Thursday, March 26, 2015

back into the bullshit we go..

this post is for those who are still asleep as to whats going on around going to climb down into this mess yet again in order to wake you up & if need be drag you outta the hole not going to detail everything for you because ive found its better when a doubter reads it with their own two eyes..first up "jade helm" ..this is an exercise that will be conducted in parts of the southern & western u.s this spring. for those of you that are slightly awake you realize at this point that when the government conducts an "exercise" in your area you better stay home or be on the other side of town from it because things like 9/11 & the boston bombing seem to break out .."jade helm" is supposedly to help train navy seals & spec ops troops how to conduct operations in civilian areas in "foreign countries"..heres the truth..its to get you & me used to seeing large numbers of military in our neighborhoods & not to question whats going on..on one of their leaked maps texas & utah are listed as "hostile" sectors 5 mins of research & come to your own conclusion ....government creates terror plots then offers the solution thru more laws & more funding to justify it..heres an excerpt from Univ of California Berkleys  Investigating Reporting Program .."the FBI is responsible for creating most terror plots in the United States."  the boston bombing suspects uncle who denounced them on public tv if you remember has a half million dollar home a few miles away from c.i.a. headquarters with no discernible source of income a journalist found..let that sink in ...heres how you know its fake & you will get another chance to exercise this for yourself ..when the next "attack" happens {A} watch how their are stories of other suspicious people or shooters in the area that you will never hear about again a week or so after the incident..{B} in the days after the attack witnesses will start to be suicided & or die in very odd ways like george bushs brother marvins housekeeper ..she died when her car rolled back & pinned her at marvins house ..this happened after 9/11  ..{C} celebs/public personalities that question the official story will be dragged thru the mud via government friendly shows like jimmy kimmel etc.. now if you really are interested just look up a few things.."operation northwoods".."operation gladio" .."operation fast & furious" ..heres how fucked up & trapped in the matrix we are..are you aware that the chaplins handbook thats used by all u.s. military chaplins was written by practicing satanist michael aquino?!. he & others were named by children from the former presidio military base a couple of decades ago as leading them thru tunnels below the base to be molested..     yes..yes he was out in the open as being a black mass having satanist when he was tapped by the DoD to redo the chaplins handbook ..that should tell you who & what is running this country "that the rest of the world is so envious of."