Thursday, December 19, 2013

oh india

in india there were a series of gang rapes of women with one resulting in death & 99% of the people that took to the streets in outrage were women you have this woman devyani khobragade the deputy consul general (& gorgeous i might add) was arrested & strip searched in new york city by a female police who has taken to the streets in mass  throwing things at the american embassy in india..hmmm? yeah men & lots of em ..making threats & waxing philosophical about how things should have been handled & how "this outrage wont stand". WELL .. you know what else is an outrage..the fact that after these poor girls got gang raped you were probably blaming the victims for wearing revealing clothes or some such nonsense..another outrage is the fact you dont want dark complexioned indians at your universities because they "take away slots from your friends & should not be there anyway" have scores of starving people EVERYWHERE but yet because of religion you have cows with gold chains & hats walking city streets & in many cases stepping over the the strip searching of a diplomat in a police precinct & not out in the middle of the street should be a tiny issue in comparison with everything else you have going on in that 150 degree mad max beyond thunderdome of a country you live in..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

hes not funny...period!

i dont know about the rest of the world but in this continually deteriorating country yet another hack has saddled up to the tit of america & is draining it dry & the people applaud & reward him ..kevin hart is one of the most unfunny people ever to make a million dollars in this country since dane cook ..i mean hes just...........awful ..& ive tried to like him i truly family was yucking it up over & over again one weekend watching one of his stand up acts so i said ive got to see what all the noise is about..sat down & swear to you i laughed once in the first 10minutes & didnt laugh again for another hour..after thinking long & hard about the garbage i was watching & the person putting it out it dawned on me..kevin hart is that really annoying kid that rode on your school bus & sat under the cool kids trying to get accepted by doing things such as licking the floor or making fun of a fat girl..hes the type that after saying a little too much & having someone getting down on their knees in order to get nose to nose with him he would cower make a joke & flee ..& now america is showering this asschild with millions ..hes in the new stallone de niro movie now & has another coming out with ice cube really disappointed in this country & that is happening more & more often lately ..i could see a few people liking him because hey some people like eating pig brains & watching red necks driving around in a circle for 10hrs but it still doesnt make it entertainment ..well at least GOOD entertainment ..kevin hart sucks