Saturday, May 30, 2015

fan questions!!

not really since i dont have any fans BUT i do get relationship questions etc...from time to time...why you might ask..well because i guess people can sense that unlike steve harvey im not a thick mustached bald headed ashy lipped creep that left his wife without a dime while sitting in a nyc hotel room with some broad (now wife) .....anywho  question is as follows .."recently my girlfriend of two years cheated on me, I really love her and want to get past this but I feel a bit like a sucker, advice?" .. ask yourself a couple of questions ..1. are you easily influenced ..if so then you need to quit now because friends & family are going to try & clown you or convince you to leave her....2. have you asked or wondered if the guy she cheated with has a bigger peen than you...if you answered yes then you should exit stage right.. whenever youre with her from now on youll be picturing a sausage the  size of a petite womans  forearm "digging your girl out" as the cool kids say ..& that will lead to arguments that may involve police coming to your home if you wear birkenstocks year round & subsist on sunflower seeds & almond milk..cry on rainy days & go out of your way to avoid stepping on ants then stay with her ..youll be just fine ............ok..another email asked "I have been dating this guy for a few months and he has a serious foot fetish, things were cool at first but now it seems like he only cares about me from the ankle down, how can I get him back on track?" a part time footlover myself i get it...well kinda which is the reason i call myself a part timer because i pick the V over feet any day but a real "foot guy" is just the opposite which you now realize.. i would put him on a schedule..take control!!...give him say every 3rd time you guys get together a ticket to go wild..put your feet in his lap & dial up a game on your phone or crack open a book & let him lose himself in foot nirvana...let me know how it goes ... questions/comments ..   ..

Friday, May 29, 2015

this story is a bit old but....

still relevant in light of ex speaker of the house dennis hasterts sex/blackmail controversy coming to light.. there is in the halls of power a sexual obsession with children & in particular sex with young are worth their weight in gold to these demons ..these monsters rape torture & often sacrifice them in rituals but the stories always get snuffed out..england has a new child sex story almost weekly but the investigations are blocked & witness there like here often end up "suicided" or disappear entirely ..heres a little light reading for you .. Again! U.S. contractor tied to child sex trade!