Friday, May 24, 2013

please i need an answer..

when did black people get stuck with the "fried chicken" stigma? when was the turning point ..the game changing event if you will that propelled this ALL AMERICAN staple firmly into the realm of black folks ambrosia.....that idiot sergio garcia just reminded me that there was a time when i had gone on a quest..a quest to figure out how fried chicken & watermelon became "black peoples food" also reminded me of the "1 drop of black blood makes you black" rule that seems to be a law..tigers mom is asain but theres never any mention of that when things like this happen..the university of california at irvine celebrated the 28yr anniversary of MLK day by serving fried chicken & waffles in the student cafeteria..after an uproar they pulled it & apologized & thats really sad because this is from a university of all things..its sad all around but yet it still puts me no closer to finding out how this stigma began..heres some numbers for you..2012 kfc made $1.6 billion in net profit..popeyes recorded $2 billion in profits & even lowly bojangles made $300 million last year..according to the government african americans account for less than 15% of the population so 14% of the population is spending over a billion dollars on fried chicken?? me thinks fried chicken watermelon menthol cigarettes weed crack jordans orange & grape flavored sodas & various rap albums ..WOW where did black people get all of this money? is this country ever going to wake up EVER??
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