Wednesday, September 24, 2014


i know your busy watching americas got talent & downloading nude celebrities from the cloud leak so your probably more than a little perplexed by the ukraine situation so im here to help..well skip the details & i ll nutshell this for you .. the ukraine had elected a president that wanted closer ties to russia & wanted to move away from western influence ..the u.s. & nato go pissed & flooded the country with money for political opponents & trouble makers like neo nazis things deteriorated the u.s. became bolder even having the c.i.a chief fly in to really get the party going ..soon after all hell broke loose & the president that was elected by the people was ousted & replaced by a western friendly leader who with prompting from the u.s. wants to take over the oil pipeline that russia set up & move in nato nukes & military bases right up against the russian border while simultaneously painting russia as the bad guy .. you know when your side is backing neo nazis you really need to take a step back & reflect ..