Tuesday, August 26, 2014

hail to the redskins or #httr for short..

i ll make this long & bitter ..it seems to me that the issue of the use of the name “redskins” has more to do with certain peoples (harry reid, phil simms & others) grandstanding & white guilt than anything else..the vast number of people chiming in are believe it or not white & as usual a non issue is made into a issue in order to serve ones need to feel as though they have done something without dealing with the real problems that cry out for attention. I guess when harry reid isnt making racist jokes in public or trying to run people off of their privately owned land he feigns compassion for native americans.. now if he & others truly cared they would go to some of these open air prisons called reservations & give money for simple things like better infrastructure & drug & alcohol counseling ..they have loved & respected  native americans almost to extinction while adorning government buildings with statues of proud warriors naming parks & schools after the tribes their ancestors gave smallpox infested blankets to then triple R'd the rest  rape rob & rediculed ..shame on all of you undercover racist self-serving guilty conscience bandwagon jumping chindi which in navajo means (ghost,evil spirit/devil)  see unlike you i cared enough to put forth some effort ..#httr!