most cases & although they were sent to war in a snap now that theyre trying to get much needed benefits & get into programs the system drags along at a snails pace..suicides happen daily ..drug & alcohol abuse is rampant & the government still has the audacity to say "we honor our brave men & women on this day" ..why dont you honor them with some of that oil or heroine money youre raking in..i wish they would let me design the "government official wing" in start them out daily with a 6ft slide down a razor blade into a tub of rubbing alcohol ..naked rattle snake wrestling ..tooth removal with pliers & then fill their mouths with hornets & end the day with a nice refreshing acid bath..overnight theyre bodies would heal & wed repeat the whole thing over again..& again..let me get my resume together im going to try to make this happen..

Saturday, November 9, 2013

the differences between..

i was on youtube recently & if you are ever looking for a good laugh just go to any video & i mean ANY video & read the comments..people are constantly trashing each other..there was one video whos comments made me sit up & take notice & it bothered me a was about the belief that black men date white women because they can dominate them or the other argument was that black men avoid black women because they are basically seeing that im so brilliant ive decided to wade into this cesspool of an argument & try to clear & purify the murky depths{yeah im laughing too}..ok the way i see it is there is partial truth in both statements but just a these are seems white women are more easy going which to some is seen as being subservient which is totally untrue..rather they seem to pick their battles & if it's not something major they tend to just move in point ..interracial couple are out on a date & they run into the guys ex ..everyone is cordial he introduces his girlfriend as his "girlfriend" ..everyone says hello & parts ways..his girlfriend {white} says "oh shes thats the ex" he replies "yeah thats her.".she replies "lets stop for pizza on the way home" ..he replies "ok" lets remove the white girlfriend & insert a black girlfriend ..they run into his ex..he introduces his girlfriend as "girlfriend" ..girlfriend barely speaks & rolls her eyes..its super uncomfortable so everything is cut short..they walk away & the girlfriend says "oh shes why did you guys break up again" ..he says "just didnt work out..who cares im with you now" ..her- "oh i couldnt tell because it looked like you were really checking her out..thats probably where you were monday when you were late"..him- "are you knew where i was"..-her "i know where you said you were"..him- "oh my fucking god i cant believe you..i just wanted to hang out with my girl & enjoy a saturday night"..her "yeah whatever" later on that night in the interracial couples house..her-"that was some good pizza"..him-"yeah it was..we should make that a regular stop" ..her-"id be so fat..then youd leave me"..him-"ha way ..more cushion for the pushin" home with the the black girlfriend ..her-"if i see that bitch again im gonna punch her right in the face" ..him-" WHAT..not again..that was 4hrs ago ..are you back on that?" ..her- "yeah i am because i got a vibe off that broad when you were with her"..him- "fuck this im outta here"..her-"oh youre gonna leave huh..coward?" hour later the police looking deeper into this what i see is not a "crazy" black woman but one that has been dumped on constantly by sorry ass black men...i dont see a "weak" white woman i see a woman who hasnt been damaged {as much} in relationships & realizes that when you have a good man you need to treat him as such & if youre disrespected or hurt by something then speak up but if not just let things go because in the grand scheme of things its not a big deal .. black men need to treat black women better & in turn black women have to stop attacking every black man no matter what color of women he chooses to date & if you have a good man of any color you need to treat him as such & vice seems that black women that date outside of their "race" tend to have more patience with those men than they would a black man..for me this is all nonsense because race doesnt matter at all to me but for some of you this seems to be a really important subject so try to take the advice that ive given you & one more women have a little more respect not only for black men but for yourself ..wearing next to nothing & a head full of horse hair sends the wrong kind of screams "hoodrat" please walk all over me..seriously a guy ..guys talk..this is what we talk about ..

Friday, November 1, 2013

well well well..

i hate to say i told you so predicted people will continue to get shot & killed with the very same weapons that the government has been trying to get today at lax airport someone supposedly got an ar-15 rifle into the airport..look i was in the military & thats nearly  impossible because if you break it down so that you can quickly slam the receiver back up & push in a bolt what you have is something about the length of a baseball bat but bent into an L are you going to get that thru the if you pop out both bolts you have two smaller sections that you could put into a bag on top of each other BUT you would have to in clear view of hundreds pull out the two halves & pop both bolts in & put in a magazine..although were talking less than a minute you would be seen & pounced on..its really not feasible..possible yes just waiting to hear that there was a "government exercise" going on near or in the airport we have the boston bombing with 2 brothers running around with black backpacks in a sea of other people who havent been identified also with black backpacks all with the same logos on them & the brothers uncle has ties to the c.i.a. (look it up) have right her in d.c. a person with a top secret clearance complaining that hes under mental attack & hearing voices & is checked out & sent back to work..really? if you get a d.u.i. & have a top secret clearance you could lose it..he got on a secure military base IN the nations capitol with a bag of weapons & oh by the way when the shooting started there was a tactical unit at the gates within 3 minutes & they were told to stand down & were not let in for about another 30-45mins..the head of that unit was so angry he went public & was promptly reassigned.. now we have lax ..look im not a conspiracy theorist by nature but when you keep seeing these patterns over & over again & the only people that stand to benefit is the administration that wants all firearms banned it really makes you in the presidents own home base of chicago illinois there are shootings constantly..from old people to babies are gunned down & it barely makes the august of this year there were 6 deaths & 27 people wounded in 24hrs there & it barely made a blip & the president has addressed the ongoing carnage there maybe once.i guess since it was in the "hood" not a public place it really doesnt heres the weird part..ready?? the state of illinois has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation as did my city washington d.c. back in the 90s when we were the murder capitol of the u.s. with more murders per capita than any other city..we were called Dodge City during those days & guns of any kind were banned for the public..heres one more tidbit ..5 people were killed in new york city last week one an infant but it never made the national news..want to know why? it was done with a knife & that doesnt play into the game plan..WOW as i type this i keep getting an error pop up "this post cant be saved" all of the times ive posted things THAT has never happened..all coincidence i guess..right?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

not gonna say i told you so but.....

as ive said before mass shootings in this country are going to continue to happen until every gun owner is stripped of all of their rights..this shooting here in d.c. was truly tragic..a friend of mine has a coworker whos spouse was killed so when i say this i dont take it lightly..with all due respect this government just does not care about its own citizens..this shooting happened so that a vote could be taken on syria & the public & news agencies would be focused on who what why in this shooting..ive been to the navy yard years ago before all of the terrorist threats & massive security upgrades & let me tell you even back then it would be easier for you to rob a bank than it would be for you to bring a gun on base let alone 2 or 3..every time the government goes against the wishes of its citizens here lately a shooting happens..if you do a little research on the dates youll see that im right because i already checked..members of the military have taken to social networks to voice their unwillingness to go to war in syria to assist terrorist & on top of that over 80% of u.s. citizens are against any military action in syria but yet the government ignores us..they ignore the calls from around the world to stop..they ignore the videos of "freedom fighters" cutting off body parts of syrian soldiers & eating them..they ignore the videos of these fighters chanting "death to israel" ..if you told me a decade ago that this administration would support terrorist & at the same time supports locking up its own citizens without due process & holding them indefinitely i wouldve thought you were on drugs..this world is going to hell & here in the u.s. we are in the front of the train..
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

can you hear those drums??

i was sitting here watching john kerry address congress & the american people & once again the u.s. has "rock solid evidence" of another country doing horrific things to its citizens & beating the drums of war.."we want to enact a series of limited strikes on syria" & im paraphrasing here- send a message to countries such as iran & north korea that you cant do what you want & a message to israel & our allies that they can count on us..well heres the problem with north korea they dont give a shit because they have been killing their own citizens by the thousands for years & years & because they have nuclear weapons the west acts like a toy poodle barking loud & strong from the safety of their masters arms..the west wants no part of a war with north korea because north korea is fully capable of taking their pound of flesh from the west & war with iran would be a nightmare as well..again the west wants to appease israel a country that is starving out the palestinians  & routinely killing them for any & no reason..the u.s. needs to take some of that cruise missile money & take care of the broken & homeless vets from iraq & afghanistan here in this cousin tells me stories weekly about friends of her marine corp officer husband who knows vets that cant get their retirement money or help from injuries ..there was one navy couple who was about to be evicted because they had no money after he was booted out on a medical discharge & cant work..the wife in a brilliant move of dirty pool placed all of their belongings on the lawn with a sign that read "were forced to sell everything because the military lied to us"..after being shamed the local government & the military stepped in & did what they were supposed to be doing in the first place..for my foreign friends id like you to know that here in the u.s. vets are killing themselves at an alarming rate..vets are committing violent acts left & right & being thrown in prison also at alarming rates..they are crying out for help but the only thing theyre getting back in return is a cold shoulder & the sound of drums in their ears..WAR DRUMS!!...& the band played on.........

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Monday, September 2, 2013

nothing really..

just dropping by to say hello....well i was really sleepy & as usual my mind started spinning & i ended up pissed off & wide awake so here i am online ..AGAIN....i was reading an article about all of the supposed d.l. or "down low" entertainers like eddie murphy etc..& for some reason it made me want to check out some porn..shocker right?? anyway ive realized a few porn related things & it seems as if they may never change..1. "black people" porn is boring as hell..its the same thing every time..guy sits on couch big butt broad comes in wearing a thong that has totally been swallowed by her ass..the guy inspects her ass then gets her nude & inspects her ass some more then pulls out a bottle of baby oil & spreads all over her ass for 10mins..she gives him oral for 15mins he returns the favor for 30seconds then in this order..doggie style ..her on top..oral for him again ..doggie shot..EVERY SINGLE MOVIE EVERY SINGLE SCENE & the script reads as follow.."aw shit aw shit".."yeah baby aw shit"....2. porn chicks have the worst breast implants..they look painfully hard with aureolas the size of tea saucers ...3. interracial porn 90% of the time involves a black amazon & a white guy with a 4inch looks sad before they even amateur porn people please turn on a light!! your black shes black the rooms dark..hello you cant see looks like shadows from two vans bumping into each other...5. british porn is unwatchable..that accent is not made for porn.."look ah dot bum..crackin ..sock my wanker yeah"...that shit is not hot..6. WHY do you dumbasses give oral then put on a condom WTF is ingest the filth then put on a condom? they are germs moron its not snake venom ..if you ingest IT you GET IT..get it dummy?   7. & this is for all of you women out there...bald is not beautiful its just not..i dont want to be reminded of diaper changing when i look at porn..grow some damn hair please...8.interracial does not just mean black..if an asian woman bangs a white guy its interracial but the only time you see that tag used is when a black person is in the always on race watch so knock it off...9. heres the new thing..fake agents...yeah these guys setup an office & put out ads for adult modeling & con these women into banging on film for free with the promise of porn jobs in the near future..i feel kinda bad for the girls because one site really prays on college chicks & yeah i know i know..they should know better but still..but it leaves me with one question & one troubling thought..first they rarely use condoms & testing is never discussed in the interviews they show..second..a lot of them have boyfriends & husbands so does this mean that there are more women under 30 being really dumb or is sex like a hello now & when did that happen when did a relationship start to add up to crap?  finally porn chicks with all the screaming think there fooling anyone..i mean i know their technically called "actresses" but come the hell take 10+ inches in the front & back door on a regular bases so you have to have next to no sensation down there..then they work with a smaller guy & they act as if theyre sitting on a baseball bat..BULLSHIT!! ..anyway im even angrier now so im going to go & watch the rest of the China Il marathon.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

you lying sack of..

to say that this {the U.S.} has gone to hell would be putting it lightly ..i have all but stopped watching the news because it drives me up the wall some days & i have enough stresses right now..last week unfortunately i caught a story with a white house official stating that the u.s. was choosing not to get involved with egypt even though people were dying there by the hundreds..i almost blew my top & turned the channel so that i wouldnt throw my remote thru the screen ..after that talking head said what he said i couldnt help but think back to all of the conspiracy theories involving libya & why the u.s. went in & helped take over lybia..well it seems they may have been on to something..they overthrew gaddafi & now nato is threatening syria..hmm whats the one thing that libya & syria have that egypt does not.......OIL..very good people 2 points for you!!  so is that the reason the u.s. is choosing not to take over another arab country..well yes..yes it is..heres the recipe for keeping the u.s. from kicking in your front door. A. do whatever they tell you to do  B. make sure you dont have any oil reserves..if you do burn them now..or C. posses nuclear weapons..if you cant manage any of those three things then you my friend are on borrowed on top of that obabma had the audacity to look into the camera a week or so ago & say that "he had no interest in spying on americans" but yet every major cellular & internet carrier has been forced to turn over names & phone numbers of every subscriber & there are so many drones in some communities that a county in colorado wants to pass a law to be able to post bounties on & shoot down these drones when possible..i had so much hope for obama when he came into office but hes out bushing george bush & that is really really sad but as long as he sings al green & fist bumps people we stupid ass americans will continue to love & give him the benefit of the doubt while he takes away all of our rights..well im going to wrap this up by saying...wait...whats that a drone outside of my window....damn it gotta go!!!!!!
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

and i then turned my attention to baltimore..

i could bang on baltimore i.e. baghdad all day everyday but it would quickly stop being picking on the slow kid but today their rag of a newspaper figured it would take a shot at washington d.c. & that will just not now im full of venom & turning my attention to you baltimore ..for my foreign readers you may know baltimore as the city that stood up to the british during the war of 1812 & where the star spangled banner was written or as the city immortalized by the director john waters in the movie "hair spray" take those things & throw in some phenomenal success from their sports teams over the years & you would think that baltimore or bmore as they like to call it would be one of the greatest cities in the states but you ha would be greatly mistaken..bmore is one of the is a filthy sad city that rest all of their hopes & dreams on their sports teams..see heres the d.c. baltimore dynamic ..other than sports they have little to nothing..d.c. is like that school that your school hated but secretly envied ..the kids are richer & know it & even the poor kids are good looking..the saddest case in d.c. could go to bmore & be crowned king or queen of the city if they chose but even the saddest case here would rather live on the streets than in a house in bmore..if any of you are thinking of taking your vacation there please dont do it..other than the inner harbor which comprises about 4 city blocks there is nothing there..its a wasteland & you are never more than 500 feet away from someone shooting up heroine & dancing in the streets or taking a nap while standing on a street corner aka "dope nodding" ..heres what you should do ..vacation in d.c. & do a day trip to baltimore although after only a couple of hours youll be fleeing to your car in horror..the entire city smells of old bay & its clad in a depressing shade of gray..there are some streets that the sun even refuses to shine on & thats the truth..i have family there & i know of what i speak..baltimore likes to think of itself as winning in the rivalry between them & d.c. but heres the rivalry "d.c. residents dont give it a second thought"..the only people that are focused on this "rivalry" are the baltimorons ..its like jersey city in a rivalry with new york city ..only when baghdad takes the time to do an entire article about how theyre sports teams are better than the teams in d.c. & how much better they are than their rivals to the south ONLY then do washingtonians dip down their versace shades to gaze upon the horror that is baltimore & snicker & then go back to their jobs of making the country run.. let me wrap this up for of the most prestigious universities in the country is located in baltimore johns hopkins university..its situated in one of the worst neighborhoods in this hemisphere including those in haiti ..thats baltimore ..every girl over the age of 15 regardless of race has a baby on their hip & at least one parent in the throws of addiction..every street comes complete with pot holes corrupt cops & at least one abandoned house..a graveyard the size of a large village dominates the entire center of the city & you wouldnt send your dog to 90% of the schools there..if youve seen the wire just take away the sunshine & thats pretty much the reality of life there..1 good sports team 1 ok sports team an aquarium a hard rock cafe & seafood..thats all there is in baghdad congrats you have a good football team but every morning when you wake up youre still in baltimore..heres what i see when i take a ride through MY city in the evening..

Friday, July 19, 2013

for my european readers..

im now going to illustrate the problem this country has with race & why this trayvon martin case has sparked such an uproar the u.s. as you know we love to wag our finger at others & tell them how to live while doing much worse to our own the declaration of independence it says "all men are created equal" but slavery was not abolished in this country until 86 or so years later even though about 1-20 american soldiers were black, hell george washington trashed letters that were sent to him from black soldiers who were u.s. army would be reintegrated until the korean war in the 1950s..ive heard white people in this country tell a black person to go back to africa even though its a better than great chance that the black person in questions family has been here a lot longer than theres ..ive had discussions & many white people do not think theres a problem with race in this country..they seem totally oblivious to black people getting passed over for jobs, promotions, housing etc...they like to say black people are along comes this trayvon martin the state of florida which is as south as you can go & oh by the way the southerners try to paint themselves as progressive now but trust me i have family all over the south & theres still a lot of banjo picking muddy pickup driving moonshine swilling cousin banging going on down there..its changed some in most spots but not at all in a florida theres a "stand your ground law" which i know my euro friends this is going to sound like something out of the old west but this garbage is the real deal.."stand your ground" states that if your minding your business {like zimmerman was not} & someone approaches you on the street or in a hallway, in a public park or even in a church parking lot you have the permission of the state of florida to shoot & kill that person..let that sink the "i hate jews & blacks crowd" said zimmerman was right because that kid was a thug & the kid was bruce lee & was killing a man that at the time had at least 30 pounds on him..well anyway as you know the fat gunslinger walked off into the sunset BUT wait there was a similar case that flew under the radar..the case of a florida woman marissa alexander who is married but had a restraining order on her husband..he was at her house & an argument ensued..he has a history of spousal abuse & their two small children were in the living room when this happened..he started to come after her she drew her gun & fired one warning shot into the wall of home stopping him in his tracks..police showed up & arrested keep in mind it wasnt until an outcry by the public did the police arrest zimmerman..despite the restraining order..despite having a gun permit..despite having a license to conceal & carry that gun she was arrested & charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because of her abusive ex & 2 children being n the house when she fired the shot.. and AND she was given 20years..yes twenty..why how could this happen??..well shes black you silly europeans.. key the james brown song "living in america"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

send in the clown

as you may or may not have heard rush limbaugh has given himself the green light to say "nigga"..he says that the young lady in the Trayvon Martin trial cleared everyone to use it by saying nigger is bad nigga is ok because it means a group of men, a group of chinese men could be he goes on to say "so now im clear to say it, i can go to the laundromat & call all the chinese guys the N word now" hes free to say nigga & all chinese men work at ive said before hes a fat  clown & this circus of a trial has him pulling up in his clown car..only mental defectives would take him seriously but unfortunately this country seems to be overrun with them..heres whats gonna of these mouth breathers is gonna call a black guy a "nigga" & the black guy is going to open up & the black guy is going to rain down blows on the inbred & then hes gonna get shot & killed by the crimson necked jerk...I GUARANTEE you that will happen before the year is out if not before the summer is over..this abortion of a trial has now given the camouflage & pickup truck brigade a literal get out of jail free card to talk shit then shoot when when a kick to the chops looms in their immediate future.. obama has taken office & damn near everything is worse than it was from the time gomer pyle bush was in office..are you aware that there was a task force working on the aryan brotherhood of texas & taking them down & obama has removed all of the members of the task force except for 1 person 1 ONE UNO person...someone needs to call out that fat drug addict rush limbaugh..someone other than howard stern who despises limbaugh,,someone from government with some balls..i dont know like an african american politician  ..hey the presidents mostly black but alas hes no balls..the russians have a saying "a fish rots from the head"..this whole sad ass country does have a strange aroma about it these days..

Sunday, July 14, 2013

are you calm??

after such a tragic case i hate to say i told you so BUT.... it seems now everyone is so incensed that once again the talk of "somebody is going to kill him" has once again begun..the same way "they" were going to kill the rodney king beating cops or OJ or kasey anthony etc..but all of these people are still very much alive..i think its more wishful thinking than anything else..honestly the only person i can think of that got what was coming to them was jeffrey dahmer.. now my mental issues beckon me to call for his head also but my meds tell me that the only prudent path left to take is that of a civil trial..take his money ..& oh yes hes going to make a lot of it & be the toast of the town in the NRA & kkk circles even though hes a latino..its amazing how rednecks will back any other race that goes against the african american sure "they" could justify almost any killing of a black person by a white person..well people i hope this trial didnt come as too big of a shock to you as it did with some of my family & friends..i tried to warn you i really did..hopefully these facts will help brace you for the next round of slights .. 1-3 black men are or will be a part of the u.s. prison system ..of students that are arrested 70% are black or hispanic while white students tend to get a slap on the wrist....once arrested african american children are much more likely to be sent to adult just digest that and keep calm..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

keep calm..

look zimmerman is going to walk so you may as well get ready for it..i just hope this doesnt turn into a rodney king burn baby burn situation..people seem shocked that the state is faltering in proving it's case but if you remember the police dept. initially didnt even want to press charges & it wasnt until an outcry from the public did they do so..least we forget were talking about the state of florida the state that couldnt convict casey anthony..i knew they were doomed when instead of everyone digesting the facts of the states witness all they could talk about is how "illiterate" the one female witness was, someones ability to enunciate has nothing to do with there ability to be a has nothing to do with the want to know what happened i ll tell you.. for the sake of time will go "kid" & "weasel" .. kid goes to the store..weasel walks his dog..weasel is looking for trouble because he packs a trust me when i was sane i had a gun & on occasion i carried it with me & if something even hinted as if it may go south i was gonna become yosemite kid leaves store is walking home..weasel sees kid..weasel calls cops then remembers hes packn heat so he decides to be wyatt earp..cops ask him not to but weasels mind is made up..kid sees weasel & lets friend know weasel is stalking him..weasel confronts kid kid dismisses weasel..kid continues on but weasel confronts kid again & either put his hands on kid or blocked kids way kid pushes weasel weasel grabs kid..kid ends up on top of weasel & is whupn weasels ass..weasels yells out then grabs gun & kills kid..THATS what those of you that want to blame the kid you like me are insane..if the weasel didnt go bother the kid the kid would be alive & the weasel would be at home overeating on his own dime instead of the tax payers.. simple street dont bother someone that isnt bothering you & the kid was just walking home.dont forget now the weasel is the one with a police record not the know full well if someone impedes you from going home for no reason at all after a few minutes any of us would grab that person around the collar & if its man v. man youre gonna make
sure that man cant bother you long enough for you to go on your way..if the kid was a wimp this wouldve never have been an issue because the weasel wouldve dished out the punishment then let the kid go..there was a case where an asshole ran in a womans house & attacked her but the lady had a pitbull {highly recommended for everyone} & the dog set fire to this guy & the guy ran out in the street where the dog chased & bit him, the lady didnt call the dog off until the police got there, now the asshole is suing the lady because the dog attacked him in the street, they took the ladys dog & may put the dog to sleep.. now i ask you whos at fault the dog or the weasel i mean asshole?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

one more..

im bored & in a bad mood so heres one it me or does it seem to be open season on anyone that isnt white & ends up in t.v.? from the little texas kid singing the national anthem to the cheerios interracial couple backlash to the almost weekly "jungle" references  made by republicans toward the first when the elder george bush was there with his racist  powdered wig wife & dummy bush was their with his stiff faced pot dealing wife the republicans were silent but after this 2nd win its fire at will & unfortunately all of these meth addicted stick kicking hillbillies think its fine to call & email one nasty remark after the next because their dumbass leaders are doing it so hey why not....i felt so bad for that little kid who poured his heart & soul into singing the national anthem to the point he was in tears only to be bashed as a thank you..if these slack jawed inbreeds would take the time to do a little research they wouldve found out the kid was born here as were his parents & his dad is a u.s. marine but of course none of that matters because he's a little more tan than usual & has a spanish there any wonder as to why this country is on a swift decline ..half the people dont know how many states there are the other half dont know there own state capitol or how many planets there are or who were the axis & who were the allies during WWII..those are some of the same crimson necked navel pickers that say "go back to africa" even though the average black persons family was here before his lice ridden ancestors showed up..let's not forget who the original "monkeys" were.........they were the irish..look up old cartoons depicting early irish settlers in this country huh..monkeys dressed like leprechauns with pilgrim shoes on & a drink in one hand named "patty" or "mick" ..i dont want anyone reading this to get up on their high horse because were all from some place else & when that race got to this country they were not welcomed..well all except for black folks who have been here in this hypocritical country before it was a country & some came by will others against their will .. mexicans got kicked out of their own lands i.e. the american south west & are now mocked... the irish were seen as ultra breeding lazy drunks..the jews please where do i indians come here from slums that look like something out of a bad post apocalyptic horror movie & they look down on african americans..its a sad personally i think the government uses race to keep the weak minded focused on cheerios commercials while they rob you blind & its working..its always worked & until the masses grow & evolve & realize that as a human race were regressing we have NO HOPE..