Tuesday, September 17, 2013

not gonna say i told you so but.....

as ive said before mass shootings in this country are going to continue to happen until every gun owner is stripped of all of their rights..this shooting here in d.c. was truly tragic..a friend of mine has a coworker whos spouse was killed so when i say this i dont take it lightly..with all due respect this government just does not care about its own citizens..this shooting happened so that a vote could be taken on syria & the public & news agencies would be focused on who what why in this shooting..ive been to the navy yard years ago before all of the terrorist threats & massive security upgrades & let me tell you even back then it would be easier for you to rob a bank than it would be for you to bring a gun on base let alone 2 or 3..every time the government goes against the wishes of its citizens here lately a shooting happens..if you do a little research on the dates youll see that im right because i already checked..members of the military have taken to social networks to voice their unwillingness to go to war in syria to assist terrorist & on top of that over 80% of u.s. citizens are against any military action in syria but yet the government ignores us..they ignore the calls from around the world to stop..they ignore the videos of "freedom fighters" cutting off body parts of syrian soldiers & eating them..they ignore the videos of these fighters chanting "death to israel" ..if you told me a decade ago that this administration would support terrorist & at the same time supports locking up its own citizens without due process & holding them indefinitely i wouldve thought you were on drugs..this world is going to hell & here in the u.s. we are in the front of the train..
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

can you hear those drums??

i was sitting here watching john kerry address congress & the american people & once again the u.s. has "rock solid evidence" of another country doing horrific things to its citizens & beating the drums of war.."we want to enact a series of limited strikes on syria" & im paraphrasing here- send a message to countries such as iran & north korea that you cant do what you want & a message to israel & our allies that they can count on us..well heres the problem with north korea they dont give a shit because they have been killing their own citizens by the thousands for years & years & because they have nuclear weapons the west acts like a toy poodle barking loud & strong from the safety of their masters arms..the west wants no part of a war with north korea because north korea is fully capable of taking their pound of flesh from the west & war with iran would be a nightmare as well..again the west wants to appease israel a country that is starving out the palestinians  & routinely killing them for any & no reason..the u.s. needs to take some of that cruise missile money & take care of the broken & homeless vets from iraq & afghanistan here in this country..my cousin tells me stories weekly about friends of her marine corp officer husband who knows vets that cant get their retirement money or help from injuries ..there was one navy couple who was about to be evicted because they had no money after he was booted out on a medical discharge & cant work..the wife in a brilliant move of dirty pool placed all of their belongings on the lawn with a sign that read "were forced to sell everything because the military lied to us"..after being shamed the local government & the military stepped in & did what they were supposed to be doing in the first place..for my foreign friends id like you to know that here in the u.s. vets are killing themselves at an alarming rate..vets are committing violent acts left & right & being thrown in prison also at alarming rates..they are crying out for help but the only thing theyre getting back in return is a cold shoulder & the sound of drums in their ears..WAR DRUMS!!...& the band played on.........

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Monday, September 2, 2013

nothing really..

just dropping by to say hello....well i was really sleepy & as usual my mind started spinning & i ended up pissed off & wide awake so here i am online ..AGAIN....i was reading an article about all of the supposed d.l. or "down low" entertainers like eddie murphy etc..& for some reason it made me want to check out some porn..shocker right?? anyway ive realized a few porn related things & it seems as if they may never change..1. "black people" porn is boring as hell..its the same thing every time..guy sits on couch big butt broad comes in wearing a thong that has totally been swallowed by her ass..the guy inspects her ass then gets her nude & inspects her ass some more then pulls out a bottle of baby oil & spreads all over her ass for 10mins..she gives him oral for 15mins he returns the favor for 30seconds then in this order..doggie style ..her on top..oral for him again ..doggie style..money shot..EVERY SINGLE MOVIE EVERY SINGLE SCENE & the script reads as follow.."aw shit aw shit".."yeah baby aw shit"....2. porn chicks have the worst breast implants..they look painfully hard with aureolas the size of tea saucers ...3. interracial porn 90% of the time involves a black amazon & a white guy with a 4inch dick..it looks sad before they even start...4.black amateur porn people please turn on a light!! your black shes black the rooms dark..hello you cant see anything..it looks like shadows from two vans bumping into each other...5. british porn is unwatchable..that accent is not made for porn.."look ah dot bum..crackin ..sock my wanker yeah"...that shit is not hot..6. WHY do you dumbasses give oral then put on a condom WTF is that..you ingest the filth then put on a condom? they are germs moron its not snake venom ..if you ingest IT you GET IT..get it dummy?   7. & this is for all of you women out there...bald is not beautiful its just not..i dont want to be reminded of diaper changing when i look at porn..grow some damn hair please...8.interracial does not just mean black..if an asian woman bangs a white guy its interracial but the only time you see that tag used is when a black person is in the scene..im always on race watch so knock it off...9. heres the new thing..fake agents...yeah these guys setup an office & put out ads for adult modeling & con these women into banging on film for free with the promise of porn jobs in the near future..i feel kinda bad for the girls because one site really prays on college chicks & yeah i know i know..they should know better but still..but it leaves me with one question & one troubling thought..first they rarely use condoms & testing is never discussed in the interviews they show..second..a lot of them have boyfriends & husbands so does this mean that there are more women under 30 being really dumb or is sex like a hello now & when did that happen when did a relationship start to add up to crap?  finally 10..do porn chicks with all the screaming think there fooling anyone..i mean i know their technically called "actresses" but come the hell on..you take 10+ inches in the front & back door on a regular bases so you have to have next to no sensation down there..then they work with a smaller guy & they act as if theyre sitting on a baseball bat..BULLSHIT!! ..anyway im even angrier now so im going to go & watch the rest of the China Il marathon.
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