Monday, April 27, 2015

so whats new? ..nada

 i guarantee that after the looting & burning etc...are done in baghdad/baltimore youd be hard pressed to find exactly where the damage took place..that city is the nations rotting tooth so it makes sense theyd sacrifice it ..look as i told you before this is the plan & it was put in place before the second election ..arm the hell outta the police because just like little kids with toy guns & helmets if you give it to them they will start to become it..the justice dept was told to convene grand juries whenever possible & let the cops walk but only after sitting on the results for days & weeks until the pot is about to explode then show up with a "not guilty of wrongdoing" for police..any police that beat the hell out of anyone be it man woman child black or white & yes white people have been getting the business too ..i suspect youre starting to see these things for yourself arent you? ..heres some more nonsense for you to track ..the government & all its agencies are training in various drills all over the u.s. to go up against pro gun groups as well as military veterans whom they protest to love so much & certain political parties most noticeably the "tea party" & you & me of course..there was a drill that used only black women as "provokers"& was posted on youtube that the military had conducted not too long ago  ..americans view on guns have changed in a decade or so with less & less people having issues with gun ownership so look for a push to demonize guns & their owners as well as demonize our returning vets..while baghdad burns the batman movie shooter is being railroaded up in colorado ..its amazing that this kid complained about being mentally manipulated & nobody helped ..his doctor a woman who has since disappeared spent hours & hours & worked on this kid day after day..a kid with no money got all this deep psychological attention while stockpiling weapons & bomb making material white going to school fulltime ..while other kids are eating ramen this kids putting together a top notch arsenal & receiving hours of head shrinking? as usual i ll leave it up to you to check for yourselves & decide if you think this country is being led by a compassionate man whos trying his best but the evil republicans stop him at every turn or is he a puppet whos lied about who his father really is & where he was born ..just to start with