Tuesday, August 20, 2013

you lying sack of..

to say that this {the U.S.} has gone to hell would be putting it lightly ..i have all but stopped watching the news because it drives me up the wall some days & i have enough stresses right now..last week unfortunately i caught a story with a white house official stating that the u.s. was choosing not to get involved with egypt even though people were dying there by the hundreds..i almost blew my top & turned the channel so that i wouldnt throw my remote thru the screen ..after that talking head said what he said i couldnt help but think back to all of the conspiracy theories involving libya & why the u.s. went in & helped take over lybia..well it seems they may have been on to something..they overthrew gaddafi & now nato is threatening syria..hmm whats the one thing that libya & syria have that egypt does not.......OIL..very good people 2 points for you!!  so is that the reason the u.s. is choosing not to take over another arab country..well yes..yes it is..heres the recipe for keeping the u.s. from kicking in your front door. A. do whatever they tell you to do  B. make sure you dont have any oil reserves..if you do burn them now..or C. posses nuclear weapons..if you cant manage any of those three things then you my friend are on borrowed time..now on top of that obabma had the audacity to look into the camera a week or so ago & say that "he had no interest in spying on americans" but yet every major cellular & internet carrier has been forced to turn over names & phone numbers of every subscriber & there are so many drones in some communities that a county in colorado wants to pass a law to be able to post bounties on & shoot down these drones when possible..i had so much hope for obama when he came into office but hes out bushing george bush & that is really really sad but as long as he sings al green & fist bumps people we stupid ass americans will continue to love & give him the benefit of the doubt while he takes away all of our rights..well im going to wrap this up by saying...wait...whats that...is that a drone outside of my window....damn it gotta go!!!!!!
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

and i then turned my attention to baltimore..

i could bang on baltimore i.e. baghdad all day everyday but it would quickly stop being fun..like picking on the slow kid but today their rag of a newspaper figured it would take a shot at washington d.c. & that will just not do..so now im full of venom & turning my attention to you baltimore ..for my foreign readers you may know baltimore as the city that stood up to the british during the war of 1812 & where the star spangled banner was written or as the city immortalized by the director john waters in the movie "hair spray"..now take those things & throw in some phenomenal success from their sports teams over the years & you would think that baltimore or bmore as they like to call it would be one of the greatest cities in the states but you ha ha.....you would be greatly mistaken..bmore is one of the worst..it is a filthy sad city that rest all of their hopes & dreams on their sports teams..see heres the d.c. baltimore dynamic ..other than sports they have little to nothing..d.c. is like that school that your school hated but secretly envied ..the kids are richer & know it & even the poor kids are good looking..the saddest case in d.c. could go to bmore & be crowned king or queen of the city if they chose but even the saddest case here would rather live on the streets than in a house in bmore..if any of you are thinking of taking your vacation there please dont do it..other than the inner harbor which comprises about 4 city blocks there is nothing there..its a wasteland & you are never more than 500 feet away from someone shooting up heroine & dancing in the streets or taking a nap while standing on a street corner aka "dope nodding" ..heres what you should do ..vacation in d.c. & do a day trip to baltimore although after only a couple of hours youll be fleeing to your car in horror..the entire city smells of old bay & its clad in a depressing shade of gray..there are some streets that the sun even refuses to shine on & thats the truth..i have family there & i know of what i speak..baltimore likes to think of itself as winning in the rivalry between them & d.c. but heres the rivalry "d.c. residents dont give it a second thought"..the only people that are focused on this "rivalry" are the baltimorons ..its like jersey city in a rivalry with new york city ..only when baghdad takes the time to do an entire article about how theyre sports teams are better than the teams in d.c. & how much better they are than their rivals to the south ONLY then do washingtonians dip down their versace shades to gaze upon the horror that is baltimore & snicker & then go back to their jobs of making the country run.. let me wrap this up for you..one of the most prestigious universities in the country is located in baltimore johns hopkins university..its situated in one of the worst neighborhoods in this hemisphere including those in haiti ..thats baltimore ..every girl over the age of 15 regardless of race has a baby on their hip & at least one parent in the throws of addiction..every street comes complete with pot holes corrupt cops & at least one abandoned house..a graveyard the size of a large village dominates the entire center of the city & you wouldnt send your dog to 90% of the schools there..if youve seen the wire just take away the sunshine & thats pretty much the reality of life there..1 good sports team 1 ok sports team an aquarium a hard rock cafe & seafood..thats all there is in bmore..so baghdad congrats you have a good football team but every morning when you wake up youre still in baltimore..heres what i see when i take a ride through MY city in the evening..