Friday, July 19, 2013

for my european readers..

im now going to illustrate the problem this country has with race & why this trayvon martin case has sparked such an uproar the u.s. as you know we love to wag our finger at others & tell them how to live while doing much worse to our own the declaration of independence it says "all men are created equal" but slavery was not abolished in this country until 86 or so years later even though about 1-20 american soldiers were black, hell george washington trashed letters that were sent to him from black soldiers who were u.s. army would be reintegrated until the korean war in the 1950s..ive heard white people in this country tell a black person to go back to africa even though its a better than great chance that the black person in questions family has been here a lot longer than theres ..ive had discussions & many white people do not think theres a problem with race in this country..they seem totally oblivious to black people getting passed over for jobs, promotions, housing etc...they like to say black people are along comes this trayvon martin the state of florida which is as south as you can go & oh by the way the southerners try to paint themselves as progressive now but trust me i have family all over the south & theres still a lot of banjo picking muddy pickup driving moonshine swilling cousin banging going on down there..its changed some in most spots but not at all in a florida theres a "stand your ground law" which i know my euro friends this is going to sound like something out of the old west but this garbage is the real deal.."stand your ground" states that if your minding your business {like zimmerman was not} & someone approaches you on the street or in a hallway, in a public park or even in a church parking lot you have the permission of the state of florida to shoot & kill that person..let that sink the "i hate jews & blacks crowd" said zimmerman was right because that kid was a thug & the kid was bruce lee & was killing a man that at the time had at least 30 pounds on him..well anyway as you know the fat gunslinger walked off into the sunset BUT wait there was a similar case that flew under the radar..the case of a florida woman marissa alexander who is married but had a restraining order on her husband..he was at her house & an argument ensued..he has a history of spousal abuse & their two small children were in the living room when this happened..he started to come after her she drew her gun & fired one warning shot into the wall of home stopping him in his tracks..police showed up & arrested keep in mind it wasnt until an outcry by the public did the police arrest zimmerman..despite the restraining order..despite having a gun permit..despite having a license to conceal & carry that gun she was arrested & charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because of her abusive ex & 2 children being n the house when she fired the shot.. and AND she was given 20years..yes twenty..why how could this happen??..well shes black you silly europeans.. key the james brown song "living in america"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

send in the clown

as you may or may not have heard rush limbaugh has given himself the green light to say "nigga"..he says that the young lady in the Trayvon Martin trial cleared everyone to use it by saying nigger is bad nigga is ok because it means a group of men, a group of chinese men could be he goes on to say "so now im clear to say it, i can go to the laundromat & call all the chinese guys the N word now" hes free to say nigga & all chinese men work at ive said before hes a fat  clown & this circus of a trial has him pulling up in his clown car..only mental defectives would take him seriously but unfortunately this country seems to be overrun with them..heres whats gonna of these mouth breathers is gonna call a black guy a "nigga" & the black guy is going to open up & the black guy is going to rain down blows on the inbred & then hes gonna get shot & killed by the crimson necked jerk...I GUARANTEE you that will happen before the year is out if not before the summer is over..this abortion of a trial has now given the camouflage & pickup truck brigade a literal get out of jail free card to talk shit then shoot when when a kick to the chops looms in their immediate future.. obama has taken office & damn near everything is worse than it was from the time gomer pyle bush was in office..are you aware that there was a task force working on the aryan brotherhood of texas & taking them down & obama has removed all of the members of the task force except for 1 person 1 ONE UNO person...someone needs to call out that fat drug addict rush limbaugh..someone other than howard stern who despises limbaugh,,someone from government with some balls..i dont know like an african american politician  ..hey the presidents mostly black but alas hes no balls..the russians have a saying "a fish rots from the head"..this whole sad ass country does have a strange aroma about it these days..

Sunday, July 14, 2013

are you calm??

after such a tragic case i hate to say i told you so BUT.... it seems now everyone is so incensed that once again the talk of "somebody is going to kill him" has once again begun..the same way "they" were going to kill the rodney king beating cops or OJ or kasey anthony etc..but all of these people are still very much alive..i think its more wishful thinking than anything else..honestly the only person i can think of that got what was coming to them was jeffrey dahmer.. now my mental issues beckon me to call for his head also but my meds tell me that the only prudent path left to take is that of a civil trial..take his money ..& oh yes hes going to make a lot of it & be the toast of the town in the NRA & kkk circles even though hes a latino..its amazing how rednecks will back any other race that goes against the african american sure "they" could justify almost any killing of a black person by a white person..well people i hope this trial didnt come as too big of a shock to you as it did with some of my family & friends..i tried to warn you i really did..hopefully these facts will help brace you for the next round of slights .. 1-3 black men are or will be a part of the u.s. prison system ..of students that are arrested 70% are black or hispanic while white students tend to get a slap on the wrist....once arrested african american children are much more likely to be sent to adult just digest that and keep calm..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

keep calm..

look zimmerman is going to walk so you may as well get ready for it..i just hope this doesnt turn into a rodney king burn baby burn situation..people seem shocked that the state is faltering in proving it's case but if you remember the police dept. initially didnt even want to press charges & it wasnt until an outcry from the public did they do so..least we forget were talking about the state of florida the state that couldnt convict casey anthony..i knew they were doomed when instead of everyone digesting the facts of the states witness all they could talk about is how "illiterate" the one female witness was, someones ability to enunciate has nothing to do with there ability to be a has nothing to do with the want to know what happened i ll tell you.. for the sake of time will go "kid" & "weasel" .. kid goes to the store..weasel walks his dog..weasel is looking for trouble because he packs a trust me when i was sane i had a gun & on occasion i carried it with me & if something even hinted as if it may go south i was gonna become yosemite kid leaves store is walking home..weasel sees kid..weasel calls cops then remembers hes packn heat so he decides to be wyatt earp..cops ask him not to but weasels mind is made up..kid sees weasel & lets friend know weasel is stalking him..weasel confronts kid kid dismisses weasel..kid continues on but weasel confronts kid again & either put his hands on kid or blocked kids way kid pushes weasel weasel grabs kid..kid ends up on top of weasel & is whupn weasels ass..weasels yells out then grabs gun & kills kid..THATS what those of you that want to blame the kid you like me are insane..if the weasel didnt go bother the kid the kid would be alive & the weasel would be at home overeating on his own dime instead of the tax payers.. simple street dont bother someone that isnt bothering you & the kid was just walking home.dont forget now the weasel is the one with a police record not the know full well if someone impedes you from going home for no reason at all after a few minutes any of us would grab that person around the collar & if its man v. man youre gonna make
sure that man cant bother you long enough for you to go on your way..if the kid was a wimp this wouldve never have been an issue because the weasel wouldve dished out the punishment then let the kid go..there was a case where an asshole ran in a womans house & attacked her but the lady had a pitbull {highly recommended for everyone} & the dog set fire to this guy & the guy ran out in the street where the dog chased & bit him, the lady didnt call the dog off until the police got there, now the asshole is suing the lady because the dog attacked him in the street, they took the ladys dog & may put the dog to sleep.. now i ask you whos at fault the dog or the weasel i mean asshole?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

one more..

im bored & in a bad mood so heres one it me or does it seem to be open season on anyone that isnt white & ends up in t.v.? from the little texas kid singing the national anthem to the cheerios interracial couple backlash to the almost weekly "jungle" references  made by republicans toward the first when the elder george bush was there with his racist  powdered wig wife & dummy bush was their with his stiff faced pot dealing wife the republicans were silent but after this 2nd win its fire at will & unfortunately all of these meth addicted stick kicking hillbillies think its fine to call & email one nasty remark after the next because their dumbass leaders are doing it so hey why not....i felt so bad for that little kid who poured his heart & soul into singing the national anthem to the point he was in tears only to be bashed as a thank you..if these slack jawed inbreeds would take the time to do a little research they wouldve found out the kid was born here as were his parents & his dad is a u.s. marine but of course none of that matters because he's a little more tan than usual & has a spanish there any wonder as to why this country is on a swift decline ..half the people dont know how many states there are the other half dont know there own state capitol or how many planets there are or who were the axis & who were the allies during WWII..those are some of the same crimson necked navel pickers that say "go back to africa" even though the average black persons family was here before his lice ridden ancestors showed up..let's not forget who the original "monkeys" were.........they were the irish..look up old cartoons depicting early irish settlers in this country huh..monkeys dressed like leprechauns with pilgrim shoes on & a drink in one hand named "patty" or "mick" ..i dont want anyone reading this to get up on their high horse because were all from some place else & when that race got to this country they were not welcomed..well all except for black folks who have been here in this hypocritical country before it was a country & some came by will others against their will .. mexicans got kicked out of their own lands i.e. the american south west & are now mocked... the irish were seen as ultra breeding lazy drunks..the jews please where do i indians come here from slums that look like something out of a bad post apocalyptic horror movie & they look down on african americans..its a sad personally i think the government uses race to keep the weak minded focused on cheerios commercials while they rob you blind & its working..its always worked & until the masses grow & evolve & realize that as a human race were regressing we have NO HOPE..