Sunday, January 13, 2013

sandy hook anyone

a friend turned me onto a video about the sandy hook conspiracy & i will share it with you here..
now i know some of you are turned off already & rolling your eyes so please feel free to move on down the internet highway dont let me keep you..but for those of you that know your countries history im sure youll want to watch the brings up many valid points & a lot of questions are raised such as why was there a facebook donation page set up days in advance & how is it that robbie parkers "daughter" isnt registered at the school & she appears in pictures with president obama a few days after the massacre..i would just ask that you watch the entire video before you pass judgement because things just dont add up..yeah yeah i know what your thinking the government would never do that they wouldnt hurt us well you need to study the history of this country..the gulf of tonkin incident was made up to draw us into war dumbass bush with plans to invade iraq on his desk year one of his first term..the tuskegee experiment..the CIA admitting to kidnapping & drugging people to document the effects in the 70s..agent orange in vietnam ..chemtrails & the links to super high rates of allergies aspergers autism & morgellons disease that just popped outta the blue like a bad science experiment that causes you to grow red & blue fibers out of your skin for starters.. also why is fluoride in EVERYTHING..its a toxic chemical & countries such as england germany japan south korea austria & the netherlands to name a few do not use it & their teeth are just fine..theres a reason kids dont use adult toothpaste & theres a warning on the label for you not to ingest gotta be shitn me!! do not ingest something im putting into my mouth ..ok..anyway watch the video or not & mark my words there will be more incidents if there isnt gun legislation because thats the goal..i told a good friend of mine that right after the batman movie shooting & here we are yet again ..
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

since you asked here she is

i adore pitbulls & here she is .."sasha" is a 100lb bruiser & walking her is like walking a slow moving freight train & she wrecks my back every time i shes a little different than most pits in that she looks fearsome & is..shes not fond of strangers etc but if i know someone is coming over i can prepare her & after she sees that im relaxed she ll me with my supershort temper i tend to keep her on edge since she really feeds off of the vibe in the room.. shes a great dog & anyone that can accommodate a dog the size of a pit {usually 40-60lbs} you really should own one..their loyal to death literally & because of the whole "fighting dog" thing they naturally have a high pain threshold so little kids pulling on their ears & tail wont result in a bite like those oversized squirrels i see in some peoples handbags masquerading as dogs..anywho just do it & you can be like that one white guy that has a legitimate black friend you ll have a pitbull & people will say "hey my friend has one" youll be THAT guy & thats cool ..    
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

moron ..

is fantasia  in fantasy land comparing her issues with those of the gay & lesbian community seeking equality in marriage ..shes gotta be shitn me..fantasia for real?? a person is born gay you cant be taught to enjoy a penis if your already rocking your own & hetero men that dont like going down on a woman cant even be taught to like that..seriously think about landing here from an alien world & seeing that thing would you want to put your mouth on that AH fantasia lets discuss the issue that you saw as being the same hmmm wrecked a home you took a man you knew was married with a family & tried to played dumb some may say you were not playing & that you indeed are dumb but i wouldnt go that far i think you knew the deal & after you got a huge backlash from your fans you did some damage control by playing "i didnt know" ..well i call shenanigans you north american bearded wolfpig .. look stick to screaming in the mic & sweating & let others do the social commentary heavy lifting like me..
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