Monday, March 25, 2013

the greatest comedian of all time is....

god..who else come on!!  he gives fat guys great senses of humor & bad body odor ..he gives fat girls gorgeous faces hair & phone sex operator voices..pimpled face geeks get brains & eventually money but primarily find women that really only want them for the security..rail thin guys get pornstar penises ..rail thin women like their fat sisters get lovely faces & great personalities  their other sisters pasty faced geekettes get great hair for some reason as well as brains & over the top sexuality if/when they find a willing participant .. youve seen them out there big boobs no ass  ..big ass no boobs ..great body but a face like an anime villain..handsome guys bad breath  gorgeous girl but mentally unstable etc...then you have scott disik ..good looking guy with money & fame & a huge schlong from recent reports but all is well dont worry god hooked him up with the kind of personality that in a different area code would land him on his ass with a boot on his throat or worse..taylor swift- insane  john mayer- a racist poon driven jackass  hailie berry j-lo  terrence howard- all insane  ..colin farrell-jerk with several stds ive read  ..angelina jolie-insane  brad pitt-addictted to angelina so that makes him guilty of at least being really wacky  ..tom cruise- scientology i.e. insane dont feel bad my friends its ok could be hot but then you would possibly have hep-c or something relax & go eat another slice of pizza & wash it down with a sundae!!
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

workmans comp

i had to let some time pass before i could give you details since insurance companies scour the internet looking for people telling the truth about how screwed up the system is..ok after being broke up at home for over 4yrs & slowly becoming insane because of it i was given a whopping $20k ..yep thats it ..4yrs of my life with 2 of those receiving nada from the insurance company thats what i walked away with ..i made much more than that a year so the calculations just dont add up at all..& no that did not include further doctors on my own in different states you may fair a bit better but probably not worse ..heres my advice to you that was given to me by my aunt who has worked in the health care industry all of her adult life "if you ever get hurt as far as the doctors & rehab clinics etc are concerned your helpless" ..see the laws are setup to favor the insurance companies because they buy elections locally & nationally & its setup for you to get as little as possible ..think about this for a second you work for a medium sized company that may have 6 or so other your company pays that insurance company a 6 figure deposit & then pay thousands every year if not more in they may have to only pay any kind of claim maybe 2 times a year & their usually small amounts because the average employee returns to work ..the insurance company gets lets say for the sake of sakes $40k a year from your company on top of the 6 figure deposit & on average the insurance company pays out $5k thats $35k every year they keep..the one odd exception is the person that cant return to work which is very the only person i know of that was out permanently in the last decade at my if that insurance company represent a few other companies just do the math..its a scam & i advise you if you can afford it get aflac which will make up the difference if your hurt because if your out for an extended period of time the insurance co. is going to continue to turn your check off & then you have to go BACK to court to get it BACK on & in between your not receiving a dime & theres a good chance the court will leave it off..if you sneeze theyll turn it off..miss a doctors appointment CUT fill out some paperwork wrong CUT a doctor is vague in his description CUT!! get hurt i suggest you go to therapy & doctors appointments & act as if you have the ebola virus & your near death because being honest with them is only good for your conscience trust me ..your as the cool kids say FUCKING YOURSELF..if you can lift a gallon of milk the insurance co. & their doctors will testify that you can & have lifted a cow & im not exaggerating {barely}.. case in point i went to see "a nonbiased independent doctor" referred by the insurance co. now when you go theyll talk to you for 5mins give you a 2min looking over & send you on your way..a week later youll be notified your check is off because the "independent doctor" declared you a this same doctor will see their personal patient whos on workmans compensation & declare their patient a tap on the shoulder away from being paralyzed & with that you can see how the system works or doesnt
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