Thursday, December 18, 2014

no fuckn way!!!

my cousin got a huge surprise a week ago when she had taken her kids to the doctor to get their vaccinations ..after a 10 minute berating from her doctor for feeding her babies pancakes once a week she whipped out the needle & got ready to get to work when my cousin stopped her in her tracks with a simple request.."id like the clean vaccine please"..........well the doctors jaw dropped & she slowly turned to put the vile she had prepared back into the drawer..she walked over to a case & pulled out another vile that according to my cousin looked totally different from the first vile..i had informed my cousin of the program to kill kids a few months ago & she did a little research & found out some very interesting things but still didnt want to believe that anyone be it government or health provider would knowingly do something like that.."i figured id ask for the clean version & she would laugh & tell me theres no such thing yadda yadda yadda but she didnt..she got another vile out that looked totally different from the first one & i was like no fuckn way..she then told me that im lucky she had it in stock because some regions dont get any of the clean formulas". my cousin called me as soon as she got home to tell me that i was right & that shes spacing out the vaccinations & not following the "recommended" schedule of getting multiple shots at once..i told her how proud of her i was & what a good mom she is for at least doing the research.."how can a doctor chew your ass over pancakes & then turn around & hotshot your babies while they lay in your arms how can she live with herself" was my question to cousin got quiet & then said "you know what i didnt even think about it like still in shock that theres a clean going back over there when my husband gets home & beat that bitches ass" ...i said no no please dont do that but i get it i really my question to all of you doubters that think your government loves you & wants to take care of you is why is their a clean vaccine..why arent all vaccines clean? ..they load up every vaccine including flu vaccines that they make it sound like you HAVE TO HAVE..ever wonder why you cant get a damn thing for free but you can get a free flu shot? ..please let every person you know with small children to request a "clean" dose for their kids because vaccinations are good for kids but not the mercury& other vile things that are loaded into every formula..i ll say it again the fact that there is a clean formula lets you know that something bigger & extremely wrong is going on behind the scenes..