Monday, November 18, 2013

greetings from the 1800s

a story that didnt get a lot of national news & NO international news was the murder of another black young person by the hands of another scared white person..this time around the black person was a 5'4 inch 19 yr old young lady named reneisha mcbride..on nov 2nd ms.mcbride was in an accident & went to the home of 54 yr old theodore paul wafer who shot the young lady in the face on his porch in the early hours of that mcbride was unarmed & there were no signs of forced entry on mr.wafers home..according to him he feared she was "breaking in" & basically stepped outside shot her in the face & went back into his home to call the police..i know right!!  yeah so anyway he wasnt charged until the 15th ..yes over 2 weeks later & in the mean time the only part of this story the media seemed to be interested in was that of her blood alcohol level which was in all honesty double the legal limit to take all of this in ok ..a 5'4 inch unarmed drunk woman was a threat to a sober man with a gun..yeah ha ha wheew....back in september of this year a young black man was shot & killed by police while seeking help after he was in an accident ..& no nothing happened to the officers that murdered that young what have we learned here hmm? well if you are a black person & you get into an accident in a "white" area you may want to take your chances at not bleeding out & hoping an ambulance stumbles upon you strictly by chance rather than facing an almost assured death sentence by knocking on doors..the gun has replaced the noose but the sentiment is the same
.life for a person of color here in 1800s america is always rough & often times deadly ..

Friday, November 15, 2013

oprah ..please just.....just shut up

i read oprahs comments today about obama being a victim of racism & the office of the presidency being disrespected & citing things that happened during his first term..well for one DUH america is a extremely racist country but where was all of this outrage during his first term or for that fact where was all of this concern months ago?..see the real issue is this new pig thats been rolled out called the affordable care act or "obama care"'s been nothing more than a data mining vehicle gets all of your info & then kicks you out of the system..the owner & creator of mcafee software mr.john mcafee says that he was contacted by the administration about fixing the issue with the system but says "every time i would try to set up a date to meet with them they would put me off..they would say we ll pay for your travel & then they said they wouldnt & i still wanted to meet with them so i said dont worry about it..then they kept changing dates so finally i said forget it because youre not serious about fixing this you just want to be able to use my name as if im advising you & i wont be a part of this..junk it & start over" another fly in the ointment has been participating compaines have seen their rates go up 100-400% but oprah & the rest of their chicago mob would like to deflect criticism by throwing the race card on the table..people are finally starting to wake up ever so slowly to the fact that this president with all of his coolness & hip hop flair & fist bumping has little to no substance & is more george w. bush than savior..between the false flag attacks spying & the purging of almost 200 top military officers in 5yrs something is going on here something a lot more serious than skin color..oprah stick to what you do best shopping eating & making bad movies & if you have to open that big trap let some real info come out of that burger pit of yours..PLEASE!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

the short & sweet story of steve harvey..

& why hes a scumbag..i wrote something similar to that line in the comment section of a youtube video of his & was shocked by the backlash..people really are ill informed & dont care to find any of the information on their own..lazy..yes thats it flat out LAZY! ..for my foreign readers steve harvey is a comedian & actor who parlayed that into becoming an author & talk show host specializing in relationship your asking "well whats wrong with that" & for most people youd be right for asking but in his case everything is wrong with it..heres the short & sweet .. he met & married a woman when he had nothing & she supported him & help him build up a mini empire & when he was about at his zenith he dumped her but wait.....not only did he dump her his mistress decided to call the wife & brag about theyre sexual tryst in detail..he left & took their son with him leaving her with nothing..he got her evicted out of the home they shared had her removed from all of the business' they shared & then THEN set out to sue her because she went public & oprah winfrey changed her mind on having his show on her ..ha ha get this.. hes giving relationship advice in books & on tv & even had a cameo in a movie about how to "think like a man" ..what a pair of balls on this jackass whats next cannibals with cookbooks & chef shows..peeping toms selling camera equipment? ..this is why the u.s. is doomed..half of the dummies watching this thick mustached idiot & supporting him dont know what he did to his wife & the other half dont care..these are the same morons that supported & still support r.(hide your teenage daughter) kelly... idiots the lot em'!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

veterans day..what a sham!

in this country veterans are only thanked for as long as their useful to the war mongers ..when vets come back that are broken mentally broken physically their pushed aside & ignored.. after so many volunteered for war in the wake of 9/11 they find themselves homeless or a pay check away from being homeless ..hungry & having to beg for the benefits that were promised them.."thanks to our brave men & women who are protecting us" ..blow it outta your ass..what you have them protecting are your oil pipelines your poppy fields your gold & precious minerals operations that you are pulling out of the earth in afghanistan..what most people dont realize even though it was right there in the news is that before the war started in afghanistan the taliban were guest of the u.s. in texas of all places to discuss a proposed pipeline thru the country..the taliban refused & were told "we can lay you down a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs"..well we see what happened right..unfortunately people either dont or wont study this countries history enough to know that pretty much every war the u.s. has been involved in had some ulterior motive & an extremely murky flash point..nothing is ever what it seems when the government starts to beat the drums of war..all of these brave people in the prime of their lives volunteered after 9/11 thinking they were doing the right thing at the right time they come back in coffins or with missing limbs waking terrors mental illness & on top of that they are given substandard care in most cases & although they were sent to war in a snap now that theyre trying to get much needed benefits & get into programs the system drags along at a snails pace..suicides happen daily ..drug & alcohol abuse is rampant & the government still has the audacity to say "we honor our brave men & women on this day" ..why dont you honor them with some of that oil or heroine money youre raking in..i wish they would let me design the "government official wing" in start them out daily with a 6ft slide down a razor blade into a tub of rubbing alcohol ..naked rattle snake wrestling ..tooth removal with pliers & then fill their mouths with hornets & end the day with a nice refreshing acid bath..overnight theyre bodies would heal & wed repeat the whole thing over again..& again..let me get my resume together im going to try to make this happen..

Saturday, November 9, 2013

the differences between..

i was on youtube recently & if you are ever looking for a good laugh just go to any video & i mean ANY video & read the comments..people are constantly trashing each other..there was one video whos comments made me sit up & take notice & it bothered me a was about the belief that black men date white women because they can dominate them or the other argument was that black men avoid black women because they are basically seeing that im so brilliant ive decided to wade into this cesspool of an argument & try to clear & purify the murky depths{yeah im laughing too}..ok the way i see it is there is partial truth in both statements but just a these are seems white women are more easy going which to some is seen as being subservient which is totally untrue..rather they seem to pick their battles & if it's not something major they tend to just move in point ..interracial couple are out on a date & they run into the guys ex ..everyone is cordial he introduces his girlfriend as his "girlfriend" ..everyone says hello & parts ways..his girlfriend {white} says "oh shes thats the ex" he replies "yeah thats her.".she replies "lets stop for pizza on the way home" ..he replies "ok" lets remove the white girlfriend & insert a black girlfriend ..they run into his ex..he introduces his girlfriend as "girlfriend" ..girlfriend barely speaks & rolls her eyes..its super uncomfortable so everything is cut short..they walk away & the girlfriend says "oh shes why did you guys break up again" ..he says "just didnt work out..who cares im with you now" ..her- "oh i couldnt tell because it looked like you were really checking her out..thats probably where you were monday when you were late"..him- "are you knew where i was"..-her "i know where you said you were"..him- "oh my fucking god i cant believe you..i just wanted to hang out with my girl & enjoy a saturday night"..her "yeah whatever" later on that night in the interracial couples house..her-"that was some good pizza"..him-"yeah it was..we should make that a regular stop" ..her-"id be so fat..then youd leave me"..him-"ha way ..more cushion for the pushin" home with the the black girlfriend ..her-"if i see that bitch again im gonna punch her right in the face" ..him-" WHAT..not again..that was 4hrs ago ..are you back on that?" ..her- "yeah i am because i got a vibe off that broad when you were with her"..him- "fuck this im outta here"..her-"oh youre gonna leave huh..coward?" hour later the police looking deeper into this what i see is not a "crazy" black woman but one that has been dumped on constantly by sorry ass black men...i dont see a "weak" white woman i see a woman who hasnt been damaged {as much} in relationships & realizes that when you have a good man you need to treat him as such & if youre disrespected or hurt by something then speak up but if not just let things go because in the grand scheme of things its not a big deal .. black men need to treat black women better & in turn black women have to stop attacking every black man no matter what color of women he chooses to date & if you have a good man of any color you need to treat him as such & vice seems that black women that date outside of their "race" tend to have more patience with those men than they would a black man..for me this is all nonsense because race doesnt matter at all to me but for some of you this seems to be a really important subject so try to take the advice that ive given you & one more women have a little more respect not only for black men but for yourself ..wearing next to nothing & a head full of horse hair sends the wrong kind of screams "hoodrat" please walk all over me..seriously a guy ..guys talk..this is what we talk about ..

Friday, November 1, 2013

well well well..

i hate to say i told you so predicted people will continue to get shot & killed with the very same weapons that the government has been trying to get today at lax airport someone supposedly got an ar-15 rifle into the airport..look i was in the military & thats nearly  impossible because if you break it down so that you can quickly slam the receiver back up & push in a bolt what you have is something about the length of a baseball bat but bent into an L are you going to get that thru the if you pop out both bolts you have two smaller sections that you could put into a bag on top of each other BUT you would have to in clear view of hundreds pull out the two halves & pop both bolts in & put in a magazine..although were talking less than a minute you would be seen & pounced on..its really not feasible..possible yes just waiting to hear that there was a "government exercise" going on near or in the airport we have the boston bombing with 2 brothers running around with black backpacks in a sea of other people who havent been identified also with black backpacks all with the same logos on them & the brothers uncle has ties to the c.i.a. (look it up) have right her in d.c. a person with a top secret clearance complaining that hes under mental attack & hearing voices & is checked out & sent back to work..really? if you get a d.u.i. & have a top secret clearance you could lose it..he got on a secure military base IN the nations capitol with a bag of weapons & oh by the way when the shooting started there was a tactical unit at the gates within 3 minutes & they were told to stand down & were not let in for about another 30-45mins..the head of that unit was so angry he went public & was promptly reassigned.. now we have lax ..look im not a conspiracy theorist by nature but when you keep seeing these patterns over & over again & the only people that stand to benefit is the administration that wants all firearms banned it really makes you in the presidents own home base of chicago illinois there are shootings constantly..from old people to babies are gunned down & it barely makes the august of this year there were 6 deaths & 27 people wounded in 24hrs there & it barely made a blip & the president has addressed the ongoing carnage there maybe once.i guess since it was in the "hood" not a public place it really doesnt heres the weird part..ready?? the state of illinois has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation as did my city washington d.c. back in the 90s when we were the murder capitol of the u.s. with more murders per capita than any other city..we were called Dodge City during those days & guns of any kind were banned for the public..heres one more tidbit ..5 people were killed in new york city last week one an infant but it never made the national news..want to know why? it was done with a knife & that doesnt play into the game plan..WOW as i type this i keep getting an error pop up "this post cant be saved" all of the times ive posted things THAT has never happened..all coincidence i guess..right?